This is a North Carolina Jeep from day one. It has been in Raleigh/Cary its entire life. This was a ladies daily driver until she parked it in her drive way and just never got back in it.

She had a bunch of vehicles. Even had a Mazda Miata with only 11k miles just sitting there in her driveway.

A buddy knew I loved Jeeps so he asked me to come take a look. The frame and everything looked good. Only normal surface rust. I did not pull the carpet so there may be rust from the inside out but no obvious holes in the floor pans.

I bought it from her with the intent of getting it running and to use offroad.

I now have too many Jeeps, no where to keep them and no place to be able to do the work myself.

As a result, I figure it would be better to sell the Jeep vs. keeping it at my buddies shop any longer.

This is everything I have right now. I can try to run out tomorrow and get more photos.

Engine Running