Where Can I Get a Kia Key Made? (2 Easy Choices!)

Imagine losing your car keys or locking them inside your car, frustrating, right? Not only is it frustrating, but also very expensive to replace a car key in case you lose them. In some instances, your transponder key may become unresponsive, or you may break the key in the ignition. This will also force you to get a replacement key. In this article, we share tips on where to get your Kia key made, what it entails, right down to what it may cost you.

Where Can I Get a Kia Key Made?

You can get a Kia key made from a Kia dealer or an auto locksmith. It is worth noting that dealers offer car replacement services at very high prices compared to locksmiths. As for locksmiths, their prices are affordable because of the competition in the market.


Car dealers can make a replacement key for any Kia model such as Forte, Optima, Rio, Sportage, and Soul. So, how do I get a copy of my Kia key? To order for a new key from Kia dealers, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Locate a Kia dealer near you
  • Carry your Driver License, Proof of Ownership documents (Vehicle Title or Registration), and payment
  • To place an order for the new Kia key, visit Kia parts department
  • In two to three days, the Kia dealer will call you to pick up your keys

Your new key may require programming for Start, Lock, or Unlock commands. With the instructions for your model, you can easily do this at home. Alternatively, the dealer may do it for you and include in their charges.


At times, you may need your Kia key replaced at your location. In such situations, the most viable solution is to contact an auto locksmith. This is because locksmiths can come to you and bring with them their workstation that has everything needed to handle a full car key replacement. However, locksmiths can only replace keys for the older Kia models because the keys of new models have a built-in chip and, as such, only the dealers can replace them.

For transponder keys, locksmiths may be able to program them if they have the right equipment for the job. When you call in a locksmith, you should provide the following information:

  • The services you require
  • The type of car key that you need
  • Vital information about the key, including the name of the model
  • Whether you have a spare key or not

Types of Kia keys

A Kia’s car lock system is equipped with remarkable security measures, which explain why it is difficult to replace Kia car keys. This forces most Kia owners to turn to dealerships to replace their car keys. While dealers can replace keys, their services can be way too expensive and time-consuming.

Generally, there are two main types of Kia keys. These are:

  • Non-transponder chip key – does not require programming
  • Transponder chip keys – require programming

Kia cars use various types of keys and remotes, some of them include;

Fob Car Key

This key usually resembles a remote control. It contains an embedded microchip called a transponder. Once you insert the key into the ignition, the transponder transmits a unique code to your car’s dashboard receiver. When the receiver identifies the code from the key fob, the car is able to start. This key requires to be programmed in order to start the car.

As time goes by, your key fob may require you to stand closer to your car when unlocking the car doors. Other times you may realize that pressing the button on your key fob severally is the only way to get it to respond. If this is your case, then it is time to replace your key fob battery.

Transponder Chip Key

The term transponder stands for transmitter and responder. This car key also contains a chip and will, therefore, require to be coded if replacement is in question. The chip is housed in the cover at the head of the key. Due to the presence of this micro-chip, some drivers call these keys chip keys.

The basic purpose for these key systems is to minimize auto theft, which is why they are centralized to the car’s security system.

Non-Transponder Key

These are the traditional standard metallic keys that contain no chips. Due to their simplicity, these keys are also simple to replace as they can be cut out from a standard key blank by many machines. Since it is fairly easy to replace these keys, replacement is also cheaper than the other keys.

Although these keys have no chips, they are still high security keys because they feature a cut on the upper and lower portion of the key. This makes it difficult to pick the ignition using a picking tool. Non-transponder key systems, however, do not have an immobilizer to prevent the engine from starting without a code. Auto thieves can, therefore, start the engine by touching starter wires together.

How Much Does It Cost to replace a Kia Key?

A new Kia key fob ranges between $250 and $300. However, the price may vary from one dealer to another. At the dealer, a Kia metal key with no chip ranges between $29 and $80.

Seeking the services of an auto locksmith could cost between $100 and $180. These are just estimates, but the exact cost is determined by the model of the car and the type of key to be made. If the key has a chip, the price is higher.

If you want a spare car key made for you, a wallet key (metal key) is a viable option. Although it is not as convenient as a key fob, it will enable you to open and start the car manually.

The wallet key will cost about $30 for the metal key and around $25 for the key cutting process, making it quite affordable in comparison to smart keys.

What Battery Does the Kia Key Fob Remote Use?

The battery used in most Kia key fobs is the CR2032 button cell batteries. Two of these Lithium batteries are used on the fob remote. These batteries are better than NiCad because they last longer.

How Do I Replace the Kia Key Fob Battery?

To replace the battery on a Kia key fob:

  • Turn the key fob with the front side facing down
  • Using a small flathead screwdriver, gently remove the casing of the key fob
  • Remove the old batteries
  • Replace them with the new ones

If the Key Fob Gets Damaged, Do I Need to Buy a New Key?

No, all you have to do is to have the key fob case replaced. A new case is not that expensive and with the right guidelines, you can replace it yourself. A small fee and a little work is better than buying a new key altogether.

Are Kia Car Keys Replaced by Dealerships Only?

No, Kia car key replacement can also be done by locksmiths in your locality. Auto locksmiths specialize in car key replacement, thus have the expertise and the tools to do just that. In fact, dealerships charge heavily for car key replacements compared to locksmiths who offer competitive prices to car owners.

When Does My Ignition Cylinder Require Replacement?

In some instances, your car key may be functioning well, but the ignition cylinder may have malfunctioned. You can know your ignition cylinder needs replacement if you are:

• Having trouble turning the key after inserting it in

• Having trouble inserting and removing the car key

• Noticing issues with powering the vehicle

• Having trouble starting the car

If you notice these signs, it is time to replace your ignition cylinder because replacing the car keys will not change anything. To get a more precise testing on this, you can seek help from a locksmith.

Why Should I Have a Spare Car Key?

Having a spare car key will come in handy any time you lose your car keys. A spare key will help you get to your destination even after misplacing your original car key. Additionally, you will not have to call in a locksmith in the middle of the road when you get locked out of your vehicle.

Other benefits of having a spare car key include:

• Cost saving – with a spare car key, you will not have to spend on emergency car key cutting services.

• Saves time – you can go about your activities as you wait for a replacement key

• Convenience – a spare key will save you from many unpleasant experiences such as your car being towed to a dealer’s garage.

• Vehicle security – if your car keys land in the wrong hands, it can be stolen. With a spare key, however, you can access your vehicle and drive it off to a safe location.

• Gives you peace of mind – a spare key is a backup option that keeps you from panicking when you misplace your original keys.


Losing or misplacing your car key is a very daunting experience. Fortunately, there are options to have your car keys replaced either at a dealership or a locksmith’s garage.

To stay clear from this frustrating situation, the best option is to have a spare key. Not only will it help you go back to your daily activities, but it will also ease your car replacement process. So, before you lose your car keys, have a spare key made and keep it safely.

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