Are Goodyear Kevlar Tires Good?

Tires contribute enormously to a vehicle’s performance. Not only that, tires help minimize the damage that driving does to a vehicle. 

Thus, a well-designed tire should not only allow a vehicle to move efficiently but also keep that vehicle in good working condition. 

For years, Goodyear has been synonymous with excellent tires. 

Goodyear manufactures a broad range of tires that are engineered to provide optimal performance and superior safety in a variety of settings. 

Are Goodyear Kevlar Tires Good? 

Goodyear Kevlar tires are particularly effective because they are more durable than traditional tires. The Kevlar tire line provides a unique blend of comfort and safety. That is why the Kevlar tire is one of Goodyear’s most popular tire lines. 

Let’s take a closer look at the Goodyear Kevlar tire to better understand why so many people use them.

About Goodyear

While Goodyear has been well-known for almost a century, the company itself has been around far longer than that.

Goodyear started in Akron, Ohio in 1898. 

Now, Goodyear is one of the world’s leading tire manufacturers. It has maintained its competitive edge by creating a diverse product line. 

That product line includes the high-tech Goodyear Kevlar tires, which this article examines in depth.

Why Good Tires are Essential for Your Vehicles

Your vehicle relies heavily on its tires.

Tires aid in stopping, steering, and maneuvering. Tires also absorb shock. 

Your tires must absorb shock effectively. 

Otherwise, driving will be uncomfortable because you will feel every bump in the road as you pass over it.

The tires on your car serve as a critical junction between the road and your vehicle. If you have the right tire, you can expect to enjoy safer and more pleasant trips.

On top of that, tires are important because they do not last forever. The average American drives over 13,000 miles every year.

That’s a lot of upkeep! 

Tires are expensive to replace. 

If your tires wear out quickly, then the cost of replacing them will rapidly add up. That’s why having excellent tires pays off.

The importance of maintaining your tires cannot be overstated. 

Your vehicle’s ability to travel safely and efficiently depends on its tires. 

If you pick the wrong tires, then the results could be disastrous.

On the other hand, choosing the right tires for your car can significantly improve your driving experience.

Are Goodyear Kevlar Tires Good 1 Are Goodyear Kevlar Tires Good?

What is the Purpose of Kevlar in Tires?

If you’ve seen a protective vest before–like in a movie about soldiers or police officers–then you’re likely already familiar with Kevlar.

Kevlar is a tough material that’s often utilized in bulletproof vests, but that’s not all it’s good for.

Kevlar is a woven fiber with high tensile strength.

This trait makes it excellent tire material. Kevlar is strong, durable, and does not shatter easily.

Goodyear began making Kevlar tires as a way to increase durability and enhance tire safety.

Kevlar tires can handle shocks and other bumps with minimal damage to the tire and wheel. 

Goodyear designed its Kevlar tires so that they would not explode if driven over a metal object like a broken water pipe.

Are Goodyear Kevlar Tires Bulletproof?

Kevlar tires are much more durable than ordinary tires. 

As a result, Kevlar tires allow vehicles to travel at significantly faster speeds and across rougher terrain. 

Kevlar tires also effectively prevent damage caused by potholes and other substandard road conditions.

Goodyear tires are among the most durable tires available.

Goodyear Kevlar tires consist of a form of Kevlar that is even stronger than regular Kevlar. 

Goodyear Kevlar tires are bullet-resistant. In other words, a Kevlar tire can protect you while you’re driving. 

This protection may not matter to some, but it can be life-saving for those living in or traveling through areas with higher crime rates.

The Kevlar tire also keeps your car safe in the event of a collision. 

Specifically, the Kevlar tire protects your vehicle’s bodywork. 

For anybody who drives a high-end car, a Goodyear Kevlar tire is an excellent choice.

Are Goodyear Kevlar Tires Worth Buying?

Kevlar tires from Goodyear are tough and long-lasting. They can withstand high impact.

That said, Kevlar tires have their fair share of issues. 

Here’s a list of some of the pros and cons of Kevlar tires. 


  • Kevlar tires are more durable. Compared to traditional tires, Kevlar tires last longer and perform better. Ultimately, Kevlar tires contribute to increased vehicle safety.
  • Kevlar tires lower the risk of a blowout on the highway. Blowouts are dangerous for you and other drivers. Thus, Kevlar tires can keep minor collisions from turning into costly repairs.
  • Many individuals believe Kevlar tires are a little more “snappy” than standard tires. Kevlar tires tend to feel grippier than traditional tires. This is due in part to the Kevlar tire’s strengthened sidewalls. 
  • Kevlar tires can sustain more damage before they need to be replaced. 
  • Kevlar tires are great for driving in extreme weather or off-roading. In normal driving conditions, however, a standard tire will provide a similar amount of durability.
  • Goodyear Kevlar ZR tires are designed for high-performance automobiles and sports cars. These tires provide a longer tread life and superior grip on both wet and dry roads.


  • Kevlar tires do not perform well in the rain. Wet roads can cause hydroplaning. Hydroplaning occurs when an automobile loses grip on wet roadways. In other words, Kevlar tires perform poorly in wet situations.
  • Goodyear Kevlar tires tend to cost more to manufacture and install than traditional tires do.
  • Premature tire wear is the most prevalent issue with Goodyear Kevlar tires. When a tire is made of Kevlar, it isn’t meant to be used on more than one vehicle in its lifetime. The majority of Kevlar tires are only good for a few thousand miles before needing to be changed. 
  • Thus, you may have to spend more money on tire replacements and change the tires more often than if you’d just bought regular tires.
  • Goodyear’s Kevlar tires have been criticized for their poor quality. When used on motorcycles, some motorcyclists have complained that their Goodyear Kevlar tires were worn. As a result, these motorcyclists claim they suffered cuts and bruises. Others reported that their tires became less responsive over time. 
  • Some people have also claimed that they had blowouts and found that their Goodyear Kevlar tires were virtually bald.

Final Thoughts

Goodyear is a reputable tire company, and its Kevlar tire line is generally well-received. 

That said, there are some known issues that Goodyear is still working through. 

Fortunately, Goodyear appears to be introducing a new generation of Kevlar tires to remedy these problems.

As a result, the number of complaints Goodyear has received about its Kevlar tires has decreased in recent years. 

Even so, you should verify the safety ratings of any tire before making a purchase.

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