Chevy Truck Will Only Go in Reverse (Look Here First!)

We’ll all have to face the eventual inevitability of the car or truck breaking down for one reason or another. There are plenty of issues that could potentially befall a truck, but one you’ve probably never experienced before is your truck going into reverse but no other gear. That’s a strange issue that isn’t super common, so naturally, you’ll want to know the cause ASAP and get it fixed as soon as possible.

If a truck will only move in reverse, the transmission controller may be faulty, the fluids might be low, the fluid tubes are cracked/broken, or the speed sensor is not working correctly. It is also possible that the clutch gear has burned out or the transmission cables have been damaged.

This might sound pretty overwhelming, but the good news is that many of these issues have easily-diagnosable symptoms. Read on to learn about a few potential causes behind your Chevy’s gear shift problems and the things you can do to fix them. Hopefully, knowing more about this issue will put your mind at ease a little bit.

Potential Issues and Solutions

Before anything else happens, you should probably try to determine the cause of the problem. There are several potential reasons this could be happening to you. First, check your transmission. One Chevy owner commented that when they pulled on the fuse, they could get the truck to move somewhat.

It was then concluded that the transmission controller was faulty and needed some fixing. You could try tugging and adjusting the fuse a little to see if that causes any change in the truck’s behavior.

However, this should not become a habit. If you tug around with the parts too much, you could cause a whole other problem.

You may also want to check your transmission fluid (and even all the other fluids in general). If your truck’s transmission fluid level is too low, it will cause your transmission to malfunction and burn out.

Top off your transmission fluid and any others if need be. Even if the fluid isn’t the inherent problem, it will not do your truck any favors if you neglect it in this area.

Chevy Truck Will Only Go in Reverse

Another thing you might be dealing with is a faulty speed sensor. A speed sensor sends information to the transmission which then allows gear shifts to be made. When the speed sensor falls out of whack, the information sent to the transmission is going to be erratic and incorrect. This will keep your truck from working the way it should.

Unfortunately, most of these problems will require a professional diagnosis and professional repair. If you are quite certain that you can handle it, then go ahead by all means.

However, if you have doubts at all and little expertise, the best thing you can do is play it safe and call in a mechanic.

Maintaining a Chevy Truck

The next order of business is to determine what you can do to prevent this issue from happening. Of course, car issues are inevitable and beyond anybody’s control, but if you want to minimize the risks, there are a few things that can be done about that. Here are a few maintenance tips that might help you keep your Chevy in tip-top shape!

First, you’ll want to keep your Chevy clean and in good shape. This might seem like an odd tip, but you might be surprised at what a good carwash will do.

If you scrub your truck down every few weeks or so, it will not only keep it shiny but also prevent any dirt and grime from gumming up the inner workings. You should keep the interior clean and tidy as well if you want things to stay working seamlessly.

It’s also a good idea to keep your fluids checked and topped off. Every so often, you’ll need to change your oil and check the rest of your fluids. If one or more of them is running low, it could be causing unseen issues with your truck.

Get your vehicle in for oil changes regularly and after every few hundred miles, you should also get your tires rotated.

It’s also an important thing to get your truck inspected every so often. Most Chevrolet dealers will offer free inspections that will help any problems get diagnosed.

Doing this not only keeps your truck in good shape but will help you get the jump on anything that might be wrong. It allows you to discover any issues in advance.

Pros and Cons of Chevrolet

Chevy trucks are great, but there are cons as well as pros to having one. Hopefully, knowing a few of these will help you decide whether to make a repeat purchase in the future.

First, you should know that Chevrolet trucks have proven themselves quite reliable over the years. The Silverado, in particular, is one of Chevy’s more popular models that has evolved the most. You can choose from 1500, 2500, and 3500 models, all of which have new and improved features.

These trucks can handle off-roading on even the roughest terrain, making it easy for you to go adventuring without having to worry about your safety.

Chevy Truck Will Only Go in Reverse

Chevrolet trucks also have fairly large cabins. There are a lot of trucks out there that have cramped, uncomfortable cabins, especially those that are off-roading vehicles.

Chevrolet cabins have multiple trims and upholstery options that will ensure the maximum comfort of their passengers. If nothing else, buy a Chevy for its comfy and spacious cabin.

The only thing you may want to watch out for if you invest in a Chevy (especially a larger one) is the large hood. Because of the Silverado’s bulk, it can make the road in front of the car somewhat difficult to see, and many people would view this as a major safety hazard.

However, you can still drive safely by watching the road ahead carefully and being mindful of your turns.

You can read more about the individual pros and cons of different Chevrolet models here.

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