What Is The Best Year For The Chevy Colorado?

Over the years, Chevrolet’s Colorado has proven itself as a reliable vehicle. 

While most model years are reliable, some models are more reliable than others.

What Is The Best Year For The Chevy Colorado?

2010 was the best year for the Chevrolet Colorado. This model received a near-perfect reliability rating and good safety ratings. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued two safety recalls for the model. Since its release, the 2010 Chevy Colorado has received few complaints.

Although the 2010 Chevy Colorado is a reliable vehicle, consumers also consider the newer models among the best.

Keep reading to learn more about the best model years for the Chevrolet Colorado.

2010 Chevy Colorado: the most reliable model

People say that newer is better, but this isn’t necessarily true for Chevrolet’s Colorado.

Some of the older models tend to be the most reliable. 

For example, the 2010 Chevy Colorado has one of the highest reliability ratings that the model has ever received. 

This model is considered one of the top five most reliable Colorado models to date. 

While the newer models give it a run for its money, the 2010 model still stands out as one of the best. 

But why?

First of all, the 2010 Chevy Colorado received a reliability rating of 4 out of 5 stars from J.D. Power

The organization considers this slightly above average. 

So far, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has only issued two recalls and received 27 complaints about the 2010 Chevy Colorado. 

Considering that this model has been on the road for more than a decade, those are incredible numbers.

The first safety call issued for this model regarded the vehicle’s child restraint anchor system. 

However, this recall acted more like a warning to drivers. 

Because some models of the 2010 Chevy Colorado only have a front seat, some situations require drivers to put their car seat in the front. 

Without access to the anchors or knowledge of how to situate the car seat properly a child could get hurt. 

Drivers are advised to keep children out of the front seat as much as possible.

The second safety recall issued concerned the vehicle’s second hood latch. 

This second hood latch was not strong enough to stay in place while driving.

If the first latch came undone, the hood could open while driving. 

This recall applied to all Chevy Colorados produced from 2010 to 2012.

Although the NHTSA did not issue an overall safety rating for the 2010 Chevy Colorado, they did give it high marks in the individual safety categories. 

These scores are as follows:

  • Frontal Driver Side Crash: 5 stars
  • Frontal Passenger Side Crash: 5 stars
  • Driver Side Barrier: 3 stars
  • Rear Passenger Side Barrier: 5 stars
  • Roll Over Rating: 4 stars

As you can see, these are excellent safety ratings. 

There’s little need to worry when you’re driving a 2010 Chevy Colorado.

According to the Kelley Blue Book, you can purchase the 2010 Chevy Colorado for $5,977. 

That’s a steal of a deal for a reliable truck!

2021 Chevrolet Colorado 004 2 What Is The Best Year For The Chevy Colorado?
2021 Chevrolet Colorado

2011 Chevy Colorado

The 2011 Chevy Colorado is, once again, one of the most reliable Colorado models built so far. 

J.D. Power awarded this vehicle model with a 4 out of 5 stars reliability rating.

Out of all other compact trucks produced in 2011, the Colorado ranked in the top ten.

Before purchasing this vehicle, there are some recalls you should be aware of. 

The previous section discussed the secondary hood latch failure, which potentially affects this model as well. 

Additionally, the recall warning drivers about putting children in the front seat applies to certain 2011 Chevy Colorados.

However, there are three other recalls impacting the 2011 Chevy Colorado.

In January 2011, the NHTSA issued a recall for the 2011 Chevy Colorado (and many other GM vehicles) due to a rear axle cross pin fracture.

If this cross pin fractured, drivers would lose control of the vehicle. 

This is the most serious recall for the vehicle.

The second most serious recall dealt with the vehicle’s theft protection and transmission. 

Because of the theft protection, drivers may not be able to restart the vehicle.

Additionally, the transmission may read that it is in park but actually sit in a driving gear. 

This could cause the vehicle to roll away.

The last recall issued for the 2011 Chevy Colorado applied to the vehicle’s windshield wiper motor. 

When looking at a used 2011 Chevy Colorado verify that the owner has addressed these recalls. 

If they have been, you’re guaranteed a reliable, mostly problem-free vehicle.

But what about safety? You can feel safe driving the 2011 Chevy Colorado.

The NHTSA awarded this vehicle a 4-star rollover rating.

Not only is this model reliable, but it is affordable too! According to the Kelley Blue Book, the fair purchase price for the 2011 Chevy Colorado is less than $7,000! This is one of the many benefits you get when purchasing an older Chevy Colorado model.

2020 Chevy Colorado

While the older models can be reliable, the newer Chevy Colorados also have plenty to offer. 

For example, the 2020 Chevy Colorado is among the top three most reliable models produced so far. J.D. Power awarded the 2020 Chevy Colorado a reliability score of 81 out of 100. Additionally, the NHTSA has not issued any recalls for this model.

However, this may be a result of its newness. 

The NHTSA awarded the 2020 Chevy Colorado an overall safety rating of 4 stars.

Take a look at the individual safety ratings in the following list:

  • Overall Frontal Crash Rating: 4 stars
    • Front Driver Side: 5 stars
    • Front Passenger Side: 4 stars
  • Overall Side Crash: 5 stars
  • Front Seat Side Barrier and Pole: 5 stars
  • Rear Seat Side Barrier and Pole: 5 stars
  • Rollover: 3 stars

As you can see, this is an incredibly safe vehicle. 

Even though the 2020 Chevy Colorado is a new model, it is still more affordable than many other trucks on the market today.

According to the Kelley Blue Book, the fair purchase price of a 2020 Chevrolet Colorado is just over $20,000.

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