What Lincoln SUV Is Comparable to The Ford Explorer?

SUVs are popular family vehicles. While the Ford Explorer is a cheap SUV generally, Ford isn’t always known for its SUVs. 

If you like what you see in the Explorer, but want something more reliable, you might consider looking into Lincoln SUVs. 

But, are the two really comparable? What Lincoln SUV is most like the Ford Explorer?

The Lincoln SUV that is the most similar to the Ford Explorer is the Lincoln Aviator. The Aviator was more expensive, but these cars had similar interior features and horsepower. However, because the Aviator didn’t sell very well, the only current model that resembles the Explorer is the Lincoln MKT.

To make the best choice for your family, you’ll want to know what benefits the Ford Explorer holds and whether you can find the same benefits in either the Lincoln Aviator or the MKT. 

The following takes a closer look at the similarities and differences between the three vehicles.

The Ford Explorer

While Ford is famous for its trucks, it has produced some great four-door SUVs over the years. 

The first of these was the Ford Explorer in 1991. 

Previously, the only SUVs produced by Ford were two-door models, which made them less appealing to families.

It wasn’t fun to have everyone climbing over each other!

The Explorer was based on the Bronco II, but it shared its front with the Ford Ranger. 

With six generations, you can now find vintage models as well as hybrid models. 

The newest model (2022) only costs $33,000 on Kelly Blue Book, but it can be more expensive depending on the trim.


With an 18-18.5 gallon tank, the 2020 Explorer can get 21/28 MPG when it’s in rear-wheel drive.

With a twin-turbo engine, its mileage can come down to 18/24 MPG.

The top speed of the Ford Explorer is 143 mph, and it can go from 0 to 60 mph in seven seconds.

Like similar SUVs, the Explorer can tow up to 5,600 pounds.


At 199 inches long, the Ford Explorer can seat seven people. 

The trunk space is 18.2 cubic feet or 87.8 cubic feet when all the seats have been folded down. 

The 2021 model comes in metallic white, gray, and red, and the 2022 model has the additional options of Stone Blue and Burgundy Velvet.

What Lincoln SUV Is Comparable to The Ford Explorer 1 What Lincoln SUV Is Comparable to The Ford Explorer?


Ford technology packages provide an 8-inch screen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, a rearview camera, and a lane-keeping system. 

You’ll also have auto-braking and auto high beams. 

To add to the safety of the new Explorers, they come with a parking assist system and a hands-free “SNYC 3” interface to make calls, navigate, and listen to music. 

Other integrated technology includes a power liftgate, climate control, and Wi-Fi.

Ford Vs Lincoln

Though Lincoln used to be its own company, it was soon absorbed into Ford.

That’s why you might see Lincolns out there that look very similar to Fords. 

Ford uses its own parts and models when building Lincolns.

The Lincoln Aviator (2002-2005) was the first time Lincoln released an SUV intentionally designed after a Ford Explorer. 

The next time they did it was in 2010 with the MKT.

The Lincoln Aviator

At around $51,000 for the newest model, the Lincoln Aviator is worth almost $20,000 more than the Ford Explorer.

If they’re really made by the same company, what does the Aviator have that the Explorer doesn’t?


In 5.7 seconds, the Aviator can get from 0 to 60 mph. 

It is generally faster than the Ford and gets better horsepower.

The fuel consumption of the Aviator is 17/24, which sits barely below the Explorer. 

While the Explorer has intelligent four-wheel drive, the Aviator counters with intelligent all-wheel drive.


The Aviator has a base measurement of 18.3 cubic feet in the trunk or 77.7 cubic feet of space with all the seats folded down.

It has the same number of seats as the Ford Explorer, but is generally less roomy, especially for those sitting in the middle row of seats.

The Lincoln is a sleeker SUV and less of a sporty vehicle than the Explorer.


The screen in the Aviator is 10.1 inches and includes all the features of the Explorer plus heated seats and power-folding third-row seating. 

Some models come with heating in both the first and second rows of seats and even massagers! The doors can be soft-close, and the sound system can be a 28 speaker.

The Lincoln MKT

The second Lincoln SUV that is comparable to the Explorer is the MKT. 

Though it has been discontinued, it can still be a viable option for your family if you’re looking for a reliable SUV. 

They’re only a few years old, so these vehicles are still fairly new and reliable.


The Lincoln MKT has a horsepower of 365, which is about what you’d get with the Explorer, depending on the model. 

It has a twin-turbo premium unleaded V-6 engine. 

It has a 15/21 fuel economy and holds about 18.6 gallons. 

However, the MKT is no match for the Explorer in towing capacity, as it maxes out at 2,000 lbs.


The Lincoln MKT has a striking look with its wing-shaped grille and a taillight that cuts across the entire back of the SUV. 

It has 17.9 cubic feet of trunk space and 75.9 cubic feet with all the rear seats folded down. 

Of the three models, the MKT definitely has the smallest amount of storage space.


On top of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, the Lincoln MKT includes climate control, a power liftgate, remote start, keyless start and keyless entry, and a heated steering wheel. 

Heated seats are not included, but they are an option if you want to add them aftermarket. 

It also has heated and power mirrors and rear parking aid.


Let’s face it, the determining factor in which SUV you choose is probably the price. 

The Ford Explorer can range between $33,000 and $45,000, depending on the trim.

The Aviator will be closer to $50,000, and the MKT rides right around $30,000. 

All three vehicles include great specs, but the Lincoln has pulled out just ahead in size, mileage, and fuel efficiency.

If you’re going for a faster, sleeker-looking vehicle, take the Aviator (even though it is more expensive). 

The MKT, on the other hand, really can’t compete with the other two in anything other than seating, though it does look pretty cool. 

No matter which SUV you end up with, all three will make great vehicles for the family. 

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