What Is The Biggest Size Tire You Can Put On a 16-inch Rim?

When fixing and redoing a vehicle, it is important to know as much as you can about the parts you are fixing and updating. 

Understanding the relationship between tire size and rim size is extremely important when you want to apply larger tires. 

What is the biggest size tire that can go on a certain rim size?

A tire with a 16-inch diameter must be paired with the same rim. When comparing tire sizes that can fit on a certain rim, it is important to review the guidelines set by the manufacturer. While the width of the tire can change depending on what the owner wants, the rim and tire diameter must match.

How does the width of the tire correlate with the rim size of the tire? Continue reading to learn more about tire and rim sizing. 

This will come in handy if you need to choose tires and rims in the future.

What is the “Rim” of the Wheel?

When talking about the tire, wheel, and rim size, it can be complicated if you are not accustomed to dealing with car tires.

The wheel is the part that is actually attached to the car.

This is how the tire is attached to the vehicle and how it can move. 

While driving, the wheel of the tire is what is being turned by the axels in the vehicle. 

Wheels are the mechanical part that has lug nuts, spokes, and other parts that are needed to keep the wheel attached to the vehicle.

The rim is the edge that goes around the wheel. 

This edge is connected to the wheel and without a tire on the wheel, there is an exterior “lip” on the wheel that would touch the ground. 

The rim diameter determines the diameter of the tire. 

When placing a tire on the wheel of a car, the diameter must match the diameter of the rim for the tire to fit properly. 

When a tire is not on the wheel, or if the tire is flat, the rim will begin to bend because it is bearing the whole weight and pressure of the car.

The tire is the rubber piece that touches the road while driving. 

Tires often have to be replaced because of wear and tear. 

When a tire becomes “bald” (meaning when the texture of the tire has been worn down due to driving) it must be replaced. 

Tire replacements are some of the most common car repairs.

What Is The Biggest Size Tire You Can Put On a 16-inch Rim?

How Big Can a Tire Be?

The maximum size of a tire depends on a variety of different factors.

First is the size and height of the vehicle. 

If a vehicle is too low to the ground, it cannot handle large tires. 

The tires will not fit because the frame of the car is not tall enough for them to successfully go underneath. 

There are many people who want to have larger tires on their vehicle so they will lift their car. 

This is commonly seen on larger trucks that are owned by people who want giant tires.

In order to achieve this taller and larger effect, the vehicle either has to undergo a lifting kit, or a leveling kit. 

The main difference between these two kits is where and what is lifted on the vehicle. 

Leveling kits only lift the front end of the truck. 

This is because trucks are naturally a little uneven to prepare for towing and hauling heavy loads. 

Lifting kits lift both the front and the back of the truck. 

Both kits enable the owner to put on larger tires.

Tire size also depends on the rim of the wheel that is already on the car.

As previously mentioned, the rim size must match the inner dimensions of the tire. 

This is the sizing to look for to ensure a specific tire size will fit on the rim. 

If the tire size does not match the rim, it will not fit. 

Having a tire that does not match the rim size can cause a series of issues while driving.

What Size of Tire Can Go On a 16 Inch Rim?

Now that we have gone over the specifics of how tires fit onto the rims and vehicles, we can begin to discuss the specific tires that can go on a 16-inch rim.

There are a variety of different tire sizes that fit on a 16-inch rim. 

To view a complete chart of all the sizes, click here to be redirected to a webpage with a complete chart listed. 

When looking for tire size, you must know where the diameter size of the tire is listed because this is how you can ensure it will fit the rims on your vehicle.

The rim size for the tire will be the last series of numbers listed on the tire’s description. 

For example, a tire with the size and description 125/70-16 is a size 16-inch rim because that is the last description number.

What Tire Can You Put On Your Specific Vehicle?

9ecpTOUo9ITRIbNACRBcjFFPCIVYvkjPpelMDzWtnRrNCrxHPM7IKrVJra4fQgaZVUXbSvGQtX5rSrPO6EUiJVjiia4a3vQhr2WNF rgLAipME75Q Pukryo4G9w1tjGGPTjnus2=s0 What Is The Biggest Size Tire You Can Put On a 16-inch Rim?

When purchasing a car, there will be a certain tire size that is recommended for your specific vehicle. 

If you want to have larger tires, many car manufactures have a list of tire sizes that are recommended for those who prefer larger tires. 

To find this list, it will likely be included in the instruction manual that came with the vehicle (often located in the glove box).

If the tire size recommendations are not located in the manual, check the manufacture’s website. 

Many car companies have begun to post characteristics like tire sizes on their website for easier access.

If you are still unable to find the tire size recommendations, contact the car manufacturer or go to your local car mechanic shop. 

They will be able to help you find the proper size tires for your vehicle.

Another option for advice is looking online at car forums.

Many people post questions and receive responses from those who have first-hand experience on that subject. 

One forum for F150s talks specifically about tire sizes that can fit on that specific vehicle on a 16-inch rim. 

To view the forum, click here to be directed.

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