Can You Flat Tow An Expedition?

There is so much you can do in a motorhome. Unfortunately, you cannot drive your motorhome to the shopping mall or drive it around busy city streets. This is why you need to bring a smaller vehicle to use after parking your motorhome at the park. 

When you need to bring a smaller vehicle, you have a few options; you can flat tow a vehicle behind the RV, use a dolly tow, or flat tow the vehicle behind the motorhome. Flat towing is the easiest method, but not all vehicles are flat-towable. Can you flat tow a Ford Expedition?

Can You Flat Tow An Expedition? 

You can flat tow the 4WD model of the Ford Expedition and Ford Expedition Max behind a motorhome as long as it has a two-speed transfer case. If your Ford Expedition doesn’t have a 4WD system, you cannot flat tow it and will need a tow dolly or a flat towing trailer. 

When towing this vehicle, you only need to place the transfer case in a neutral position and then engage the flat towing feature. Ford offers you detailed instructions on the user manual to help you flat-tow the vehicle without any challenges. 

There are no speed limits when you flat tow the vehicle, so you can drive as fast as the motorhome allows.

However, you need to have the necessary flat towing accessories and have the necessary connections to make the dinghy towing safe. 

The Ford Expedition has a curb weight of about 5,623 while the Expedition Max has a weight of about 5,794 pounds. It is a large SUV and will definitely put some stress on your motorhome.

However, if you have a class A motorhome, you will be good enough to pull the SUV behind you. 

Flat towing the vehicle doesn’t add any mileage on the odometer, so you can pull it as much as you want. Read on to understand more on how to dinghy tow a Ford Expedition. 

How Do You Flat Tow a Ford Expedition? 

The reason most vehicles are not flat towable is that the transmission system does not lubricate enough during dinghy towing.

When flat towing a Ford Expedition, you need to follow the instructions provided on the user manual to ensure that your transmission system is safe from damages. 

To set up the Expedition for flat towing, set the transfer case on neutral mode. From there, you need to set the vehicle for flat towing. Press the brake pedal and start the vehicle’s engine. 

On the 4WD mode selector, ensure that your Expedition is on 2H mode. If your Expedition has a rotary shifter, shift the transmission so that it is on Neutral mode. 

When you do that, you will be prompted to push the manual button.

You should get a message showing that the Stay in Neutral Mode is active. Once you get that message, you can now switch off the engine via the Start/Stop button. You may get a message showing “Transmission not in Park.” 

Engage the Accessory Mode in your vehicle by pressing the Start/Stop button, but this time without pressing the brake pedal. 

From there, you can do other settings from the information display on your vehicle. 

Open Settings and navigate to Advanced Settings. Click on Vehicle and then choose Neutral Tow. 

Press the OK button until you see a message that says Neutral Tow Enabled. Leave your vehicle’s transmission in a neutral position.

Release the brake pedal and then turn off the engine. Your Expedition or Expedition Max should be ready for flat towing. 

If you follow the instructions provided in your user manual, your transmission system will be safe and the towing will be swift.

If you cannot find your user manual, call your dealer or contact Ford and one will be provided for you or click here for the 2021 pdf.

How Do You Disengage Flat Towin on A Ford Expedition? 

Once you get to your destination, you need to disengage the flat tow feature so that you can drive your Expedition off. You need to disengage when the Expedition is still hooked to the motorhome. 

First, press the brake pedal and then power the engine on. Turn off the engine while pressing the brake pedal.

Next, turn the vehicle into Accessory mode by pressing the Start/Stop button, but without pressing the brake pedal. 

Press the brake pedal and hold it at that low position. Shift the transmission from Neutral to Park and release the brake.

The information display will show a message that Neutral Tow is now disabled. 

Your Expedition should drive with no problem. 

Why Bring the Ford Expedition to your Next Adventure? 

Ford Expedition offers luxury. It is a three-row expedition that offers you enough space to bring up to five passengers on board. 

The SUV sports rugged construction that makes it ideal for adventure. If you want to drive off the road and on rocky grounds, the Expedition will meet your needs. The current generation of the Expedition came out in 2018.

This new generation has so many upgrades and great features that the previous generation did not have. 

If you want a longer wheelbase, you can opt for the Expedition Max, which is also flat-towable. Under the hood, the Expedition has a base 3.5L turbocharged V6 engine that generates 375 horsepower and 470-pound feet of torque. 

If you need more power, you can pick the Platinum Trim, which makes 400 horsepower and 480-pound feet of torque. The engine pairs to a 10-speed automatic transmission with rear-wheel drive.

However, if you need to dinghy tow your Expedition, you have to go for the optional 4WD model.

What Features Does the Ford Expedition Offer? 

Although Ford Expedition is a three-row SUV, it only sits five passengers. This means that you will have enough legroom and headroom in your seating space. Some of the features you get from this model include:

  • 18-inch wheels 
  • Keyless entry
  • Push-button start 
  • Power-adjustable driver’s seat 
  • Leather-wrapped steering wheel
  • Foglights
  • 4.2-inch infotainment system 
  • 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot 

The base XL trim also offers safety features under the Ford Co-Pilot360 driver assistance suite of features.

These safety features include automatic high beams, lane-keeping assist, blind-spot monitoring, and automatic emergency braking. 

The XLT trim can seat up to eight passengers. It also adds a few convenience features, including rear parking sensors, auto-dimming rearview mirror, three-zone automatic climate control, and Ford Sync 3 Infotainment system.

With Ford Sync 3, you will get voice commands, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and an eight-inch touchscreen display. 

The Limited trim has more safety and comfort features. King Ranch looks different from all the other trims as it comes with a King Ranch badge and emblems.

The stone gray exterior of the King Ranch makes it different from all the others. 

Further, Ford uses special leather upholstery to make the King Ranch even more special. The Platinum trim is the topmost trim.

It sports a more powerful engine, and it is the luxurious trim of the Expedition and Expedition Max. 

If you pick the Platinum trim, you will enjoy upgraded leather, leather, and wood trim interior, roof rails, massaging and ventilated front seats, and active noise cancellation among others.

Getting Your Expedition Ready for Flat Towing

You need to ensure that your motorhome is ready to flat tow, and you have all the needed accessories.

Besides getting a tow bar and baseplate, you need lighting and braking accessories. 

In most states, the flat towed vehicle needs to have its own braking system. With a separate braking system, you will come to a stop faster after speeding on a clear highway stretch. 

Even if the state laws do not require that you add brakes to your dinghy vehicle, you need one for your safety. You also need to connect the lighting system of your motorhome and that of your dinghy vehicle.

If you will be driving at night, having lights on your dinghy vehicle helps you avoid accidents. 

Ford Expedition and Expedition Max are heavy vehicles; you need to ensure that the tow bar and the baseplate you get are rated to tow at least 6,000 pounds.

Once you have all the accessories, including the debris guard to protect the front of your dinghy vehicle, try dinghy towing a day earlier and see how well you can do it. 

Flat Towing An Expedition

Dinghy towing is not for all vehicles and you may find that using a tow dolly or the flat tow trailer is the best option, even though it will add extra weight to your tow. 

You can add aftermarket parts to your Expedition to make it flat towable. A lube pump keeps your transmission system lubricated when you flat tow your 2WD Expedition.

These modifications allow you to flat tow the vehicle, but they may void the warranty. 

Again, the modifications should only be done by a professional, and this means more cost to flat tow your Expedition. If you are yet to buy an Expedition, pick a 4WD model to avoid making any costly modifications to the vehicle. Once you have it, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. 

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