The Pros And Cons Of A Sunroof In Your Car, Truck, Or SUV

You’ve got your eye on a beautiful sports car, but the only drawback is no sunroof. Even though your wife wants one, you wonder, is a sunroof worth it?

Are sunroofs worth it 3 1 The Pros And Cons Of A Sunroof In Your Car, Truck, Or SUV

Are sunroofs worth it?

While sunroofs may look aesthetically pleasing, they can leak, increase maintenance costs and weaken the integrity of a vehicle’s roof. The truth is that most owners of sunroofs don’t end up using them at all but instead rely on their air conditioning to provide relief on hot days. 

From engine size to color schemes to advance comfort and convenience options, there are endless configurations for potential car owners. 

But one area that only a few car buyers consider is whether a sunroof is worth the extra expense. 

At times, a sunroof is included with a particular package that includes other options, so the hole in the roof is a bonus. But the truth is that most car owners rarely use their sunroof, so it is an option that is a wasted expense. This article will discuss whether sunroofs are worth the money. 

We can help you decide whether or not to open your wallet before the car salesperson tries to get you to buy the more expensive model because it has a sunroof. 

What is a Sunroof?

A sunroof is an opening in the middle of a car’s roof, like having an additional window (only above your head).

A movable glass pane can be propped up or slid back, allowing fresh air into the cabin. Even when the sunroof is shut, the glass allows additional light into the car, giving it a larger feel. 

What are the Benefits of a Sunroof?

Are sunroofs worth it The Pros And Cons Of A Sunroof In Your Car, Truck, Or SUV

There are some reasons why customers choose sunroofs for their cars. 

Aesthetically Pleasing

A sunroof can improve the look of an automobile. Many car owners know that the value of their car will be more substantial with an optional sunroof added. Some potential car buyers will like your sunroof. (And you can make a case for a few more bucks) 

Fresh Air in the Cabin

Opening a sunroof will let more fresh air circulate through the cabin. This opening can help keep occupants cool so that less strain is needed by the car’s air conditioning unit.

The opening can let in the sweet smell of sea breezes or the glorious scent of fresh pine when driving through a forest. 

An Addition to the Riding Experience

Many current manufacturers offer panoramic sunroofs (where the glass extends over rear seat passengers), which can let a lot of light into the cabin. 

It also provides a unique perspective for the riding experience because occupants can see the clouds pass by above them as they travel down the highway.

What are the Disadvantages of a Sunroof?

You should push the pause button on adding that accessory to your car for several reasons.

Are sunroofs worth it 1 The Pros And Cons Of A Sunroof In Your Car, Truck, Or SUV

Sunroofs Are Prone to Break Down or Crack

Most sunroofs are powered by electrical switches that can short out or quit working. When this situation happens, it can be a hassle to repair. 

In addition, since they are made of glass (which is not nearly as strong a substance as the metal roof a car has typically), the pane can shatter or crack, leading to leaks. 

Sunroofs Weaken the Roof Area

While no one ever wants to think about being in a rollover accident, it can happen. If your vehicle were to roll over, a glass pane on the roof area would be little protection. 

The forces that exert themselves on a vehicle in a violent crash are intense, and a sunroof made of glass is not the layer of protection you want between your head and the ground. 

Sunroof Seals Will Eventually Leak

Sunroofs have rubber seals between the glass pane and the roof’s metal edge. These seals will deteriorate over time and, eventually, wear out.

Many owners find themselves dealing with dripping water as their sunroof springs a leak, and any water has the potential to ruin interiors.

Sunroofs Can Limit Headroom

Since most sunroofs have to make room for the electrical components that power them, manufacturers must limit the available headroom to compensate. This situation means that passenger volume is compromised. 

Are sunroofs worth it 2 The Pros And Cons Of A Sunroof In Your Car, Truck, Or SUV

Sunroofs are Noisy When in Use.

If you have ever ridden in a car with an open sunroof, the airflow through the cabin is the only noise you will hear.

No listening to the radio or having a poignant conversation with your buddy. The wind noise will drown out anything you say. 

A Non-working Sunroof Can Affect Resale Value

On many cars with sunroofs, the resale value is adversely affected if the sunroof leaks or isn’t working correctly.

The dealership you are trading with will ding your car’s value if they know they will have to fix the sunroof before selling it. 

Can I Add A Sunroof to a Car That Doesn’t Have One?

Yes, there are lots of places that can add a sunroof to an existing vehicle. While the costs vary, most shops can install them for a few hundred dollars.

This addition is not the kind of project you want to try and do DIY. 

Do People Even Use Their Sunroofs?

Actually, no. While panoramic sunroofs allow more natural light to enter the cabin, most car and SUV owners never open their sunroofs. 

Instead, they rely on their air-conditioning to keep passengers and themselves comfortable. 

Will a Sunroof Affect the Mileage of My SUV?

Absolutely. Despite thinking that the glass pane would weigh less than the metal of the roof, it doesn’t.

Sunroofs are heavy options and will add weight to your vehicle, which means that you will get lower fuel economy and make it harder for your engine to work to move you forward. 

Key Takeaways

  • A sunroof can look aesthetically pleasing to a vehicle, improving its appearance. 
  • A sunroof allows more natural light to enter the vehicle’s interior. 
  • A sunroof can leak, or the seals can deteriorate over time. 
  • Most owners never use their sunroofs at all. 
  • A professional installer should do adding a sunroof to a standard roof.

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