What Used Toyota has the Least Amount of Problems?

Toyota is the biggest automaker in the world, and it is also among the top ten biggest companies worldwide based on revenue. 

While the big size may not always mean it is better than other automakers, the fact that Toyota ranks high on the cost-to-own rankings and the sales of cars continue to rise, gives a statement about the automaker. 

All the prizes that the company gets for most of its models tell that the cars are dependable and consumers value them whether new or used. 

But which is the most reliable used Toyota car?

What Used Toyota has the Least Amount of Problems? 

The Toyota Corolla is one of the most reliable Toyotas. This explains the huge sales numbers since the car was first released in 1966. Other reliable Toyotas are the Camry, Land Cruiser, Mark II/Mark X, Sienna, Rav 4, and Highlander. 

For every five Toyotas sold, one is a Corolla. 

Since the inception of the model, Toyota has sold more than 44.1 million units; which means one Corolla sells every fifteen seconds. 

For a long time, the Corolla has been one of the best-selling cars in America, thanks to the reliability and affordability of the car. 

The car has been on the roads for more than 50 years, and it continues to get better. It is also highly available in the U.S.A and other parts of the world, and it serves people shopping for a car on a budget. 

What are some of the best years for the Toyota Corolla?

What Are The Best Used Toyota Corolla Years to Buy? 

If you need a Corolla on a budget, you can go for a model between 2004 and 2009. 

The models between these two years are highly reliable, and they also favor buyers on a budget. 

Buyers looking for more technology features should go for models from 2015 or later. 

The most fuel-efficient models are from 2003 to 2008.

 These cars, which are the ninth generation of the Corollas, offer 28/37 mph for city/highway driving. 

The tenth generation of the Corolla came between 2009 and 2013 and offered a fuel economy of 27/33 mpg for city/highway. 

Although this economy may not be as good as that of the ninth generation, it is still better than that of so many other Toyota models of the time. 

The eleventh generation of the Corolla launched in 2014. This generation has the best fuel economy numbers at 30 mpg for city and 40 mpg for highway driving. 

However, the models from 2014 are not as reliable as those from the ninth generation. 

Used Toyota Corolla models from 2015 or later have the most advanced features, have high-reliability ratings, a high number of safety features, and also have connectivity tech. 

Their fuel economy numbers are also impressive, but you will pay more for them than for older models. 

What Features are in a Toyota Corolla? 

The original Corolla was a simple and convenient compact sedan.

 In 1987, Toyota released the sixth generation of the car, which features luxurious and high-quality interior and exterior features. 

This, and the seventh generation that followed, had ample cabin space and a sleek exterior compared to other cars during that time. 

The eighth model of the Corolla brought back the simple and convenient design of the Corolla. 

However, the model carried over most of the components from the previous generation. 

Most of these cars may not be on the market, but you may find a few available as classic cars.

Most of the available used Toyota Corollas are from the ninth generation or later. See their features below:

Ninth Generation

The elegance of used Corollas started with the ninth generation. 

Toyota designed the car from scratch to give it a new platform and a body with better style lines. 

The automaker discontinued the sports model, the Levin, and changed the name and look of the wagon model, the Fielder today. 

The models feature engines with variable valve timing and with lift mechanisms (VVT-i). The engines are available in 1.3, 1.5, and 1.8L models and there is also a 2.2L diesel model. 

Toyota also included Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) for side skid protection and Traction Control system. 

Tenth Generation

The image of the Toyota from the ninth generation continued to the tenth generation. 

Toyota discontinued the 1.3L engine and added the 1.8L engine with dual VVT-i. 

This generation uses a CVT transmission, but the 1.8L model offers a seven-speed sequential mode. 

Toyota also offers a standard backup camera for all models in the tenth generation to assist drivers when backing up in garages. 

According to the automaker, the tenth generation was the “stallion of practical cars.”

Eleventh Generation

The 11th generation is compact and sheds off 50mm from the length of the previous generations.

 The car also boasts a sleeker look and has more safety and technology features. 

Toyota also offers a 1.3L DOHC engine with dual VVT-i in addition to the highly advanced 1.8L and 1.5L engines. 

If you are looking for more tech features, the used Corollas from this generation will offer you the convenience you need. 

The cars also have high gas mileage numbers. 

Today, the oldest Corolla is in Japan. 

By 2016, the Corolla had driven for 560,000 kilometers and still had the beauty and reliability of the 1969 Corolla. 

The owner, Shougo Asada, bought the car more than 50 years ago. 

What are the Other Reliable Toyotas? 


The Camry became the best selling car in America in 1997, replacing the Ford Taurus. 

Besides 2001, the Camry was America’s favorite car until 2018. 

The car is dependable and offers a host of luxury features. 

The Toyota Camry Hybrid is one of the most popular Camrys.

 Models from 2009 to 2014 are highly reliable and have strong safety and reliability scores from J.D. Power. 

Besides the strong fuel economy numbers, the model offers a high-quality interior, sufficient cabin space for five passengers, and it drives like the standard Camry and not like a hybrid. 

Land Cruiser

The Land Cruiser has been on the market since the 1950s and the sales of the SUV keeps getting higher, thanks to its dependability.

 It was designed as a direct competitor to the Land Rover. 

Land Cruiser is an SUV for those who want an off-road vehicle that will last many years and will not break down. 

You can drive it off the road for years and still have it standing without any signs of breaking down. 


The RAV4 may have replaced the Camry when buyers started going for SUVs in place of cars.

 The sales numbers of the RAV4 increased from 2018 and so many Americans go for used RAV4 vehicles today. From the looks to the functionality, RAV4 feels like a full-size SUV. 

Lexus RX

Although Lexus cars were always seen as luxury cars, it is the innovation in the cars that made them outshine other models. 

The Lexus RX from 1999 introduced a new generation of SUVs that were designed on the platform of a passenger vehicle.

 It was built on a Camry platform instead of the pickup truck frames that the previous models were built on. 

Used RX models offer the maneuverability you need to drive in busy streets and the ruggedness to take you off the road.

 The introduction of the hybrid model further made the RX sell more, making up to 40 percent of all Lexus sales. 

Today, there are so many front-wheel drive SUVs from the development of the Lexus RX. 

It is that one model from 1999 that made all other Lexus RX and other Lexus models that followed as reliable as we know them. 


Sienna is a minivan that is in direct competition with the Chrysler Pacifica and the Honda Odyssey. 

If you go for used Sienna today, you get the feel of classic Toyota vehicles. You can drive this minivan for many years with minimal or no problems. 

Closing Thoughts

Toyota cars are highly reliable. You may be confused about the model to choose if reliability is the only factor you consider.

The reliability of these cars is from the fact that the automaker takes time before they release new features. 

Toyota claims to undertake so much research during the development process to ensure that each additional feature not only meets the needs of the buyers but also makes the cars reliable. 

The precise engineering process and the attention to detail mean the automaker doesn’t rush into manufacturing. 

This makes every car safe and durable. 

Toyota also gives priority to function and not form. 

Although the Corolla and other Toyota models from the automaker look sleek, they were performers before they could impress users due to their looks. 

The Corolla will serve people on a budget and people looking for a long-lasting and reliable model. 

It also has a lower total cost of ownership, thanks to the reliability and the fuel economy numbers. 

When shopping, consider the reliability, the features, and the affordability of different model years.

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