How Much Do 35-Inch Tires Affect Gas Mileage (Solved!)

Vehicles are one of the most amazing inventions we have in our day-to-day lives. Vehicles can be used to get us from one place to the other in record time using gas.

But, with gas prices going up and our need for transportation staying stagnant, we need to be able to be as gas efficient as possible, so how much do 35-inch tires affect gas mileage?

How Much Do 35-Inch Tires Affect Gas Mileage: the image shows a gray Jeep Wrangler Willys edition with 35-inch tires

35-inch tires will typically decrease a vehicle’s fuel efficiency because it is larger than the standard tire size. Typically, it will decrease by 1-2 miles per gallon with each additional inch.

On average, gas mileage typically decreases about 1-4 miles per gallon when a vehicle has 35-inch tires.

Now that we understand the relationship between tire size and gas mileage, it is important to think about what makes 35-inch tires unique and beneficial, what cars can use a 35-inch tire, where you can get 35-inch tires, and how long they last.

How Much Do 35-Inch Tires Affect Gas Mileage: Information

So let’s talk a little bit about 35-inch tires. 35-inch tires are typically larger than the standard tire that your car will have.

The standard car tire size is about 33 inches, which is about 2 inches small than the other aforementioned model. This will cause some positive and negative things to happen. (Source)

Part of understanding how much do 35-inch tires affect gas mileage is also realizing that it affects other aspects.

35-inch tires are beneficial in many ways such as terrain, traction, and more! They are an asset when it comes to activities such as off-roading and other multi-terrain activities.

They can even improve gas efficiency if you are driving on highways frequently, although your gas mileage will decrease in the city. (Source)

35-inch tires are remarkable for off-roading because they give you more lift. The higher your car sits, the less likely damage will occur.

There will be fewer branches, leaves, and other pieces of nature that can stab the under-body of the car or get stuck. This could save you a large sum of money in repairs. (Source)

How Much Do 35 Inch Tires Affect Gas Mileage

Some other benefits of having a 35-inch tire are that they have more traction and are more stable on a variety of terrains on and off-road. On a public forum, there was a man that commented about how the extra height on the tires made it so he didn’t have to scope out a path over rocky landscapes. It increased his confidence that his Jeep could handle the terrain well.

There are some negative aspects of 35-inch tires. One that we have already discussed is the decreased gas efficiency.

How much do 35-inch tires affect gas mileage can sometimes be least of your concern.

Some other factors to consider are that they are more expensive since they often require your car to be lifted 2-6 inches, could require your car needing to be re-geared, and your speedometer will be slightly inaccurate. (Source)

The average price of a 35-inch tire is about 300-400 dollars. This is a substantial amount without considering the additional costs of modifications that are required with getting tires this large.

You can absolutely do it, but this will require some planning, saving, and consideration. You probably shouldn’t go and get these tires and modifications without some serious thought! (Source)

What Cars Can Handle 35-Inch Tires

So, we’ve seen how much do 35-inch tires affect gas mileage, but which vehicles can use them?

This aspect of tire purchase is even more important to consider. You need to know what cars can handle the kind of modifications needed for these tires.

It isn’t recommended that you try to get tires this large on smaller cars. Some examples of cars that aren’t built for this kind of modification are small cars, small SUVs, or vehicles with all-wheel drive. (Source)

Another thing to think about is the age of the model. With older cars, it was feasible to take a saw to the car and change the physical model of the car to make room for the tires.

However, newer car models are made out of plastic and soft metals, which would require permanent modification that is a little more high-tech than just a saw. This is a deterrent for many people, as they can’t change their minds in the future. (Source)

Some cars that can handle these tires are trucks, Jeeps, and other larger SUVs. These tires are built for cars that can handle harder terrain and are larger.

These cars will require less modification and will have less detrimental impacts on the standard model of car than others to use these tires.

How Much Do 35 Inch Tires Affect Gas Mileage

Where/What Tire to Purchase

After seeing how much do 35-inch tires affect gas mileage, you conclude you want them.

The next step after researching the prices and applicability of 35-inch tires with your car is to find a place that sells 35-inch tires. 35-inch tires can be purchased at most tire places. (Source)

Once you find a location, you will need to decide what kind of 35-inch tire you want for your vehicle. This can be impacted by a variety of factors, such as the purpose of the vehicle, what kind of terrain you will be on frequently, what your budget is, and what brand of tires you want. (Source)

The purpose of the vehicle you are modifying to have the larger tires will be important to consider when you are looking for tires. If you want to use this vehicle for more than just off-roading, you will want to make sure that the tires can handle highways and streets just as well as they can handle rocks and snow. (Source)

Another important thing to consider with tire purchasing is the terrain you will be on most frequently. This is important because even in the larger tires, they are crafted to handle certain things.

Some tires are built thicker to handle rocks, others are built with a tread designed to handle snow. If you encounter snow a lot of the time, then you will benefit significantly more from snow tires than another type. It is also common to experience all of these terrains so there are tires built for those anticipating a well-rounded experience on and off-road.

Budget and preference for brands can go hand in hand. If you prefer name-brand tires, you will want a larger budget. But if you are looking for some tires a little cheaper, you might need to look into other options like second-hand or lesser known brands.

Now that you know a decent amount about 35-inche tires. You are equipped to be able to buy the best tires for your off-roading adventures. We wish you the best of luck with your tire buying and all-terrain experiences!

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