How To Unlock A Nissan Rogue With The Keys Inside

Locked out with your keys inside your Nissan Rogue? Our guide, “How To Unlock A Nissan Rogue With The Keys Inside,” provides effective and safe methods to regain access without damage or stress. Learn the best techniques to unlock your vehicle in emergency situations quickly.

I lose my keys all the time, but the absolute worst feeling is going to pull out your keys and then look inside your locked car and seeing them sitting there. Just beyond your reach.

Next time you’re in this situation, just follow these steps, and you’ll have your keys back in no time.

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How Do I Unlock A Nissan Rogue With The Keys Inside?

If a Nissan Rogue is locked with the keys inside, the first step is to check if the car can link to the NissanConnect app, which is able to unlock the door electronically. Without the app, the other options are leveraging the door, calling a locksmith or the police, or breaking the window.

Read on for more information about how to try each of the methods for unlocking Nissan Rogues.

NissanConnect Is An Easy WAy To Unlock A Nissan Rogue With The Keys Inside

NissanConnect is an app that allows drivers to connect to and keep track of their cars through their phones. In order to use the premium version, vehicle owners must buy either a monthly or yearly subscription.


  • Remote Lock/Unlock:
    • KeyConnect allows drivers to remotely lock or unlock their cars. If no action is taken after 30 seconds, then the car will automatically relock.
  • Last Parked Location:
    • NissanConnect uses drivers’ personal smartphones to track their cars.
  • Live Status Tire Pressure Updates:
    • NissanConnect keeps track of a vehicle’s tire pressure and sends an alert if/when the tire pressure starts to drop too low. Properly inflated tires lead to increased gas mileage and a smaller likelihood of getting into an accident.

The most relevant feature here is the KeyConnect. If a driver has accidentally locked their keys into the vehicle, they can simply open up the Nissan Connect app, go to the KeyConnect feature, and unlock a Nissan Rogue with the keys inside.

However, if a driver either doesn’t have NissanConnect or has accidentally locked their phone in the car, then they must turn to one of the other methods for unlocking their Nissan Rogue.

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Leveraging the Door

If you want to unlock a Nissan Rogue with the keys inside, and don’t have the previous options we’ve mentioned, there are other ways. One is leveraging the door.

Tools Needed

  • Something to slightly pry the door open enough to fit a tool inside to unlock the door. Possible options include a wooden or plastic wedge, an air jack, or a blood pressure cuff.
  • A tool that is thin enough to fit through the opening is created by bending the door open, and long enough to be able to reach the locking mechanism.
  • One possibility to unlock a Nissan Rogue with the keys inside is an unbent wire hanger that is hooked on the end. There should also be tape or some form of padding on the end to prevent the hanger from scratching anything in the car. Some locksmiths have a specialized tool for this exact purpose.

Steps To Unlock A Nissan Rogue with the keys inside by leveraging the door:

  • Step 1: Creating space
    • If using the wedge, then stick the thinner end into the crack of the door, and use something heavy to tap it in until there is enough space to fit the unlocking tool into the car.
    • If using either the air jack or the blood pressure cuff, the first step is to remove all air from inside it. Next, stick the now empty cloth part of the tool into the door crack. Begin pumping air into it, and it should slowly start to open the door.
    • Make sure not to open it too far.
  • Step 2: Getting to the lock
    • Take the selected lock-reaching device and slide it into the crack in the door. Maneuver it to the lock and either pull, push, or press it depending on which kind of lock it is.
  • Step 3: If one of the air pumps was used to pry the door open, be sure to deflate and remove this device before opening the car door.

Call a Locksmith or a Roadside Assistance Service

Tools and vehicular expertise are not always readily available to everyone. If both of these are missing from the situation, the next best step may be to call an expert roadside service provider.

The most well-known roadside service provider is AAA, but there are other options.

Many car dealerships have roadside service divisions. Sams Club and Allstate Motor Club’s roadside services also have excellent reputations.

Some insurance companies offer roadside service packages as well.

In Case of an Emergency, Call the Police

If the car is locked, no tools or expertise are available, the roadside services can’t be there fast enough, and there is an emergency then the best option is to call the police.

The police will require a form of ID or some other proof of ownership before they can unlock the car for you. However, in case the emergency is an extreme one they can help you get whatever other help you may need.

You may be asking, “What counts as an emergency?” In this case, there are several reasons for needing to unlock a car that could allow for an emergency.

The first that comes to mind is if a small child or animal is stuck inside the car. Especially if it is either very hot or very cold outside and the windows are all closed.

It is possible that the officer who comes to your aid has the required skills and tools required to unlock your car. However, if they don’t then it is possible they would need to break the window.

If all Else Fails, Break the Window

All other options have been explored, or maybe they’re all out of reach because either your phone is locked in the car, you have no signal, or everyone is too far away to help you in time. At this point, there is one final possibility open to you. This is when you get to break into your own car.

It is best to use something that is either very sharp, very heavy, or both. Do not try to punch out the glass in the window. Even if the window is successfully broken, it just leaves you with a bloody and painful injury.

It isn’t as easy as it looks in the movies, so be careful. If there is anyone inside of the car either have them move away from the window you are breaking or, if they can’t move, break a window that isn’t near them. This will prevent them from receiving injuries as well.

Closing Thoughts On How To Unlock A Nissan Rogue With The Keys Inside

If you want to know how to unlock a Nissan Rogue with the keys inside, it’s important to remember that there are several safe and effective methods to gain access to your vehicle without causing damage. Whether it’s utilizing the NissanConnect app for electronic unlocking, leveraging the door with appropriate tools, calling a locksmith or roadside assistance, or contacting the police in emergencies, each method offers a solution tailored to different situations.

While NissanConnect provides a convenient and high-tech solution, not everyone may have access to this feature. In such cases, understanding alternative methods like leveraging the door or seeking professional help becomes invaluable.

These approaches ensure that you can unlock a Nissan Rogue with the keys inside safely and efficiently, even in the absence of advanced technology.

Lastly, in extreme situations where no other option is viable, breaking the window may be necessary, but it should always be the last resort. Safety for both the individual and the vehicle should be the top priority.

Our guide on how to unlock a Nissan Rogue with the keys inside offers peace of mind and practical solutions for anyone facing the common yet frustrating scenario of accidentally locking keys inside a Nissan Rogue.

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