Can A Nissan Rogue Tow A Boat? 4 Main Factors To Consider

Having an SUV that can tow a boat when it’s time to go for boat riding or fishing is crucial. So, can a Nissan Rogue tow a boat? Does the Nissan Rogue have the capability to tow a boat? What features does it have that will make it suitable for boat towing? Does it have the power and capacity to move with the boat for long distances? Do all the Nissan SUV Rogue models have the capacity to tow a boat on your next adventure?

Can A Nissan Rogue Tow A Boat 1 Can A Nissan Rogue Tow A Boat? 4 Main Factors To Consider

Can the Nissan Rogue tow a boat?

Since the vehicle has a towing capacity of around 1000 to 1300 pounds, it can tow small boats such as personal watercraft and a few fishing boats. As long as the weight does not surpass the 1350  pounds maximum towing capacity of the Nissan Rogue, one will be able to tow boats within that range.

This article will examine whether a Nissan Rogue can tow a boat and its features that make it ideal for the same. It will also cover if the vehicle has the power and capacity it has to pull a boat and the factors to consider before towing a boat on the vehicle. 

Therefore, if you are planning to buy a Nissan Rogue but are wondering if it can tow a boat on it, then this article will give you answers.

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Nissan Rogue has a standard towing capacity of 1000 pounds which may not seem like much, but it can tow various boats. When estimating the kind of boats a Nissan Rogue can carry, one has to look at the Vehicle Unloaded Weight, the Gross Trailer Weight, and the Gross Car Weight. 

When it comes to the vehicle unloaded weight, it represents the dry weight of the boat as well as the towing vehicle. The phrase describes the vehicle’s weight before you load it up with other belongings or passengers.

The gross weight represents the dry weight plus all the luggage one may load in the boat trailer. Typically, gear nets, fishing rods, and other luggage can add to the boat’s weight. Therefore, one should be careful with the weight of the luggage if the boat’s dry weight is close to the towing capacity of the Nissan Rogue. 

Lastly, the gross vehicle weight number represents the manufacturer’s rating when it takes the Rogue’s dry weight and the weight of all passengers plus the cargo. This will determine whether it is suitable to carry a boat or not.

Can A Nissan Rogue Tow A Boat 1 1 Can A Nissan Rogue Tow A Boat? 4 Main Factors To Consider

Can a Nissan Rogue Tow a Boat

There is a good chance that a Nissan Rogue does not come to mind when considering if it can tow a boat, but if one buys the vehicle, one may be curious about the pulling capacity of the Nissan Rogue and whether it is a wise idea to use it. The recent Nissan Rogue model has a meager 1350 pounds of towing capacity, which provides the largest capacity among all other related models.

If one has a 2019 Nissan Rogue model, the maximum capacity it can tow is 1102 pounds when proper equipment fitting is carried out. Therefore the weight and carrying capacity are the ideal factors to consider when towing a boat. 

The vehicle can tow small boats such as personal watercraft weighing around 850 pounds and a few fishing boats weighing less than 1350 pounds. One can pull boats as long as the weight does not exceed the Nissan s Rogue 1350-pound maximum towing capacity.

Factors to Consider while Towing a Boat in Nissan Rogue

The following are some of the factors one needs to consider before towing a boat in a Nissan Rogue:

Boat Towing

Before towing the boat to a Nissan Rogue, it is essential to check the Nissan Rogues manufacturer’s manual to clarify if the vehicle can tow a given kind of a boat. Additionally, different countries have laws on the dos and don’ts of towing a boat. In the UK, for instance, the boat trailer should not surpass the maximum permitted weight, 3500 kg. It is also wise to check the dry weight, the gross trailer weight, and the gross weight number to understand whether the Nissan Rogue can tow a certain boat.

Driver’s Experience

Any driver with a good driving experience of at least 10 years is qualified to tow a boat on their vehicle up to the maximum permissible mass of 8.25 tonnes. This is crucial to avoid getting into trouble with the relevant authorities. 

Regarding the trailer carrying the boat, if it weighs up to 750 kg, it can be towed in a vehicle that weighs up to 3500kg. Keep in mind that this relates to the maximum capacity the trailer intends to carry and not just the load it currently has on board.


When pulling a boat with a Nissan Rogue, it is recommended to go to speeds of around 30 and 40 mph. However, one should lower the 60 mph national speed on single carriageway roads and highways to 50 mph. On freeways and multiple lanes, one should lower the 70mph to 60 mph, and on a three-lane, the Nissan Rogue, among other vehicles, should not utilize the outside path or lane while carrying a boat.

Boat Trailers

Due to their occasional use, boat trailers are vulnerable to various issues that could seriously compromise safety. For instance, if it gets submerged in water while launching or retrieving the boat, the trailer could get stuck or even create worse problems. Saltwater immersion will also impact the brakes and the wheel bearing system and hasten the chassis corrosion.

 Washing the trailer with fresh water will provide a fundamental solution to lessen the effects of salt water on the boat trailer, but it will still require frequent maintenance and servicing. The boat trailer tires must be maintained at the proper pressure, be free of significant cuts and bulges, and have a good tread depth. 

If one intends to leave the boat trailer idling outside for an extended period with the hands brake on, one should choke the wheels to prevent the brakes from seizing.

Additionally, if the trailer hubs have been submerged in water, the wheel bearings will create issues. Therefore, if one submerges the boat trailer in water, it is crucial to wash it with fresh water and then monitor the condition of the wheel hubs. 

It is not necessary to install a brake system on boat trailers whose mass is less than 750 kg. The maximum allowable mass of an unbraked boat trailer should be less than half the curb weight of the vehicle for it to be legally towed.

Wrapping it Up

A Nissan Rogue can tow different boats if they do not surpass its maximum weight towing capacity. For one to be on the safer side with the relevant authorities and be safe, it is crucial to consider the vehicle unloaded weight, the gross trailer weight, and the gross car weight number to become knowledgeable on the dos and don’ts. 

Additionally, there are factors one should consider before towing a boat on the Nissan Rogue. All these will ensure that the towing is efficient and successful.

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