Can You Flat Tow A Mini Cooper?

Minis are highly recognizable. True to their name, Minis are small cars that come at an affordable cost for many who are working on a budget. Although they do not have the power of larger cars, they still meet most of your needs when you are driving on the road. 

You can bring a mini when you go camping. If you need to explore busy cities and towns that are along busy highways, the small size of the car gives you the maneuverability you need to start your adventure. But, can you flat tow this car behind your motorhome?

Can You Flat Tow A Mini Cooper? 

A Mini Cooper with a manual transmission can be flat towed without any damage to the transmission system and without any major modifications. Minis with automatic transmissions should not be flat towed and it needs to have front-wheel drive. 

If you have a small RV or motorhome, a Mini Cooper, which is barely 2,500 pounds, will be a great option for you.

Your motorhome doesn’t need to have a huge towing capacity as you can tow the Cooper with ease. Further, this car is inexpensive for people who do not have a huge budget. 

Read on to learn more about flat towing a Mini Cooper. 

Why Choose a Mini Cooper as a Dinghy Vehicle? 

You do not need supplementary braking to tow a Mini Cooper. With the car being less than or slightly more than 2,500 pounds, it is easy to tow from one point to the next without the need for dinghy vehicle brakes. 

If you have a large class A motorhome, you will find it even easier to tow the vehicle as your motorhome will be stronger.

While some states do not require that you have these brakes, we recommend that you install the brakes to make it easier for you to stop after driving at a fast speed on a busy highway. 

With a powerful motorhome, you will not feel the weight of the Mini Cooper unless you are climbing up a hill.

On flat roads, you will not notice any significant changes in the fuel economy of your motorhome. 

Another reason why a Mini Cooper would be a great dinghy is that you can tow it with ease around town. When you explore busy streets or drive along a busy highway, the Mini Cooper will help you maneuver with ease. 

You will also not struggle to look for parking on busy streets. Again, the car is highly drivable, and this makes it ideal when you are making lengthy exploration trips. 

Inside, the Cooper feels comfortable for four adults. Once you get in the rear-seats section, you can comfortably sit for miles on end.

If you want to bring some cargo, you can fold the seats down, and you will have sufficient cargo space for your load. 

If you are in need of a fuel-efficient car, the Mini Cooper offers you up to 32 mpg in the city and up to 42 mpg on the highway. 

Why Not To Choose a Mini Cooper as a Dinghy Vehicle? 

While a Mini Cooper gives you the convenience you need in towing a small car, there are some areas that you will find the car comes short.

For starters, you cannot bring the Mini off-road. The low ground clearance and the smaller engine make the Mini a car for driving on road. 

If you need to explore areas that are off the road, you need to bring a bigger car. If the Mini is all you have, you need to research the areas you plan on exploring to ensure that the Mini can get there without any struggles. 

If you are going on a long road trip, you may wish for a bigger and more comfortable car. SUV models such as the Jeep Wrangler and the Cadillac Escalade offer you the convenience and the comfort you need in a large car.

However, these are more expensive, and they are heavier when towed behind an RV. 

Tall people may have a problem using a Mini. You might have to duck down to see the traffic lights and signs. 

If you pick a high-end Mini, you will have several comfort and convenience features to make the driving more comfortable for you. 

Getting Your Mini Ready for Flat Towing

If you have a Mini with a manual transmission and front-wheel drive, you can tow it. The manual transmission might feel great on a clear highway, but not when traffic is low. 

You need to get the right equipment to start the towing process.

A baseplate and a tow bar are among the main pieces of equipment you need. These equipment are designed for specific car models, so you should get one that matches the needs of your model. 

Get a tow bar and attach it to your RV’s receiver hitch. This tow bar allows you to connect the baseplate from the Mini’s baseplate. If you do not have a tow bar, you can get one from the dealership or get a tow bar from Amazon.

There are also baseplates designed for the Mini Cooper, and you can get these from the dealership too or check out the Blue Ox BX1303 from Amazon.

You can get the same brand of tow bar and baseplate or look for two brands whose products are interchangeable. 

Once you connect the tow bar and the baseplate, you need to connect the diode wiring for the dinghy lights. You need to wire the battery of the Mini to the motorhome so that the battery remains charged throughout the trip. 

You need to turn the ignition key to Position 1. When you do that, the brake lights, the horn, and the turn indicators will be operational, but the engine will not be running. 

This position ensures that the steering column doesn’t lock when the car is being towed.

If you do not have the skills to install the lights, connect the battery, and connect the auxiliary brake system, you need to contact a mechanic.

The auxiliary brake system is not mandatory in most states, but you can still have the brakes if you need to drive your vehicle safely on the road. 

Can A Tow A Mini Cooper With Automatic Transmission?

A manual transmission is an option in a Mini Cooper. As such, most of the models are not flat towable. If you want to tow, ensure you go for a model with a manual transmission. 

These vehicles can only be dolly towed with the front wheels off the ground. Set up the car the same way you would when flat towing it.

Turn the ignition key to position 1 so that you have access to the horn, the lights, and windshield wipers without turning the engine on. The position also ensures that the steering column doesn’t lock when you are towing it. 

Secure the front wheels of your vehicle to the dolly tow, or you can pull the vehicle onto a flatbed trailer. Strap the car on the flatbed trailer of the dolly tow, and you are all set to go.

What’s Under the Mini Cooper’s Hood?

The Mini Cooper has a small engine under its hood. It has a 1.5L three-cylinder engine that makes 134 horses and 162-pound feet of torque.

If you need more power than the Cooper offers, you can go for the Cooper S, which offers a turbocharged 2.0L four-cylinder engine that generates 189 horses and 207-pound feet of torque. 

These two models come with a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. If you want to flat tow your vehicle, go for the optional manual transmission.

If you still want more power, the John Cooper Works offers an even better engine, a 2.0L engine that makes 228 horses and 236-pound feet of torque. 

The Cooper has several base features that make it drivable and comfortable. Some of the features include air conditioning, simulated leather upholstery, a 6.5-inch center screen, heated mirrors, rear parking sensors, forward collision warning, adaptive cruise control, and automatic emergency braking.

Flat Towing Mini Coopers

It is easy to love a Mini when you are driving through busy streets. You will also love the car when you need a car that offers great fuel efficiency. However, when you need to drive off the road, the car will underperform. 

If you do not drive on rough terrain, and you and you only make short exploration trips, the Cooper can be the most ideal dinghy tow for you. You can always go for the more advanced trims such as the John Cooper Works. 

This top trim has a sport suspension, LED headlights, and even has sports seats. Such a car offers you comfort even when you drive for long distances. Better still, you can customize your car with available packages to make it better as a dinghy tow.

Some of the available packages include keyless entry, heated seats, larger wheels, head up display, and dual zone automatic climate control. There is also an upgraded Harman Kardon stereo for more fun in the cabin.

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