What Is The Best Used Kia SUV To Buy?

I never believed it until I bought 2014 a fourth-generation used Kia Sportage in 2016. I must confess that this was the best decision I made in my ten years of car ownership. It is the best Kia SUV to buy. 

What Is The Best Used Kia SUV To Buy?

The 2016 Kia Sportage is one of the pioneering cars in Kia’s revival plan. It accounts for a quarter of the company sales, giving a clear indication of stunning performance and reliability. There are a wide variety of models to choose from, with the fourth generation offering more style, practicality, and impressively easy to maintain. 

If you are searching for a practical compact-crossover SUV, breathe easy as Kia Sportage is practical, affordable, and comes in different engines. 

The first generation was from 1993-2005, second-generation 2005-2010, facelift model released in 2014, and the fourth generation 2016 to date. 

It can fit up to five adults comfortably and offers immense luggage space, making it practical for family use. Besides, you can use it for daily use and weekend getaways with ease. 

Not only that, it offers two diesel engine choices** a 114 1,700cc, which is the best seller, and a 2,000cc with 134 or 182bhp. 

You can check out a couple of petrol engines, the 128bhp 1,600cc, and a turbocharged 1,600cc engine. However, during the 2018 facelift, the engine ranges were slightly revised, with the 1,600cc diesel 134bhp being the significant change. 

A mid hybrid engine to enhance fuel efficiency was introduced from 2019 onwards.

**Editor Note: Diesel engine choices not available in all markets.

What to Look For When Purchasing a Used Kia Sportage

Seat Condition

Front seats tend to suffer tears and wear along the side because of chaffing from the seat frame. 

Thus, settle for a car with very little tear and wear on the seats for better comfort. Besides, a Sportage with elegant chairs is an indication that it is well maintained.

Power Output 

Some Kia Sportage owners with the 1.7 CRDi often complain of power loss. 

However, you can fix this by replacing the fuel filter and checking the coolant level. 

Thus, take the car for a spin before purchasing to get a feeling of its engine condition. 


Kia Sportage standard headlights are not the best, so owners upgrade bulbs to facilitate better lighting. 

Hence, check out for upgrades to guarantee more comfort in your night drives. 


Check if the alloys are corroded, although it is not a common occurrence. The warranty should fix that, but if it expires, you will incur more replacement costs. 

Avoid purchasing a Sportage whose wheels have signs of rust and corrosion as that would jeopardize its safety. 


Check for the condition of the roof lining for accumulated dust and damage. 

If you find the two, you need to question the general condition of the car. 

Also, check for other broken handles and knobs. Ensure the boot lining is intact and in good condition. 

Do not purchase a neglected car, or you will spend a lot of your time making repairs. 

Also, consider if the vehicle has a spare key to avoid heated runs when you require a spare one. 

10 Reasons to Buy a Used Kia Sportage

Over the years, Kia Sportage has earned its place among the most reliable and compact SUVs in the US. It offers one of the most comfortable rides in its class and composed handling. 

Equipped with high-tech features, you are guaranteed a comfortable experience every time you are behind the wheel. 

Here are the specific reasons why the Kia Sportage is a superb purchase. 

Cargo Capacity

Impressive cargo capacity best describes Kia Sportage boot space. The second-row seat can be folded flat, further increasing the big boot. 

Besides, the car is generally built to accommodate more cargo than any other car in its class. Owning the car gives you the prestige of a large SUV, thanks to its big boot. 

Besides, the second row allows a 60/40 split capability, further allowing owners to customize their cargo space. 

Towing Capacity 

One of the attractive qualities of the Kia Sportage is its incredible towing ability, outshining all competitors in its class. 

Regardless of the engine type, the Sportage will wow you in its towing capacity. If the trailer comes with brakes, it can pull 2,000 pounds of cargo without straining the engine. 

Besides, check out for the aftermarket tow hitch, which dealers often install for free. 

Intuitive Infotainment System

The first thing that catches your eye when entering the fourth-generation Kia Sportage is the eight-inch touch screen. 

For instance, the Apple Car Play and Android auto help you connect to your phone, allowing the driver and passengers to enjoy seamless entertainment. If that was not enough, you can make Bluetooth calls and play music through the USB port or Bluetooth. 

All models come fitted with a six-speaker system to ensure everyone has a taste of their best jams. 

Additionally, you have a navigation system fitted into the eight-inch screen. Satellite radio and wireless phone charging can be managed through the touch screen, making your drives as comfortable as you can imagine. 

Kia invested heavily to make the Sportage a technological masterpiece as the cabin is designed to give a lasting impression. 

It is difficult for the infotainment system to fail while driving, thanks to a skillful combination of old-school styling and modern technology. 

Upscale Interior

Aside from the high-tech features in the Kia Sportage, the cabin is exceptionally classy and practical. 

For instance, the center console comes with chrome details, and an infotainment system gives it a futuristic appeal. 

The seat covers are premium in all models, with an option to upgrade to genuine leather. Heated and ventilated front seats provide maximum drive comfort in long drives. 

Also, the steering wheel offers ample wheelbase for the driver, allowing taller persons to handle the car with ease. 

Comfortable Ride 

Kia Sportage offers an exceedingly comfortable ride experience. The suspension is designed to last and function flawlessly no matter what you throw at it. 

Passengers do not get jostled when driving through rough terrain, thanks to its impressive suspension. 

What is more, the steering wheel is highly responsive, making it stable and composed when handling twists and turns. 

High Safety Standards 

The National administration recently gave the fourth-generation Kia five stars in the side crash test. Besides, it garnered four stars in the rollover and frontal crash tests. 

The Sportage is equipped with stunning features monitoring a driver’s attention, lane departure, and lane-keeping assist to keep the car in a straight line while in motion. 

Automated systems further help eliminate obstruction in the dark, pre-collision warning, and a braking system protecting pedestrians. All these high-tech features work to guarantee the safety of the driver, passengers, and pedestrians. 

Easy Parking

The rearview camera has parking sensors and an optional front view monitor to help a driver park in the busiest of streets with tight spaces. 

Traditional, angled, or backup parking will never be difficult again as the driver is equipped to have an overall vision around the car through the car infotainment screen. 

As a result, you preserve the vehicle’s paintwork as it can dodge dents, scratches, and nicks from any obstruction. 

Extended Warranties 

The fourth-generation Kia Sportage comes with the most extended warranties among compact SUVs. 

The company covers up to 60,000 miles or a basic warranty of five years. 

Also, you can get used to a Sportage with a super extended warranty covering ten years or 100,000 miles. 

Thus, when you decide to buy a used Sportage, check for an extended warranty to lower your maintenance cost. 

Roomy Cabin

Most Compact SUVs have a problem with legroom, especially persons with heights of 5.9 and above. 

That is not the case with the Kia Sportage, as it can fit five people without compromising on their legroom, shoulders, or headroom. The cabin is exceptionally roomy to accommodate taller passengers and drivers. 

What’s more, an adult can sit when a car seat is installed in the boot without feeling cramped. 

Easy City Maneuverability

Owing to its compact size, the car is pleasant to drive during rush hour. Kia Sportage shines in urban driving compared to any other compact SUV. 

You will not struggle to make tight turns and driving through narrow streets filled with traffic. 

In the same breath, it works wonders if you decide to take a weekend adventure. 

Thus, it’s proper to say Kia Sportage is an easily maneuverable SUV car irrespective of road conditions and works best both in the city and highway. 

Bottom Line

Most people fear second-hand cars due to the high costs of maintenance due to unreliability issues. 

However, the same cannot be said about the Kia Sportage as it requires service every 20,000 miles and costs less than other vehicles in its class. 

The engines are chain-driven, meaning you do not have cambelts to change regularly. 

Low maintenance and reliability will stand out upon making the purchase. You will be amazed by the sensitivity of the car’s infotainment system as with all its features. 

Finally, get to buy the Kia Sportage and enjoy a smooth ride both in the city and highway while enjoying the benefits of high-tech features and functional knobs. 

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