Are Used Infiniti Q50 Reliable?

Buying a new car is stressful, expensive, and risky – and that’s all doubly true when it comes to buying a used one. 

When you’re looking for a used car, there are so many potential pitfalls, so it’s important to do every ounce of research you can. 

Nissan’s Infiniti Q50 was first introduced in 2013, with a design inspired by the manufacturer’s Infiniti Essence and Infiniti Etherea models.

It’s an interesting vehicle to look at in the context of the used car market because it exists on the affordable side of luxury vehicles. 

When they come to the used car market, are Infiniti Q50 reliable vehicles to purchase? 

Are Used Infiniti Q50 Reliable?

Used Infiniti Q50s are generally unreliable vehicles, but the reliability depends a lot on the year and model of Q50 that you’re interested in.  The 2020, 2018, and 2015 models are considered the most reliable while the 2014, 2015, and 2017 are the least reliable.

According to J.D. Power’s reliability ratings, most Infiniti Q50s are relatively unreliable. That said, it depends on the model and the dealer. 

The simplest way to see if the vehicle is reliable is this: the younger a car is, the more reliable it is. Dealers’ reliability can best be determined by looking at online reviews.

But there is so much more to look at when answering this question – we’ll look at the most reliable used models on the market, how to determine a used car’s reliability more thoroughly, and how to find a trustworthy used car seller.

What Are the Most Reliable Used Infiniti Q50?

The easiest way to look at this is that more recent models of the Infiniti Q50 are going to be more reliable than older ones. 

This is true (and will prove true across car models), but it doesn’t grasp the whole picture.

Cars are extremely complex vehicles, and every iteration of them will age differently than the previous one.

The 2017 Infiniti Q50, for example, will likely respond in a different way to the forces of time and aging than the 2015 model one will.

Indeed, according to J.D. Power’s reliability ratings, the best used models to go for are the 2020, 2018, and 2015 models. 

J.D. Power’s assessment is also backed up by the other metric that’s very helpful when considering used car reliability: how many recalls a car has undergone by the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) as reported by Consumer Reports.

Using those two metrics, you can get a gauge of how reliable the used Infiniti Q50 you purchase will be depending on the year it came out.

Infiniti Q50 Reliability Scores by Year

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We’ve compiled the J.D. Power Reliability score, the number of NHTSA recalls, and the average price paid for every model of the Infiniti Q50 below.

Note that the J.D. Power score was a score out of 5 until 2020 when it changed to a more intricate score out of 100. 

For the score out of 5, they never gave scores lower than a 2 out of 5, with a 3 meaning “about average” and a 4 meaning “above average.” 

For their scores out of 100, numbers between 81 and 90 are “great” in their system.

Year/modelJ.D. Power Reliability RatingNumber of NHTSA RecallsAverage Price Paid
20142 out of 5 stars7 – Steering, air bags, power train, hybrid propulsion system, engine/engine cooling, electrical system$18,399 – $21,187
20153 out of 5 stars2 – Steering, air bags$19,977 – $23,587
20162.5 out of 5 stars3 – Electrical system, fuel system, gasoline$21,254 – $29,807
20172.5 out of 5 stars3 – Air bags$22,261 – $33,103
20183.5 out of 5 stars2 – Back over prevention, electrical system$26,319 – $39,128
20192.5 out of 5 stars1 – Back over prevention$29,395 – $43,155
202081 out of 100N/A$31,136 – $48,687

How to Determine a Used Car’s Reliability

The first thing to examine when inspecting a used car is the warranty status.

If it’s being sold to you “as-is,” you’re likely going to have to deal with several repairs. 

The as-is designation means that the dealer makes no guarantees about the vehicle’s condition and will not take responsibility for any repairs. 

Unless you’re strapped for cash, we don’t typically recommend going in this direction if you can manage to find used cars with a warranty.

The next item to take care of is your inspection. 

You can choose how thorough you want to make this stage of the process, but you should inspect the car up to the limit of your knowledge.

Even if you don’t have much car knowledge, it’s wise to check out some things about the car. 

First things first, check the tires. 

If the car has less than 20,000 miles on it, it should still have all its original tires – and they should all be identical.

If they aren’t, inquire with the dealer as to why they were replaced.

Next, look into the glass on the exterior. 

This is most important when it comes to the windshield, but any cracks in the windows or windshield are a concern.

We also recommend testing the suspension and looking at the exterior coat.

If you want a more thorough walkthrough of this inspection process, check out Consumer Reports’ overview.

Before you sign the papers, it’s often wise to get a mechanic to inspect the car as well. 

Especially if you don’t have a lot of car knowledge on your own, a mechanic’s expert look at the used car will be a very helpful resource for you in making your purchase decision.

In the end, the most important question is whether or not you trust the used car seller. 

How to Find a Trustworthy Used Car Dealer

One of the most important parts of purchasing a used car is doing so from a trustworthy dealer. 

There are several dealers on the market that are trying to upsell and scam every nickel and dime they can. 

There are three ways to work on finding a trustworthy used car dealer: first, you can ask around your local community. 

This is especially helpful if you have a good relationship with a mechanic in your area – mechanics will often know something about used car dealers around your location.

Another way to go about this is to look online at reviews before you go to a dealer.

If you tailor your dealership visits to the best-rated options you have, you will likely access the better dealerships in your area.

The final important thing to do is visit several different dealerships and compare their prices. 

The only way you can ensure you aren’t being price gouged is to evaluate one dealership’s price against another’s.

You can also look into some of the used car dealership chains that exist across the country, like CarMax or Carvana. 

If you’re interested in exploring those options, you can look up our review of the two here.

Before You Go

There are so many excellent options for you on the market when it comes to purchasing a new Nissan Infiniti vehicle. 

While these cars tend to be less reliable than many other vehicles, their luxurious spaciousness is still a delight to behold.

If you can manage to access a good, used Infiniti Q50 at a reasonable price point, we hope we’ve helped you in the process of purchasing it.

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