Do Dodge RAM R/Ts Have 4×4? Explained!

While the Dodge and Chrysler have succeeded with the R/T badging on many of their vehicles, perhaps you’re wondering if Dodge RAM R/T’s are equipped with 4×4?

Do Dodge RAM RTs Have 4x4 2 Do Dodge RAM R/Ts Have 4x4? Explained!

RAM trucks never used the R/T badging for a 4×4, but many used RAM 1500 2WD trucks carry the designation. The option indicated an upgraded engine, suspension, brakes, tires, and styling cues. Dodge offers the R/T as an option for the Durango. Charger, Challenger, and the new 2022 Hornet.  

RAM trucks have been leading the pack in quality for several years now (they have won Motortrends Truck of the Year for three years in a row). Its recent success is due to a rich and powerful history, which included the R/T badging that was enjoying success on other Dodge/Chrysler models

As the years have passed, the R/T option has given way to other trim levels, but it is still available on many used models but is becoming harder to find every day. 

What Does R/T stand for?

The initials R/T stand for Road and Track, an option Dodge and Chrysler used for years to indicate a high-performance vehicle. 

This badging appeared on RAM 1500s beginning with the 2009 model and lasted for over a decade. The R/T badging was meant to portray vehicles built with larger engines and better features. 

The RAM R/T was introduced as a concept vehicle at the SEMA show and put into production shortly afterward. The truck was equipped with a 5.7 Hemi Hemi that produces 370 HP and 395 lb/ft of torque. 

The truck was known as a go-getter, with 0 – 60 times in a tad over 5 seconds and a quarter-mile time of 13.7 seconds. 

Unfortunately, RAM wanted to maintain the truck’s performance truck without bogging it down with full-out 4×4 capability. So, it only got around to equipping the RT with anything but a regular cab and rear-wheel-drive. 

Currently, the RT badging is available on four Dodge vehicles; the Durango, Charger, Challenger, and the new 2022 Hornet. 

What Were The Options on the R/T model?

Most used RAM 1500 RTs were built as a throwback to classic images of pickup trucks, including two doors, regular cabs, dark grilles, and an athletic appearance.

The other options were upgraded suspension, tires, brakes, and simple monochromatic color schemes. This R/T didn’t move like your granpappy’s truck. Instead, it had enough power to blow your grandfather’s dentures out of his mouth. 

Over the years that it was produced, the engineers tweaked the 5.7 Hemi to produce more and more horsepower. The V8 generated 375 HP (08 – 09), 395 HP, (09 – 12), and an extra 5 HP to 395 HP (2013 – 2018). 

How Reliable is the RAM R/T?

Of all the model years that RAM made this truck, the folks at rate the RT as having a  reliability rating of 3.5 out of 5. 

The ranking is fourth out of 17 full-sized pickup trucks reviewed. 

Most reviewers prefer the later model R/T models over the first few years. The 2017 RAM 1500s is a relatively problem-free truck with lower customer complaints than other year models. 

The worst RAM trucks to own are 2012, 2014, and 2015. These trucks were plagued with engine issues, including the cam-shaft lifter and electrical and transmission problems. 

Each of these repairs was costly to consumers, and potential buyers need to be aware of the propensity for these trucks to malfunction.

For more information concerning which RAM trucks to avoid, please see the article on

Where was the R/T built? 

While some of the best-selling RAM 1500s are made at the plant in Warren, Michigan, all the RT production was performed at the RAM assembly plant in Saltillo, Mexico.

The plant opened in 1995 as the company sought cheaper labor to ease its manufacturing costs. Over the years, the plant has had a hand in making almost every kind of RAM truck on the market. 

The plant stopped producing the RT brand in 2018 and has converted to making primarily making the classic 1500 regular cabs, 2500, and 3500 cab/chassis for sales internationally. 

Do Dodge RAM RTs Have 4x4 1 1 Do Dodge RAM R/Ts Have 4x4? Explained!

Is 4×4 an Option on Any RAM Truck?

This option is available on RAM trucks, but not all RAM trucks are equipped with it. If your truck does have the 4×4 option, then the truck needs to be shifted into neutral before selecting the 4WD low option. To manually shift the truck into 4WD, the truck must be stopped or moved very slowly to perform the function. 

Most RAM owners don’t manually shift anything but instead leave their trucks in the 4WD auto function. 

The setting allows the system to detect when traction is needed and provides the necessary amount of traction for the individual wheel that requires additional help. 

The system is similar to AWD systems that most SUVs and smaller pickup trucks have used for years. 

What Does SRT mean?

In 2003, Dodge and Chrysler used the SRT designation (Street Racing Technology) to indicate their new division tasked with optimizing the performance of many of their vehicles.

Any car with an SRT designation was known to have better engine performance, upgraded suspension, and much more aggressive styling.

For consumers needing speed, the SRT badging made them open their wallets and minds, as sales of many models skyrocketed through the roof. 

Did RAM Ever Make an SRT Truck?

Yes, they did, but it didn’t last very long. Introduced as a concept truck in 2002, the truck (SRT – 10) went into production a year later.

Unfortunately, only over 10k units were manufactured, and the company killed the truck less than three years after it first rolled off the assembly line. 

Are RAM R/T Trucks on the Market?

The answer is yes, but only as Used vehicles. The market for preowned pickup trucks is pretty stout, so if you are planning on purchasing an R/T model, be prepared to pay extra due to the fact that they can be hard to find. 

In addition, as with any used truck purchase, make sure that the history of the truck reflects that previous owners have taken care of it and not abused it on the racetrack.

A buyer should always check the carfax for a detailed history of any vehicle they are purchasing.

What Made the R/T so Appealing to Consumers?

Part of what made the RAM R/T appealing was that it was a classic truck with a regular cab. The truck was nostalgic for owners who wanted a work truck to carry their dogs and themselves without having to deal with other distractions, like kids screaming from the back seat. 

In addition, the ultra-tuned performance that the truck delivered made them hard to resist.

The upgraded engine and suspension made them easy trucks to convert into racing, and many owners did just that. 

Key Takeaways

  • The R/T stood for Road and Track and indicated higher-performing vehicles.
  • The R/T option for RAM was made from 2009 – 2018.
  • The R/T badging indicated an upgraded engine, suspension, tires, and brakes.
  • SRT means Street Racing Technology.

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