3 Reasons Why Fuel Injectors Are So Expensive

Cars are essential, and they need proper maintenance to keep running. One part that is important but seems expensive is the fuel injector.

Why are fuel injectors so expensive 1 3 Reasons Why Fuel Injectors Are So Expensive

Why are fuel injectors so expensive?

Fuel injectors are expensive, and for a good reason. Top-quality fuel injectors are made using the best materials that guarantee longevity. Cheap fuel injectors are costly in the long run. Also, top manufacturers invest heavily in the R&D of the best fuel injectors.

We spoke with top car part manufacturers and auto repair experts. They gave a deep insight into the need for top-quality fuel injectors. Cheap may seem like a good option, but this becomes expensive in the long run.

What Is a Fuel Injector and How Does It Work?

Every car needs a fuel injector to run properly. The fuel injector’s job is to spray the engine’s cylinders with fuel. Every cylinder in a vehicle requires its fuel injector.

A car has a fuel pump that delivers fuel from the fuel tank to the fuel injectors. The fuel travels through the gas lines in your vehicle to the right destination. Cars with a computer system rely on it to simultaneously communicate the amount of fuel to spray to the cylinders.

The fuel injector has a nozzle that sprays the fuel into cylinders. Only then does the internal combustion process begin to power your car. The more you accelerate and step on the gas pedal, the more fuel the injectors spray into the car cylinders.

This is why keeping your fuel injectors clean is so important.

Why are fuel injectors so expensive 1 1 3 Reasons Why Fuel Injectors Are So Expensive

3 Reasons Why Fuel Injectors Are Expensive

Like any other part of your car, the fuel injector suffers from wear and tear. When this happens, you start to notice a decline in vehicle performance.

If there are signs of a bad fuel injector, it’s important to replace it as soon as possible. For many car owners, part prices are a crucial thing to note. Fuel injectors have a reputation for being pricey. Below are some reasons why fuel injectors are expensive.

1. Quality Materials

Cheap is relatively expensive. When purchasing a fuel injector, you can find good and poor quality in the market. Top-quality fuel injectors often cost an arm and a leg because of the materials.

Top part manufacturers make it a point to source only the best materials for the fuel injector. This is an essential part of each car and needs to last longer. Therefore, the manufacturers would rather not work with poor-quality materials when making fuel injectors.

They carefully research and gather only the best materials to make top-quality fuel injectors. This is followed by properly assembling a fuel injector and testing to guarantee longevity.

There are cheap fuel injectors in the market. But, most likely, you’ll be back at the auto shop for a replacement faster than you’d like. Such fuel injectors are made using the cheapest materials and aren’t durable.

Why are fuel injectors so expensive 2 3 Reasons Why Fuel Injectors Are So Expensive

2. Increased Lifespan

Longevity, as mentioned earlier, is an important factor to consider when purchasing a fuel injector.

Cheap fuel injectors fall apart faster and can be expensive in the long run. A good quality fuel injector is costly but cheaper in the long run, considering the lifespan.

If you want to know the importance of a quality fuel injector, consider fuel efficiency.

A properly functioning fuel injector guarantees fuel efficiency and improves the lifespan of your car. Low-quality products simply can’t match this type of warranty.

Fuel efficiency is crucial, especially with gas prices reaching an all-time high worldwide. 

Opting for an expensive yet quality fuel injector ensures fuel efficiency and improves your car’s performance. As a result, you don’t have to visit the auto shop often for repairs or replacements.

3. Huge R&D (Research and Development) Costs

A top-quality fuel injector guarantees longevity and fuel efficiency. Both ensure you have a better-performing car and incur fewer repair costs.

To have the best, manufacturers have to do extensive research and development. This is the only way to come up with fuel injectors that can withstand massive pressure.

It’s not uncommon for cheap fuel injectors to break down easily and need frequent replacement. Most can’t withstand the pressures of the fuel injection system. This is why these tend to last only for a short duration.

Top manufacturers tend to have whole R&D departments dedicated to making only the best car parts. This requires a lumpsum budget, hence why fuel injectors can be expensive.

Why are fuel injectors so expensive 3 3 Reasons Why Fuel Injectors Are So Expensive

How Often Do Fuel Injectors Need to Be Replaced?

The rule is to replace fuel injectors after every 50,000 to 100,000 miles. For a fuel injector to last up to 100,000 miles, you must take the best care of your car. Be on time with maintenance so your mechanic can do service and repairs.

A car can show signs that it’s time to replace the fuel injectors. Some of the signs to look out for include the following:

  • Rough idling due to interference with fuel delivery to the car cylinders.
  • The engine tends to run on lower RPMs when faulty fuel injectors exist.
  • Poor fuel efficiency is evident when the fuel injectors need replacement. This is not only bad for the car but also for the environment due to excessive emissions.
  • The car can fail to start or have difficulty starting because of issues with fuel injection.
  • The fuel smell in the car is another sign that the fuel injectors are faulty and must be replaced.

What is the Cost of Replacing a Fuel Injector?

When it’s time to replace fuel injectors, the auto service shop will charge you for the labor and part. Unless your fuel injector is covered under a warranty, you’ll be paying for it out of pocket.

Depending on your location, labor costs range from $200 to $300. The price of a new fuel injector can vary from $350 to $850, depending on the quality.

It’s best to replace faulty fuel injectors early to prevent damage to the car. Waiting longer can result in more repairs, adding to the overall maintenance cost.

Key Takeaways

  • Fuel injectors are expensive, but there are good reasons.
  • Top manufacturers use the best materials to make durable fuel injectors.
  • Cheap fuel injectors are expensive in the long run.
  • There’s a lot of research and development that goes into making quality fuel injectors. 

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