What Size Lift Do You Need For 37-Inch Tires On Silverado?

Many people lift their trucks for the benefit of off-roading, the appearance, and the increased power they get from it. Deciding what size of lift for your tires is essential, for too big tires can rub against the body of the vehicle or hinder drivability, and too small can not have much effect.

An 8-inch lift is a good size for 37-inch tires on a Silverado. Some people use a 6-inch lift kit but need to change their coilover. It is common to re-gear to accommodate the larger wheels and lift kit. That being said, many drivers favor 35-inch tires for an easier drive.

37 inches for a truck are massive and make ideal tires for off-roading. However, with that size of tire, you need to lift the Silverado to accommodate them. When doing so, note any drawbacks and need for extra modifications to have a smooth drive, even if the performance of your truck will diminish with 37-inch tires instead of 35-inch.

How Big of a Lift Kit Do You Need for 37 Inch Tires on a Silverado?


When determining how big of a lift kit you need to fit your 37-inch tires on a Silverado, it’s essential to consider all the factors. It isn’t always just wanting something bigger and making it happen.

The Rims, Clearance, and Fender Wall

You need to look at the rims you have, the clearance of the inner fender wall, and how much power you would want after those tires are installed. For example, an 8-inch lift should work with 37-inch tires, but with the larger size comes a higher cost. 

Some people can get away with only needing a 6-inch lift kit with king coilovers up front. For example, to fit the 37-inch with the 6-inch lift kit, you could raise the coilovers as far as they can go and then fit the 37-inch tires in.

However, doing this could result in some inner fender wall rubbing, which requires more work on your truck to cut it to size. 


Many people consider re-gearing when purchasing larger tires and a lift kit, as they find after lifting the tires, they lack power. Regearing can offer that bottom-end power many off-roaders strive for with such large tires. 

The Tires

Something else to consider is the tires themselves with the Silverado models. But, again, 37-inch tires could cause unnecessary strain to the engine and transmission, so re-gearing could also solve that problem. 

Different Kits

Another critical point to consider is the difference between lift kit manufacturers. It is always necessary to look at individual manufacturers and reach out to their customer service team to discuss particulars before you purchase and install the lift kit. Some may not fit your Silverado as well as other truck models. 

For example, your Silverado might have a wider track and turning radius, which differs when determining lift kit clearance and avoiding tire rubbing on the truck body. So always reach out to the lift kit manufacturers before purchasing your equipment.

35 vs. 37” Tires on Silverado

Chevrolet Silverado

Choosing a tire size is about what you want out of your vehicle. For off-roading, the bigger, the better; the larger the tire, the more obstacles a vehicle can overcome. However, there are a few other factors to consider when looking to swap tire sizes. 

  • Many people find that transitioning to 37-inch tires reduces the quality of the ride on a Silverado and those that went from 37-inch to 35-inch tend to prefer the ride with the smaller tires.
  • At 37 inches, you will have massive tread, and all that tread comes with noise and a bumpiness that inflicts a less-than-smooth ride. Some people install fox shocks with the lift during installation time to combat this. 
  • 37-inch tires will make a decent hit to your MPG. It won’t make the Silverado struggle by any means, but it will impact performance and ease of drivability.
  • There is also the benefit of using 35-inch tires and not needing to re-gear your vehicle to accommodate those larger 37-inch tires, saving on equipment and labor costs. 

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