Discount Tire Tire Rotation Cost: Here’s how much a tire rotation is at Discount Tire

Car maintenance is one part of life that’s not fun, mainly because it can be expensive. At places like Discount Tire, you might be able to find services that cost significantly less than you might find at other shops. However, is tire rotation and balancing one of those services?

Discount Tire Tire Rotation Cost

Have you ever wondered, “Does Discount Tire Patch Tires?” Discover the answer to this question and more in our comprehensive article that will guide you through their tire repair services.

How Much is a Tire Rotation at Discount Tire?

Tire rotation at Discount Tire costs about $15 per tire. However, if the driver purchased the vehicle’s current tires from Discount Tire, both a tire rotation and tire balance will be done free of charge. Drivers can buy a set of tires from Discount Tire for as little as $584.

While it’s nice to have cheaper service and tire costs, the word cheap often leaves a distasteful impression for many people. 

So, let’s take a closer look at Discount Tire and see what all they’ve got to offer and whether or not it’s worth it.

How Much Should a Tire Rotation Cost?

At Discount Tire, rotations cost $15 per tire. 

As mentioned earlier, both tire rotation and balancing can be done for free if you have purchased your car’s current tires from them. 

Generally, most auto shops will do this for $20 per tire (more or less), and it is a general practice to have the tires rotated for free if bought from that same shop.

So, the reason you’d want to go to Discount Tire is obvious: you’re saving $5 or more! That may not sound like a whole lot, but if you’re bent on saving money, that’s the place you should go. 

Car mechanic worker doing tire or wheel replacement with pneumatic wrench in garage of repair service station

Buying tires from Discount Tire also saves you money because while you could be spending a thousand or more dollars at another retailer, you can buy a good set of tires for half the price at Discount Tire.

Keep in mind, though, the price of tires you buy at Discount Tire will vary greatly depending on the make, model, trim, and year of your vehicle.

For example, a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix might have a set of tires costing $500 to $600. 

Finding the right set of tires is a difficult task, but Discount Tire is there to help. 

Customers can use the tire calculator to find the perfect tire set for their vehicle and driving conditions. 

This is a helpful tool to use when shopping.

Tire Rotation: Is it Worth the Cost?

The most common answer to this question is a resounding yes. 

However, some people might not be able to spare $80 for a rotation, and that’s okay.

Believe it or not, tire rotation can happen right inside your very own garage. 

Just know that there are some downsides to this.

First, why is tire rotation important? Rotating your tires involves switching the front tires to the back and vice versa over time. 

Front tires tend to experience twice the wear rear tires do, which means that without tire rotation, you’d probably wind up replacing your front tires a lot more often than your rear tires. 

This can become expensive over time.

Discount Tire Tire Rotation Cost

Rotating the tires slows down tire wear and spreads it evenly across each tire.

In other words, you won’t need to replace your tires as often.

If you are skilled enough, you can remove the tires at home and rotate them yourself. 

However, it will take you more time than it would the professionals.

In addition, you don’t want to end up with a bigger problem on your hands because you put a tire back on the wrong way or broke something during the removal process.

Again, this is probably not a concern if you have mechanic experience. 

However, if you don’t have experience, it’s a possibility.

Plus, if you can get this service done for $15 or even for free, why not just take it to the shop?

Discount Tire is a pretty good place to get this done.

Many of their customer reviews are very positive and speak of good service. 

The only downside to using Discount Tire as your go-to auto shop is that they only perform tire-related services, whereas other places offer oil changes and other services as well. 

Discount Tire Tire Rotation Cost

Walmart Tire Center Rotation vs. Discount Tire Rotation

Now, Discount Tire might not be the only lower-priced car care shop out there.

Walmart is a superstore, and while most people don’t go there to get their tires rotated, it does offer tire rotation, oil changes, and plenty of other services! If you want to get your tires rotated and balanced, that will cost somewhere around $14 or $15. 

However, if you want a standard tire rotation done, you might even be able to get it done for $2.50 per tire

That sounds pretty great, right? That’s a price that everybody can be happy with, no doubt about it. 

However, you also might want to consider that balancing is just as necessary as tire rotating. 

Balancing is maintenance that occurs after rotation. 

It means a mechanic measures and balances the weight of the tire and wheel to make sure one tire doesn’t have to work harder than the other.

Balancing is necessary to ensure that you aren’t wearing one tire out faster and that more stress isn’t on one area. 

So what’s the point? 

The point is, you can get your tires rotated for $2.50 at Walmart, but it might be a better idea to stick with the balance and rotation service to make sure your car is properly cared for and gets all the maintenance it needs.

If you purchased your tires from Discount Tire, it wouldn’t make sense to get your tires rotated somewhere else when they would do it for free. 

Free tire rotations and balances are just one of the many ways that Discount Tire takes care of their customers.

Regardless of what you decide, both Walmart and Discount Tire are reliable places to get all your tire-related needs seen and taken care of. 

Just make sure you’re getting your tires rotated approximately every 7,000 miles or so. 

Doing so will ensure not only good working conditions for your car but also your and your passengers’ safety while you’re on the road. 

Frequently Asked Questions – Tire Rotation Cost at Discount Tire

How often do you really need to rotate tires?

Tire rotation is typically recommended every 5,000 to 7,500 miles or every six months to ensure even wear and prolong the life of your tires.

Is rotating tires worth the cost?

Yes, rotating your tires is worth the cost as it helps to extend the life of your tires and improves your vehicle’s performance and safety.

Should I pay to rotate tires?

Yes, paying for tire rotation is a wise investment as it helps to prevent uneven wear on your tires, which can lead to premature tire replacement and reduce your vehicle’s overall performance.

Does Costco do tire rotation for free?

Yes, Costco offers free tire rotation to its members when they purchase tires from them.

Will Discount Tire rotate tires bought elsewhere?

Yes, Discount Tire offers tire rotation services for tires purchased elsewhere, although fees may apply.

How much does it cost to rotate a set of tires?

The cost of tire rotation varies depending on the service provider, but typically ranges from $20 to $50 for a set of four tires.

Does discount do free rotation?

Discount Tire offers free tire rotation for customers who purchase tires from them.

What does Walmart charge to rotate tires?

Walmart’s tire rotation service starts at $12 per tire, with additional fees for services such as balancing and alignment.

Does Discount Tire do free tire rotation?

Yes, Discount Tire offers free tire rotation for customers who purchase tires from them.

Does Discount Tire fix flat tires?

Yes, Discount Tire provides flat tire repair services at their locations. However, the cost and availability of this service may vary depending on the specific Discount Tire location and the severity of the tire damage. It is always best to call ahead and check with your local Discount Tire store for more information.

Will Discount Tire put on a spare tire?

Yes, Discount Tire can put on a spare tire for you if you have one available. However, it’s important to note that spare tires are designed for temporary use only and may not have the same performance capabilities as your regular tires. It’s always recommended to replace a damaged tire with a new or repaired tire as soon as possible.

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