What Are the Best Spark Plugs for Ford F150? (Explained!)

The Ford F150 is the best-selling truck in the USA and has been for the past 40 years. While its sleek design and functionality make it popular among consumers, it’s what’s on the inside that matters. The makeup of the Ford F150 makes it unique, and the spark plugs play an integral role in the function of the pick-up truck.

With so many spark plug options, what are the best spark plugs for Ford F150? Using iridium or platinum spark plugs will help ensure your truck is running efficiently and to the best of its ability.

Why Spark Plugs Matter

The reason most consumers purchase a pick-up truck is due to its hauling capabilities. Whether you prefer to fill up the bed of the truck or pull a trailer, your Ford F150 needs the right equipment to get the job done. That is why spark plugs are vital for your vehicle. 

Installing spark plugs that are specifically designed to meet the needs of your truck can give your engine more power, a faster throttle response, and potentially increase the life of your engine. 

If you think using any type of spark plug will work for your vehicle, you may want to think again. Using a spark plug that does not fit properly with your truck can cause the engine to misfire, ultimately causing it to run inefficiently.

The best spark plugs for a Ford F150 come in several different brands. However, the optimal material to look for when purchasing a spark plug for your truck is one made of iridium or platinum. 

Types of Spark Plugs

As previously mentioned, the best spark plugs for a Ford F150 are iridium or platinum. But what is the difference? 


Iridium is extremely durable, making it an excellent material for long-lasting spark plugs. Because they are so durable, iridium spark plugs have an extended lifespan and prove resilient to intense wear and tear. 

The three key benefits of iridium spark plugs include:

  • Extended Longevity – the lifespan of iridium spark plugs ensures you’re not constantly changing your spark plugs. You can rest assured that these spark plugs are worth the money spent. 
  • Enhanced Durability – the enhanced durability means you don’t have to worry about constantly replacing your spark plugs or having them go out while towing or hauling with your truck. 
  • Concentrated Spark – the concentrated spark iridium spark plugs produce quick combustion, which means better performance from your truck. 


While platinum spark plugs aren’t as durable as iridium spark plugs, they hold several benefits.

Best Spark Plugs for Ford F150 #ford #sparkplugs

Some of these benefits include:

  • Single and Double options – the option to purchase single platinum or double platinum spark plugs gives you the choice to pick the best platinum spark plug for your truck.
  • Melting Point – the melting point of platinum spark plugs is 3,125 degrees Fahrenheit. While this does not exceed the melting point of iridium spark plugs, it does almost double the melting point for copper spark plugs. 

Best Spark Plugs for a Ford F150

Now that you know the best material for a spark plug for a Ford F150, it’s time to get more specific on the overall best brand and type of spark plug for your truck. Based on the material used and brand reputation. Here are the best spark plugs for a Ford F150. 

Motorcraft Platinum

Motorcraft is the brand that receives recommendations from Ford for aftermarket spark plugs and is the original spark plug brand installed in Ford vehicles on the assembly line. Motorcraft Platinum spark plugs offer the double-platinum feature, 100,000-mile service intervals, and resist oxidation and arc erosion. 

Bosch Iridium

The Bosch Fine Wire Double Iridium Spark Plugs come with a seven-year limited warranty and are engineered for both high-performance and long lifespan. The wire design as laser-welded construction makes this spark plug durable, meaning you won’t have to worry about needing to replace your spark plug while on the road. Complete with an iridium-alloy center electrode firing pin, confirm you are in good hands. 

ACDelco Platinum

The single platinum performance of the ACDelco Rapidfire Platinum Spark Plug is a noble alternative to the OE Ford F150 spark plugs. Key benefits include the pure copper core that helps with heat transfer, ribless insulator to help optimize the plug to boot seal, and the solid-state suppressor that helps regulate spark energy. ACDelco is a proven brand that specializes in various automotive aftermarket parts. 

AutoLite Platinum

Another platinum spark plug option, the Autolite spark plugs, have a full platinum firing tip that ensures longer plug life and fewer misfires. The high nickel alloy side electrode resists electrical and chemical wear while the enhanced ground electrode maintains superior heat transfer. A necked-down center electrode means your engine will fire quicker and cleaner while releasing less voltage for quicker acceleration and improved fuel economy. 

Purpose of a Spark Plug

Now that you know the varying types of spark plugs and what brand of spark plugs are a good fit for your Ford F150, you may be wondering what purpose spark plugs hold.

Spark plugs function as the engine’s provider for the spark used to ignite the combustion mixture to start your engine. The spark plugs generate electricity between themselves that jumps the gap to create the electrical current or ‘spark’ that travels to the fuel/air mixture and essentially creates an ‘explosion.’ 

This ‘spark’ travels to the combustion chamber, where you find the air and fuel mixture, and the explosion is the cause of the electrical current meeting the combustion mixture. This explosion is what starts your engine.

This is why spark plugs are vital to your vehicle’s engine system. If you do not have properly functioning spark plugs, your engine will not run properly and may have issues starting. 

Spark Plug FAQs

Whether you are a spark plug wizard or are changing your spark plugs for the first time, you are bound to have questions arise. Here are some of the more common spark plug FAQs.

How often should I replace my spark plugs?

General rules suggest changing your spark plugs every 30,000 miles. The frequency you change your spark plugs depends on the vehicle’s owner’s manual or manufacturer’s recommendations. The type of spark plug used also plays a role in replacement frequency.

What is gapping spark plugs?

Gapping spark plugs is making sure the distance between the two electrodes is even. If the spark plugs have an uneven distance between them, you must gap the space properly to ensure the spark plugs maintain an even distance. 

What happens if I don’t gap the spark plugs correctly?

If your spark plugs do not have an even gap, they will not fire efficiently, causing your vehicle to run poorly.

How do I know if I need to replace a spark plug?

The key indicator to replace a spark plug is how your engine runs. If your truck has a rough idle, trouble starting, or is misfiring, it is a good sign you need to replace a spark plug. You may also experience high fuel consumption and a lack of acceleration. 

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