Are Chevy Trucks Easy to Steal?

A shared fear among vehicle owners is that their car or truck will be stolen, despite any anti-theft measures that they have on their vehicle. When it comes to Chevy trucks, especially the Silverado, it is an even bigger worry.

Chevy trucks are easy for thieves to steal because of the technology installed to prevent theft. The OnStar application, meant to prevent theft, is easily hacked, making it easier to disable the anti-theft measures and steal the vehicle. Chevy Silverados are the second most stolen truck in the US.

Knowing that Chevy trucks are easy to steal is one thing, but when you learn about how they are stolen and why they are stolen, you can take preventative measures against theft much more easily. Keep reading to learn about the theft of Chevy trucks.

Why Are Chevy Trucks Stolen so Often?

Before we get into the specifics of how Chevy trucks are stolen, we should talk about why Chevy trucks are targeted so much. The statistics of Silverado thefts are interesting and quite unexpected. Chevrolet Silverados are the second most stolen truck in the US, right after Ford F-150s. Up until 2020, the Honda Civic held the second-place spot of most stolen vehicles. Why is this the case?

The new upgrades to the Chevrolet trucks’ security systems are a huge reason for the increase in thefts. The new system, OnStar, has been installed in all newer versions of Chevrolet trucks, especially Silverados. This system is easily hacked, and that makes it super easy for these trucks to be stolen.

Another reason thieves are targeting these trucks is because of their value. Trucks have increased in value with all of the newest upgrades and technology, and they are not very difficult to steal. When people leave valuables in their already expensive truck, it makes it an even bigger target. In fact, Chevy pickup trucks are thieves’ favorite truck to steal in 13 states, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

One other huge reason that Chevy trucks are stolen so often is the lack of concern that owners have for the theft of their truck. While this poses a risk for any car owner, many owners of Chevy trucks are just not careful and do not take measures against theft. This causes them to fall victim to a thief interested in their vehicle. Leaving your truck in exposed places, leaving it unlocked, and leaving valuables inside the vehicle are all habits that get vehicles stolen.

How Thieves Steal Chevy Trucks

Chevy trucks, especially the Silverado, are such big targets for thieves because of the security system installed on them. This is kind of ironic, as you would never expect the security system on a vehicle to make it easier to steal it. Unfortunately, the installation of OnStar in the newer Silverados makes them a bigger target, especially for technology-savvy thieves.

With the high-tech OnStar system comes high-tech thieves that know how to get past it. With technology on a phone app, some thieves have figured out how to bypass the OnStar system and not get caught at all. They are able to unlock the truck, open the hood, disable the computer for the security system, and steal the truck, all without getting caught. This kind of technological theft is much faster, which gives thieves a lower chance of being caught.

With the newer trucks being so technological, it is easier for them to be stolen with the proper technology. In addition to being able to disable the security system, these hackers are able to unlock the truck without a key or breaking a window. They are also able to start the truck without a key by hacking the computer system. While all of the new technology put into various makes of trucks is really cool, it has its downsides as well.

Preventative Measures Against Truck Thieves

No matter how new a security system is, any thief who is desperate enough to steal your truck will figure out how to do it. This is why you should take extra preventative measures. While you can have various kinds of security systems installed, the best way to protect your truck is to take several measures that will deter thieves from even thinking about stealing your truck. The best way to protect your vehicle is to keep it from being an appealing item to steal. Making it difficult to steal will turn thieves away, and they will look for an easier target.

Security Cameras

One highly suggested way of protecting your truck, or any vehicle, against theft, it to install security cameras on your property. A video security system with a live feed to your phone is a great deterrent against thieves, and it is a great plan B if deterring them does not work. If a thief sees a camera mounted to your property pointed at your vehicle, they are not likely to try and steal it. If they do end up stealing it, then you will have footage of them doing it, and if you are lucky, you will have a face to show the police so they can properly look for the culprit.

Simple Measures

In addition to a new security system, you should take all of the simple, old-fashioned measures to prevent your truck from being stolen. Make sure to always lock your vehicle. An unlocked vehicle is much more likely to be stolen than a locked one. Park your truck in a highly visible area. In secluded areas, thieves are not very likely to get caught, so they are more likely to try to steal your vehicle.

Don’t keep valuable items inside your vehicle, especially in places visible from the windows. Valuable items make thieves want to break into your truck even more because they get more gain from stealing a vehicle and valuable items.

Now that you know about the high chance of a vehicle, especially a Chevrolet Silverado being stolen, you can take extra measures into protecting your vehicle. It also might make you think twice about spending extra money on security included with the truck!




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