Can You Sleep in a Honda CRV?

With trends like van life and camping dominating 2021, everyone is trying to get in on the action. But let’s face it, not everyone can afford an RV or multiple hotels. An Airbnb is cheaper than a hotel but still much more expensive than sleeping in the car. 

What if we have a Honda CRV? Can we sleep in a Honda CRV? The answer is yes, and sleeping in our Honda CRV can be a good experience. 

Sleeping in a Honda CRV has a variety of surprising benefits and perks. We can easily save $200 nightly in hotel costs by sleeping in a Honda CRV. Many seasoned campers prefer sleeping in a Honda CRV to sleeping in a tent. 

An increase in comfort and safety are just a few reasons travelers prefer sleeping in a Honda CRV. Keep reading to learn more about how you can transform your vehicle into your favorite bed.

Two Ways to Sleep in a Honda CRV

Now that we know we can sleep in a Honda CRV, we need to know the two ways that this is possible. You can remove the seats from the back of your car, or you can build a platform over the folded-down seats.

1. Remove the Seats

This option is time-consuming and labor-intensive. If you do not plan on having passengers, it makes sense to remove the back seats. 

Seat removal is also a feasible option if you want a semi-permanent sleeping arrangement. If you plan on reattaching the seats, this method takes even longer and requires consideration.

2. Build a Platform

You can build a custom platform to hold your mattress or sleeping bag. The bed platform will consist of a large slab of plywood and four legs to hold up the plywood. 

Take measurements of the back of the CRV and make sure the legs lift past the folded-down chair. Adding height to the platform also gives you a storage spot underneath the bed frame.

Sleeping in the Car is Safe

When you sleep in your car, you protect all of your belongings. Rather than taking items to and from a campsite, your baggage remains in one central location. 

A central storage location helps prevent the unnecessary moving and shuffling of items. As items move less often, they are less likely to get lost. Not only does a car facilitate the safekeeping of items.

A vehicle also facilitates the safekeeping of the occupants. Wildlife and other nuisances are less likely to disturb a locked vehicle than a camping tent. The safety a Honda CRV can provide is something to consider.

Less Effort Than a Tent

Building a tent is a labor-intensive process that requires tools and specific equipment. 

Sometimes after a long day, you just want to fall asleep comfortably. Sleeping in a Honda CRV removes the labor-intense nature of pitching a tent. As a bonus, sleeping in a Honda CRV is arguably more comfortable than in a tent. 

Take solace in the knowledge that a Honda CRV is a viable sleeping option for tired nights with little required effort. If you particularly enjoy a tent, that is not out of the question! Keep reading to learn how to incorporate a tent and your Honda CRV.

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Good in Any Weather

Sleeping in a tent involves being on the ground and in the elements. A waterproof tent can protect you from the rain, but it cannot protect you from flooding. 

Sleeping in a Honda CRV is a safer bet to enjoy the elements instead of battling them. You can enjoy the rain with a glass window barrier. A car is a safer way to camp that is also more comfortable than a tent.

Any camper knows to pitch a tent in a high and dry location to avoid flooding. Sometimes, a high and dry location does not exist. Sleeping in a Honda CRV is a viable option when you cannot find an ideal camping spot. 

Although waterproof tents do exist, the element of water can still get through the most durable materials. Particularly in thunderstorms, sleeping in a car may keep you secure from the elements.

You Will Save Money

One of the highest expenses on a road trip is hotel and lodging accommodations. You can expect to spend hundreds of dollars per night on hotel costs. A way to circumvent hotel fees is sleeping in your Honda CRV. 

A popular option for road trippers is to pay for parking. Rather than spending $200 on a hotel, spend a fraction of the parking price. The extra dollars can extend the length of your road trip by hundreds of miles.

It is Surprisingly Comfortable

There is no denying that sleeping in a tent is a unique experience. While some people love the feeling of dirt between the toes and insects crawling around, others do not. Sleeping in a Honda CRV provides a level of comfort that is not possible in a tent. 

You can combine the luxury of your bed and the convenience of your automobile with the option to fit a twin mattress. The spacious nature of a Honda CRV gives you legroom and peace of mind. Sleeping in the back of your car has never been so comfortable. 

Tent or Tailgate?

There is a unique option for those who do not want to abandon the tent. You can attach your tent to the back of your Honda CRV and create a tailgating experience. 

Honda makes tents specifically for CRV attachment, but you do not need to use a Honda tent. Your Honda CRV will look just like a mini camper with a tent attached to the back. 

A Honda CRV with a tent attached to the back will also give you more sleeping space. A tent attachment also gives you an area of privacy. The tent attachment is practical if you need a changing room. 

There is Room for a Mattress

The Honda CRV can fit a twin-sized mattress in the rear. Be sure to make a platform so that the mattress lies flat. Some opt for an air mattress, while others choose a traditional mattress. 

Measure the car with the chairs folded down to ensure you have enough room for the mattress.  Leave the bed in place, or alternate between storing it on top and inside your car. The comfort of a mattress adds to the comfort level of the vehicle.

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Thanks to the convenience of a Honda CRV, anyone can join the van life movement. If we have ever wanted to go on a road trip but lack the money for an RV, we are in luck. 

Sleeping in a Honda CRV will give us the van life feeling without purchasing a new van. But the pleasures of sleeping in a Honda CRV are not only for van life enthusiasts. Campers and road trippers can also enjoy the comforts of a Honda CRV.

We may be surprised at how much we enjoy the experience. The spacious rear of the Honda CRV is something everyone should witness. Whether we spend a night or a month, we can sleep in the comfort and safety of our Honda CRV.

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