What’s the Difference Between Ford Bronco and Ford Bronco Sport?

Ford has re-introduced the Bronco nameplate after 25 years of waiting and has offered the iconic off-roader in two all-new capable SUVs. 

The mid-size Bronco appears rugged and comes on the body on frame chassis, which is excellent in off-roading.

It comes to offer direct competition to the Jeep Wrangler, which boasts of removable doors, a stylish interior that is easy to clean, and a removable roof. 

The new Bronco is an iconic off-roader capable of taking you to the toughest terrains and offering stunning on-road capability.

While introducing the mid-size Bronco, Ford revealed a compact SUV and named it Bronco Sport. 

The sporty version of the Bronco is much smaller and utilizes the same platform as the Ford Escape Crossover, and comes with a smaller engine. Besides, it also comes with removable doors, body panels, but does not come with the same off-roading goodies as the Bronco.

What’s the Difference Between Ford Bronco and Ford Bronco Sport?

The size, performance, and off-roading capabilities are the most notable differences between the Bronco Sport and the Bronco. Besides, the Bronco Sport comes with removable doors, roof, and body panels, while Bronco comes with removable doors only

We shall highlight all the differences and similarities between the models to paint a clear picture of the two models.

Bronco Trims and Price 

The 2021 Ford Bronco is offered in seven different trims, with each trim having its price tag. 

For instance, the four-door configuration Ford Bronco has a higher price tag compared to a two-door model.

The starting price of the base model is $28,000, and the first editing is $57,000.

 Here are the seven variants of the Ford Bronco to check out; Base, Big Bend, Black Diamond, Outer Banks, Badlands, Wildtrak, and the First Edition. 

Each trim has unique features that differentiate it from the next variant to account for the huge price difference between the base and the First Edition.

Bronco Sport Trims and Price

One distinguishing factor of the models is that the Bronco comes in seven trim levels while the Bronco Sport comes in five. 

Besides, the Bronco is priced higher compared to the Bronco Sport when comparing the Base models and First Edition of the two SUVs. 

Besides, the Bronco Sport only comes in four doors. 

Here are the trim levels of the Bronco Sport; the Base, Big Bend, Outer Banks, Badlands, and the First Edition. 

The First Edition is offered at $38,160, while the base comes at $26,660.

Bronco Sport Highlights

It’s the smaller and more affordable SUV of the two models. But what is right about the Bronco to capture your attention. 

First, the sporty Bronco has a price range of $26,660 to $38,160, while the Bronco has $28,000 to $57,000, making the latter more affordable. 

Thus, customers operating on a tight budget will prefer the Bronco Sport due to the huge price difference.

Besides, consumers who will spend most of their driving time on the tarmac should opt for the Bronco Sport as it’s more comfortable than the two SUVs.

The Bronco Sport comes with independent suspension at both ends, while the Bronco has a solid axle at the back. 

Since the two suspension configurations serve different purposes, you will notice the Bronco Sport shining on tarmacked roads while the Bronco reigns in off-road terrains.

On matters of safety, the Bronco Sport is fitted with the Ford Co-Pilot360 as standard equipment on all its trim levels, while it’s an option from the Bronco Big Bend. 

The system includes a forward collision warning mechanism, lane-keeping assist, and high beam assist.

Bronco Highlights

The Ford Bronco comes in both two-door and four-door body configurations, unlike the Bronco Sport, which comes in four doors only. 

Besides, the Bronco comes with removable body panels, roof, and doors, allowing passengers to enjoy open-air off-road drives. 

Higher trim levels have marine-grade vinyl upholstery and a drain, making it easier to clean after tough off-road trips.

Besides, the Bronco outshines the Sport on matter performance as it either comes with a 2.7l V6 turbocharged engine or a 2.3 four-cylinder turbocharged engine.

 The 2.7l engine produces a staggering 310bhp while the 2.3 makes 270bhp. 

On the other hand, the most powerful engine in the Bronco Sport makes 245bhp. 

Besides, you can get a seven-speed manual Bronco favoring off-road enthusiasts.

Anyone planning to do some serious off-road trips should consider the Bronco as it’s a superior machine compared to the Sport version.

Its four-wheel-drive system is more studier, loaded with a two-speed transfer casing and differential locking for rear and front wheels. 

Also, the Bronco has better ground clearance (11.6 inches and 8.8 inches for the Bronco Sport) and can drive through 33.5 inches of water, while the Sport Bronco can only take 23.6 inches of water.

While the Bronco uses Ford’s SYNC3 infotainment system, the Bronco offers the latest SYNC 4 system, a wireless phone connection, optional 12-inch touchscreen, and off-road trail maps over the air updates. 

Thus, you can comfortably say the Ford Bronco is a more capable vehicle, loaded with technological features compared to the Bronco Sport.

Off-Road Capability

We have established the Bronco as the true off-roader among the two SUVs, thanks to its more engine power and better ground clearance compared to the sporty Bronco. 

Higher trim levels have similar capabilities to the Toyota 4ruuner and Jeep Wrangler. 

On the other hand, the Bronco sport has mild off-road capabilities compared to compact SUVs like the Ford Escape.

Handling and Performance 

Both the Bronco and Bronco Sport are built to offer a thrilling and fulfilling driving experience. 

They come with two potent power trains, four-wheel drive technology, and a terrain management system to distinguish them from the competition. 

When you get behind the wheel in either of the SUVs, you will feel agility and strength from the engines and a heavy-duty suspension on the Bronco for better off-roading. 

On the other hand, the Crossover sporty Bronco comes with independent suspension to deliver breathtaking handling and performance for daily driving. 

Plus, it is equipped with a four-wheel system to suit your weekend adventures. 

Besides, if you want more off-roading performance from the Bronco Sport, choose the top of the upgraded Badlands, and you will have an easy time scaling those mountains.


There is not much to differentiate the two models, but you will notice the Bronco Sport is more attractive to the eyes. 

However, the higher trim levels of the Bronco have higher-quality interior materials compared to the same trim of the sporty Bronco, accounting for the price difference.

The Bronco Sport is considered a Ford traditional flag bearer for its interior, while the Bronco is designed to conquer rugger terrains. 

Besides, the Bronco comes with a beefy shift lever, while the Bronco Sport comes with a rotary dial shifter. 

It is proper to say the Bronco is designed to suit traditional off-roaders while the Sporty Bronco is designed for the outgoing millennia who want a balanced, compact SUV.

Styling and Exterior 

The Bronco and Bronco Sport are equipped with the same ever-ready off-road style, but they wear it differently. 

While Bronco buyers get to experience a rugged driving style, Bronco Sport buyers enjoy a stream-lined ride and will look at home in the city estates or streets. 

However, a Bronco buyer will enjoy a more practical vehicle that can transport long items in the wild after removing door and body panels. 

When you first glance at the two vehicles, the Bronco is built to serve a country buyer while the Bronco Sport serves a town dweller. 

Meeting the Bronco Sport will surely swing your vote if you wanted to buy an AWD Ford Escape.

Freedom Call

While we can highlight every notable difference between the two vehicles, it’s time to call you to order and help decide what vehicle suits you best and why. 

For instance, while most logical buyers will settle for the Bronco Sport, emotions will reign and win the buyers to the Bronco. 

The black diamond two-door off-roader is buyers’ favorite, thanks to its beauty and stunning performance. 

While Bronco Sport customers enjoy some light off-road capabilities, Bronco clients enjoy better off-roading, thanks to navigation trails installed in the vehicle and differential locking.

Besides, Bronco Customers can wade through deep waters without compromising the integrity of the engine bay, while Bronco Sport has limited ability to go through deep waters.

The removable doors and roof offer Bronco clients more thrill as they experience open off-roading. 

Enjoying the sun and a good breeze while the vehicle conquers tough terrains gives customers a sense of satisfaction only enjoyed by the Jeep Wrangler.

So what is the best Bronco for you? The Bronco Sport is a more practical compact choice for buyers operating in the city who want a daily vehicle and occasional off-roading. 

But, if you need a vehicle to hit extreme off-road, you need the Bronco, and you can be assured of venturing into the wilderness and enjoy the game drives. 

Thus, the choice of what is the best vehicle between the two rests on your personal preferences.

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