Can A Sectional Fit In A Pickup Truck? Answered!

Sectional sofas are among the most popular choices for many people. However, are they easy to transport using the standard means available? These are some of the most crucial questions you must answer. The last thing you want is to be stuck with a chair you love but cannot transport. What’s more, if it fails to fit in a pickup truck, chances are it might not get into the house if you have a single framed door. So, can a sectional fit in a pickup truck?

Can A Sectional Fit In A Pickup Truck Can A Sectional Fit In A Pickup Truck? Answered!

Will a sectional fit in the bed of a pickup truck?

Sectional seats can easily fit inside pickup trucks and cargo trucks. This makes them easy to transport whenever you want to move to new houses. You never have to worry about getting it out and inside the house. It may also save you cash on transport.

With such confirmations, you can select the color, fabric, and style of sectional you want. In addition, knowing that you can easily transport the seat without incurring extra costs for a larger vehicle or trailer is excellent. You also don’t have to worry about risking damaging the same seat while forcing it into a small van packed with moving blankets.

It may take a second trip if your sectional has multiple seats or a matching loveseat or chair.

But how does this work? Are you likely to struggle with loading the sectional into your cargo vehicle? Keep reading to understand how this works.

What Should You Do When Loading a Sectional in a Van?

While it is true that sectionals can comfortably fit into pickup vans, it is advisable first to measure each of the pieces. In addition, also take measurements of the vehicle and ensure everything fits in at one g

Some pickup trucks or vans are small, and one may have to consider going on two trips.

What’s more, some sectional models are larger than the standard. It is essential to factor in all these points. Don’t feel intimidated by how daunting the task seems.

You may also worry about getting the seat through the door. All it takes is some strategy, and you will be good to go. Don’t sacrifice your choice just because you are afraid about this but make sure to work with professionals.

Can A Sectional Fit In A Pickup Truck 1 1 Can A Sectional Fit In A Pickup Truck? Answered!

How To Load Your Sectional Couch Correctly

Note that you must use the stacking strategy to load your sectionals into your vehicle. Most people go with pickup trucks or cargo vans for convenience. Below are specifics you may want to know when dealing with each car.

Using a Pickup Truck

There are many reasons why choosing a pickup truck is a great choice. First, you need to take only a few measurements: the truck dimensions (length) and truck bed width. It is even easier if the truck does not come with a camper shell since it can be packed as high as possible.

This means you can stack the sectionals and transport them in one go. You have to remove the cushions and have them stuck in the truck or carried in a cab separately to create more room.

Professionals movers/ packers will advise putting the longest sectional on the bed width of the truck. First, ensure the seat is upright as it would be when used. Then, you can follow in with the shorter sectionals, one piece at a time.

These should be placed on top of the long sectional in an upside-down position. Ensure the two sectionals are conveniently stuck together. You can then stash the removed cushions in between if there is sufficient room or carry them separately. 

Confirm that the stacked sectionals are sturdy enough to be moved. Once satisfied, proceed to secure the seats with canvas straps to ensure nothing will fall off as you move.

Using a Cargo Van

The cargo van should be packed just as you did the pickup truck. Again, sectionals are best stacked, with the most extensive sectional going down and the others following on top. The only difference is that you may not have to worry about strapping for extra reinforcement in this case.

The sectionals will be covered within the roof. However, there is one downside, and that is settling for the height that the van allows. Therefore, you must measure how high you can stack the sectionals when packing and decide if you need to go for two trips.

What Equipment Do You Need to Load Sectionals?

Most people may load and offload sectionals and seats manually. While this can still achieve desired results, it can be backbreaking and strenuous. The good news is that you can use specific equipment and accessories to make your work easier.

It is also important to prioritize keeping the sectional clean and intact as you move. A dolly will help you move the seat without lifting it. For cleanliness, consider cushioning the bed and sides of the truck or van to ensure that the sectional does not get dirty as you move.

It is also essential to work with a team. Attempting to handle the loading and unloading alone will not only break your back but could also cause accidents.

Is it Possible to Fit a Sectional Through the Door?

As you get the sectional seat from the store, you certainly consider its size and ability to get through the door. Average sectionals are 37 to 40 inches deep, which can be an issue getting through 36 inches-wide doors.

However, no matter how complex it seems, it is easy to get it done.

Start by Measuring

With the right strategy, the sectional will get through the door with a lot of ease. While standard doors will be 36 inches wide, you could move to a house with French doors or other modifications. Knowing the measurements will save you a lot of strain in the future.

Besides measuring the doors, you will be passing the chairs through and proceed to measure the sectional pieces themselves. It is crucial as it helps you determine the right way to turn the sectionals when getting them inside the house. 

Choose the Ideal Entryway

Find out which of your doors is the widest. This is the best door to enter your sectionals through. This, coupled with other factors, make it possible to get the sectionals into the house correctly.

For example, you may want to look at other inconveniences from choosing a specific doorway. For example, the kitchen door may be the best entryway to use. However, if you need to move many appliances to allow this, you better find another way that will not disrupt many things.

Another scenario that could be cumbersome could be the staircase. If a specific entryway is ideal, but a flight of stairs disrupts your move, you must consider alternatives.

Removing Doors

Sometimes the door is installed so that it can be removed for the sectionals or any large furniture to get through. You may have no choice but to remove the door and return it later if your seats are too large to fit.

Usually, doors stick at least two inches on the hinges, which means that the width is significantly reduced. Fortunately, most door hinges can be unscrewed and re-hung after you are done getting the furniture in.

Pivot and Tilt Until You Get In

Sometimes you have to find positions that will force the seat into the space you want. It could mean tilting and twisting the sectional. But, most of the time, the large sectionals are the culprits here.

Is it Possible to Transport Sectionals on Roof Racks?

You may wonder how safe or practical it is to transport a sectional on your roof rack. Well, there are no specific restrictions if it is what you prefer. However, you must understand that it may mean watching out for how high the seats go.

It is also essential to consider the route you will be passing. For example, you may want to avoid roads with bridges and low clearance entryways because they will damage your sectionals.

If you opt for this, you must be prepared with sturdy straps. In addition, you need to secure the seats in place because they may be moved easily, mainly when drafts or strong winds cause instability. In the end, this technique works but is also the least recommended because it may be unsafe.

How Many Sectionals Can You Carry in Your Pickup Truck?

This is highly dependent on the truck’s bed size. A sectional that can fit in a room can also fit in a truck. Make sure you know the pickup’s load capacity to avoid overloading it.

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