3 Reasons Why So Many Car Interiors Are Black

If you’re looking for a new car, you might see a trend in interior design today. In most cases, car interiors are black.

why are car interiors black 1 3 Reasons Why So Many Car Interiors Are Black

Key TakeAways

  • Many cars feature black interiors since they sell well, new or used.
  • Every exterior color pairs well with black interiors.
  • Black interiors often appear cleaner than light ones.
  • Choosing a car with a black interior is safe for makers and buyers.
  • Black cars can get very hot and show more wear if the interior is leather.

Many cars have black interiors for several reasons. The main one is that black is safe for both car makers and buyers.

I’m not a big fan of black interiors. Over the years, I’ve grown frustrated with the few car interior options.

Sure, you’ll often find many interior color options on a car maker’s website. But, at a dealership, you’ll likely see mostly black interiors.

Still, car companies have clear reasons for choosing black over other colors.

Black interior on a Porsche Macan SUV

Why Are Most Car Interiors Black?

As I mentioned, there are plenty of reasons why manufacturers continue to choose to put black interiors in their cars, including that black car interiors are easy to sell, black matches with other colors easily, and they tend to look cleaner.

(*Unless you own a Golden Retriever like me and their blonde/reddish hair shows like crazy on a black interior.)

They Are Easy To Sell

The main reason many car interiors are black is that they’re easy to sell for dealers and future sellers.

Car makers aim to build cars people will buy. Cars with unique interior colors are harder to sell than those with simple ones like black.

Dealers don’t want hard-to-sell cars, so black interiors are their safe choice. In the used car market, this is truer.

While you might love a car with a unique interior color, selling it later can be tough. To ensure easy selling later, choose a car with a black interior.

They Match Every Color

A key reason many car interiors are black is that black matches nearly all exterior colors. Car companies find it easy and cost-effective to make black interiors.

They can bulk order parts, fitting them in cars of any color. This is their simplest and safest choice.

They understand black interiors match well with exteriors, attract buyers, and are cost-effective to produce in bulk.

They Look Cleaner

why are car interiors black 2 3 Reasons Why So Many Car Interiors Are Black

A major benefit of black car interiors is that they look clean, even when they might not be. Black interiors hide dirt and wear marks better than light ones.

Black interiors are ideal for those with kids or dogs, as dirt, hair, and messes are less visible. For those planning to sell their car, black interiors are a plus.

Interior wear can deter used car buyers. Less visible damage is always better.

What Are Some Disadvantages Of Black Interiors?

While there are many advantages to having a car with a black interior, there are still some disadvantages that may play a big role in your not wanting one.

Leather vs. Cloth

Black cloth handles dirt and wears well, but it’s different for leather interiors. Black leather is common in cars, but lighter leather lasts better over time.

If you’ve seen an older car with black leather seats, you might’ve spotted many scratches, cracks, and faded spots.

Lighter leathers also get damaged, but it’s less visible than on black leather. This matters a lot if you plan to sell your car in the used market.

It Absorbs Heat

why are car interiors black 3 3 Reasons Why So Many Car Interiors Are Black

Think twice about black interiors if you’re in a mostly hot area. Black absorbs heat better than light colors.

Black seats can be warm in cold winters, but leather seats might burn your legs in hot areas.

Black interiors heat up in the sun, so be wary if your area isn’t cool for most of the year.

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