Is Range Rover Evoque AWD or 4WD?

The Evoque used to be one of the most unique vehicles on the marketplace, for better or for worse. However, the new Range Rover Evoque is more traditional than its previous counterparts. The style of this luxury SUV is still there, so you shouldn’t worry about the Evoque being generic.

On top of the distinct style that can be found with an Evoque, many people looking into buying bigger vehicles like this SUV because they want a vehicle that can handle a fair amount of conditions and have great traction. This usually comes along with a fairly strong engine so that their car can handle any kind of weather including Winter conditions.

So, how does the Evoque attack these conditions?

Is the Range Rover Evoque AWD or 4WD?

Is the Range Rover Evoque AWD or 4WD? Yes, all of the trim packages of the Range Roger Evoque offer all-wheel drive as the standard for their vehicle. AWD increases the level of traction you get in normal Winter conditions such as snow or ice, however it does not significantly lessen the performance that you have when driving on dry roads.

This compromise delivers a nice level of performance and grip when conditions are poor that many drivers are looking for.

Now, let’s take a deeper look at the differences between AWD and 4WD so that you can make a solid purchasing decision. Which one is right for you? And what are the differences between these systems that have led to AWD being standard on the Range Rover Evoque?

The Basics of All-Wheel Drive

Unsurprisingly, all-wheel drive systems send power to the front and the back wheels at all times. In reality, there are two different variations when it comes to AWD.

You have one system known as “full time” AWD which does exactly what it sounds like, sending power to all of the wheels basically all the time. There is also part-time AWD which runs using two-wheel drive most of the time. It does that because that’s really all you need in most situations, however, when you need more traction the system will kick in more power to each of the different wheels.

Generally speaking, the AWD system in the Evoque is going to do the hard work for you. You don’t need to be shifting out of drive systems because you think you need extra control or anything like that. With the AWD system, you’ll have a hands-off system that does all of the dirty work for you.

Is Range Rover Evoque AWD or 4WD?

When using full time AWD, you’ll be using both the rear and front axles at all times. While most people think of the benefits that you’ll receive when driving in snow and ice, it actually gives more power to your car when driving on the road and in dry conditions as well.

When using part-time AWD, you’ll have torque in either the front two wheels or the back two wheels depending on the model of your vehicle. When road conditions get poor, the system knows to automatically start sending power based on computer sensors and information.

The Positives and Negatives of AWD

One of the biggest positives of the AWD system is that the driver isn’t making any decisions based on when to turn the system on or off. With full time AWD, you’re simply engaged all the time so there is no decision there. If you have part time AWD, the system engages on its own based on sensors, so that won’t cause any problems.

AWD is the best system to get you around if you are looking at different road conditions and you want something that can basically manage itself.

It’s not seen as the most powerful choice, especially if you are driving in heavy conditions every day or you are trying to do activities like off-roading, because people who want to do that are going to want to make their own choices based on the power that they need for the traction that the want.

What About Four-Wheel Drive?

Many people get AWD and 4WD confused. That’s easy to understand because “all” could easily be a synonym for the four wheels on your vehicle. However, it does refer to a completely different system.

Four-wheel drive is mostly used in the largest trucks and SUVs on the marketplace. Four-wheel drive is used as the premier off-roading system so those who are looking for adventure are quick to opt in to this system.

Four-wheel drive has become a lot more complicated as time goes on, however it can still be found on models that are fairly luxurious. If you are using 4WD, the engine delivers torque through differentials and can help keep the vehicles moving under any kind of conditions.

Four-wheel drives can handle a bit more than AWD can in the sense of serious off-road conditions. A lot of them also can be put into “high” or “low” settings that give the driver even more control. Generally, the “Low” setting is not very helpful unless you get stuck.

Is Range Rover Evoque AWD or 4WD?

It’s really not supposed to be using during normal driving and many drivers may never use that setting at all. The “High” setting is going to be the default setting but it is supposed to be used when someone is dealing with road conditions like ice or gravel.

The Positives and Negatives of Four-Wheel Drive

4WD usually gives the driver the best control during adverse environments, especially when off-roading. However, many times they trade comfort and some performance as far as a smooth ride so you are definitely trading some luxury for a system that is built for adventure.

Regardless of which wheel drive system you have, any vehicle can lose traction in the snow and ice if you are going too fast or if you simply push your vehicle too hard.

While both give you better traction, neither can help you stop better in the case of a drastic emergency. Both drive systems give you a big advantage in the snow though, so they are probably worth the extra financial cost.

Should I Pick AWD or 4WD?

It basically depends on what your goals are when considering if you should pick out a vehicle that features AWD or 4WD. Some of the decision is based on your personal opinion to over factors like control, comfort, and functionality.

All-wheel drive is found in many cars and SUVs of all sizes so you should be able to find a vehicle that you like with AWD fairly easily. You’re going to get great performance in dry seasons as well as having some extra traction when things get slippery in the Winter.

Is Range Rover Evoque AWD or 4WD?

Four-wheel drive is a more serious option for people who live out in the middle of nowhere or may want to become an off-road enthusiast with their vehicle.

You will usually see 4WD systems more often on serious trucks and SUV’s that are also designed to do some towing, and these vehicles may come with a higher ground clearance as well that will help them when towing heavy loads.

The Evoque utilizes an AWD that helps give a comfortable ride in any condition and will be a drive system that will keep users safe and feeling confident in their ride.

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