What is the Best Month to Buy a Jeep?

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Jeeps are the perfect summer car, but they are expensive. 

You want to plan when you purchase a Jeep so you can get the best deals. 

However, what is the best month to purchase a Jeep?

What is the Best Month to Buy a Jeep?

The best month to purchase a Jeep is December. October and November are also great months to purchase a Jeep. In October, November, and December car dealerships have many sales. Car salesmen want to sell cars to make room for next year’s models, make end-of-the-year sale goals, and get bonuses.

If you want to purchase a Jeep, purchase one during the fall and winter so you can get the best deals.

Jeeps are nice to have during the Winter, even though they are considered to be summer cars.

End Of Year

Many people dream of buying a Jeep but don’t know when to do so. 

Before you purchase a Jeep, do your research and find out what year, model, color, and extra features you want in your Jeep.

If a Jeep is your dream car, you want to do it right. 

One of the biggest factors may be the time of year you purchase it. 

It is recommended that you buy your new Jeep at the end of the year for several different reasons.

In the last three months of the year–October, November, and December–car dealership salesmen need to reach their end-year sales goals.

They will be more willing to compromise and negotiate with you, for both your sake and theirs.

In November and December, car salesmen want that Christmas bonus, so they might just do almost anything to sell you that Jeep

You will be benefiting them greatly by buying a Jeep when they are scrambling to reach their yearly sale goals.

Car dealerships know that many people are receiving end-of-the-year bonuses and are buying many presents for friends and family, so you won’t have very much extra spending money. 

They also know that they need to sell their inventory to make room for next year’s models, so they have massive sales at the end of the year to try and convince people to purchase cars. 

Jeep car dealerships do this as well, especially because they know Jeeps are slightly less appealing during winter months.

What is the Best Month to Buy a Jeep 1 What is the Best Month to Buy a Jeep?

End of the Month

Salesmen have sales requirements that they need to reach at the end of the month in addition to the end of the year.

If you go at the end of the month, especially during the last three months of the year, car salesmen will be more willing to negotiate the price of the car you want. 

They want to make that sale so they can meet or exceed sale goals.

Salesmen are evaluated by how many cars they sell, so that is their main goal. 

The more cars they sell, the more goals they reach, and the more money they make.

Car salesmen are also paid through commission, so they want to make money from your purchase. 

Going at the end of the month is in your best interest, especially when buying a Jeep.

Beginning of Week

It is important to consider what day of the week you should go to the dealership to get the best deal. 

Fridays and Saturdays are the busiest days of the week for car dealerships. 

It is best to go at the beginning of the week, on Monday or Tuesday.

At the beginning of the week, there aren’t many people at the car dealership, so salesmen have more time for you.

There will be more time to negotiate the price and get what you want. 

At the beginning of the week, they probably haven’t had many sales, so they will want to work with you.

Know When the Dealerships have Sales

Dealerships have sales throughout the year.

When you purchase a Jeep, you want to get the best deal possible.

When you start thinking about buying a Jeep, start looking for deals at your local Jeep dealerships.

If you want a used Jeep, keep an eye out for Jeeps at local used car dealerships.

If a deal at a car dealership is about to end, call the dealership and ask if they can talk about future sales and when they will be valid. 

They may not have information about future sales, especially if the sale won’t be valid in the next few months, but then you know that you should think about taking advantage of the current sale.

Dealership or Private Party

When going to a dealership, know what you want. 

Do research before and know how much you should be paying for the Jeep that you want to purchase.

You don’t want to get scammed. 

The price of a Jeep won’t be the same everywhere, so know how much a Jeep costs in your area.

Look for a dealership that has a variety of Jeeps available so you can choose the exact Jeep that you want. It’s always disappointing when you go to a car dealership and they don’t have the car you want.

If you want to be risky in exchange for a good deal, walk into the dealership at the end of the day, maybe even the last hour.

You will be able to close the deal quicker. 

Salesmen aren’t sure if you will come back the next day and want to go home on time, so they won’t spend much time negotiating with you. 

However, they still want to close the deal. 

They will be willing to lower the price to sell it before closing. 

If you aren’t looking to buy from a dealership and are buying from a private party, the time of year doesn’t matter as much. 

However, it is a good idea to look at Jeeps listed for sale and compare the prices for a few weeks, maybe even a few months. 

Don’t buy the first Jeep you find, take your time.

Jeeps are a large and expensive purchase, so you want to buy one when you can get the best possible deal. 

You will likely get the best deal on a Jeep at the end of the year.