Can A Chevy Tahoe Pull A Horse Trailer?

If you want to travel with your horse, a horse trailer comes in handy. It is fun to travel with your horse and even if you haven’t hauled a horse trailer before, they are easy to tow and you have nothing to worry about.

Two-horse bumper trailers are the most common, and they do not need so much power to pull them. If you only need to pull one horse, the bumper trailer you need for that is even smaller and can be pulled by most vehicles rated to tow a trailer. But can a Chevy Tahoe pull a horse trailer?

Can A Chevy Tahoe Pull A Horse Trailer? 

Yes, a Chevy Tahoe can pull a horse trailer. The Tahoe can tow a minimum of 7,700 pounds and a maximum or 8,500 pounds while a two-horse bumper trailer weighs at most 3,000 pounds. If you add the horses and any other additions, the trailer still falls within what a Chevy Tahoe can tow

If you only have a horse or two, you only need a bumper pull horse trailer. These trailers come with a coupling that can extend from the trailer front and attaches to the trailer ball you have on your Chevy Tahoe. 

Because your Tahoe comes with a tow package, it is easy to connect the horse trailer to the frame under the car’s bumper. The trailer may have the name bumper pull, but they do not necessarily connect to the bumper. 

There is more you need to understand on how to pull your horse trailer with a Chevy Tahoe. Read on to learn more. 

How Much Does a Horse Trailer Weigh? 

An average two-horse bumper trailer with standard materials weighs about 2,500 pounds. Most of these trailers have a blend of the aluminum and steel composite materials. However, the weight varies greatly based on the style of the trailer and the materials used. 

If the trailer has a dressing room, the weight of the trailer will increase by 700 pounds. Again, if the trailer is made of all steel, the weight will increase from a standard 2,500 pounds to 2,900 pounds. Most of the European trailers weigh less than the American models although they may not be stronger.

You can tow a two-horse trailer that weighs 2,000 pounds, and this is the best as it is easier for you to control the trailer and even easier on your fuel. 

Trailers with many other additions will have more weight. However, even the heaviest trailer still falls within what a Tahoe can pull. 

You have to consider the weight of the horse you need to tow. Horses weigh between 900 and 2,000 pounds, depending on its shape, size, and the breed. In-shape Quarter horses weigh less than Pencherons. If your horse is big, you can expect it to weigh more than small-bodied horses. 

Are you towing one or two horses? Add the weight of the horse or the horses to the weight of the trailer. Again, add the weight of the gear that you will bring to the race or the exploration. If the weight doesn’t exceed 7,700 pounds, then you are good to go. 

However, you should not tow 7,700 pounds if that is the maximum towing capacity of your Tahoe. You need to leave an allowance for any other cargo you will have in your Tahoe and even for the passengers. I recommend not towing more than 6,700 pounds for a Tahoe that tows a maximum of 7,700 pounds. 

What Determines How Much a Chevy Tahoe Can Pull Behind It? 

When considering how much your Tahoe can pull behind it, consider the curb weight of the trailer and the gross vehicle weight. The curb weight refers to the weight of the vehicle with fluids, but without passengers and cargo. The gross vehicle weight is the maximum weight your Tahoe can hold and pull behind it. 

A Tahoe has a curb weight of between 5,400 and 6,000 pounds, depending on the model you pick and its configuration. The Tahoe has a gross vehicle weight rating of about 7,400 pounds. Depending on the model, you can see how much you can tow with the vehicle. 

The tongue weight of a horse trailer is between 10 and 15 percent the total weight of the trailer. So, if the trailer weighs 5,000 pounds when loaded, the tongue weight is between 500 and 750 pounds. 

The number of passengers in your Tahoe, the cargo, and any gear you bring will affect how much you can tow. If you put so much cargo in the cargo space of your Tahoe, you take some of the towing power than the Tahoe may have. 

You can put your horse and camping gear in the trailer (if there is space) to ensure you do not take up so much payload from the Tahoe and affect the towing capacity. However, the trailer should also not exceed the recommended towing capacity. 

You should not exceed the recommended GVW of a vehicle. If you do that, you may end up with damaged axles and an overworked transmission system and engine. Your vehicle will also be more challenging to control, brake, and negotiate corners. In most states, it is also not allowed for you to tow more than the recommended amount. 

How Powerful is a Chevy Tahoe? 

The Chevy Tahoe is built on a truck’s platform, and this is why the SUV is so strong. The Tahoe offers sufficient towing capacity for exploring and work, but it may not have the refined features that you need for comfort during a trip. If you pick a 2021 Tahoe, however, you will have all the comfort features you need to enjoy your trip. 

Tahoe offers sufficient legroom and cargo space. The third row is specifically roomy and comfortable. The new model increased the cargo capacity from 94.7 to 122.9 cubic feet. 

Under the hood, the Tahoe has a standard 5.3L V8 engine that produces 355 horsepower and 383 pound feet of torque. This engine pairs to a 10-speed automatic transmission. There is an optional four-wheel drive, which comes standard on the Z71 trim. 

There are two other engines for your Tahoe. There is a 6.2L V8 engine that produces 420 horsepower and 460 pound feet or torque. This engine is standard in the High Country trim and not available for other trims. 

You can go for the available turbocharged 3.0L inline six-cylinder diesel powertrain that produces 277 horsepower and 460 pound feet or torque. This engine will only be available for the Z71 trim. 

You will get a suite of great features to make your trip comfortable and entertaining. Some of the features in the base trim include LED headlights, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, 18-inch wheels, and forward collision mitigation among others. 

If you go for the LT, which is a higher trim, you get additional features such as wireless charging pad, nine-speaker Bose audio system, hands-free liftgate, leather upholstery, and auto-dimming rearview mirror. The Z71 is the best option if what you need is a Tahoe that goes off the road. 

The Premier is a great option for comfort and entertainment while the High Country is a luxurious option. Besides the standard features, the Tahoe offers Max Trailering Package, which raises the towing capacity to 8,500 pounds. You also have other optional features such as rear entertainment system, panoramic sunroof, traffic adaptive cruise control, and an air suspension. 

How Do You Stay Safe When Towing a Horse Trailer? 

Loaded horse trailers can be more than 6,000 pounds heavy, depending on the number and weight of the horses you have in the trailer. You need to stay safe on the road by ensuring you have the necessary safety accessories such as trailer barking system and lighting. 

Below are tips on how to tow a horse trailer safely:

  • Check the condition of the trailer, the tow vehicle, and the hitch among other components. Ensure that everything is in working condition. 
  • Load the trailer smartly with the heaviest horse on the side of the driver as most roads are crowned on the driver’s side. 
  • Pack all the safety gear you need in your trailer 
  • Ensure the trailer and the tow vehicle lighting are in good working condition 
  • Know how to manage trailer sway and keep a comfortable speed
  • Maintain your speed so that you do not have to brake often as the horse needs to stay balanced inside the trailer
  • Pay attention to any shakes and sounds coming from the trailer
  • Ensure the inside of the trailer is comfortable for the horse

Closing Thoughts

It is easy to haul a horse trailer with a Tahoe. The Chevy Tahoe has sufficient towing capacity, it is powerful, and is designed to tow. 

You only need to get the right towing gear, the right accessories for safety and convenience, and have the skills to drive the tow vehicle. Whether you are pulling the horses to a race, or you are going camping with your horse, you will have the power, comfort, and towing capacity you need with a Chevy Tahoe.

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