What Problems Do GMC Sierras Have?

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For all you truck lovers out there, the GMC Sierra has probably crossed your radar more than once when you’ve been on the market. 

Overall, it’s a fairly reliable truck choice and a popular one. 

However, there have been a few issues with the GMC Sierra that ought to be addressed before you purchase one.

What Problems Do GMC Sierras Have?

The GMC Sierra has been known to have issues with its transfer case, minor engine glitches, climate system failure, fuel system, and a few other aspects of the car. None of these have stunted the GMC Sierra’s popularity. However, the 2021 GMC Sierra has had at least four recalls issued by the NHTSA.

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably thinking that this truck is more problematic than you’d like to deal with. 

Thankfully, there are plenty of solutions for these problems, so this truck is worth taking a look at. 

Let’s take a closer look at the GMC Sierra and all it has to offer.

GMC Sierra: Common Complaints and Problems

There are quite a few owner complaints about the GMC Sierra in general. 

Keep in mind that many of these are minor grievances that are easily fixable and not necessarily detrimental to your safety. 

However, there are a few that might be a little higher on the seriousness scale.

The GMC Sierra has been known to have issues with its engine ranging from mild to moderate to severe.

The engine mounts, the engine computer, accessory belts, and pulleys have been known to wear down and need replacing from time to time, perhaps more often than they should.

There have also been problems with consistent engine oil leaks.

On the more severe end of the scale, the GMC Sierra’s engine has experienced problems with its timing chains and belts, gaskets, and cylinders. 

Sometimes, the entire engine needs to be replaced. 

This is easily one of the most expensive problems you’ll face with your GMC Sierra.

Many people have also reported problems with the steering shaft.

Sometimes, steering becomes difficult/strained, and there will often be clunking noises that are irritating and hard to find the cause of. 

There have also been reports of door handles losing their integrity and breaking off.

There have been a few issues with the GMC Sierra’s climate system as well. 

There have been many consumer complaints about coolant leaks and a complete climate system failure. 

While this issue is by no means life-threatening, it can get pretty irritating to have to deal with.

The truck’s electronics have issues as well. 

The battery, transmission, CD player, and spark plugs have been known to have several issues. 

When these components break, especially the battery and spark plugs, the truck can stop working completely, which is never fun to deal with.

What Problems Do GMC Sierras Have 1 What Problems Do GMC Sierras Have?

Solutions and Repair

Thankfully, there are plenty of solutions for these problems, so all is not lost for your GMC Sierra. 

Here are a few things you might want to try if your truck has started acting up.

If it’s an electrical problem with your GMC Sierra, you could always start by jumping or just charging your battery. 

A jump is not necessary unless your car refuses to start.

However, you can only do this a few times before the battery is permanently damaged. 

If the battery can’t hold a charge, it needs to be replaced.

If you’re struggling with your truck’s interior electronics, you need to get it looked at by a professional. 

However, if you are a pro with electrical work and you are confident you won’t mess up the wiring components, by all means, take the dash apart and have a look for yourself. 

However, it’s much safer to get it into a shop and looked at by a professional.

The difficult truth about all of this is that many of these problems are going to require you to take your car to an auto shop, so you will have to pay large amounts of money to have your truck repaired.

If you have a significant amount of experience in the world of automobiles, you may be able to undertake a few of the smaller issues by yourself, but otherwise, you should not mess with the mechanics of your GMC Sierra.

However, the reason it’s wiser to see a mechanic is that they have years of experience and know what they are doing. 

You may risk creating a larger problem if you were to mistakenly remove the wrong part or put it back the wrong way. 

Car maintenance/repair is expensive enough without the additional problems, and you might find yourself creating an even larger and more expensive problem if you mess something up.

Necessary Maintenance

Some of these problems are going to occur with the GMC Sierra no matter what you do as the truck is used.

However, if you are careful and have routine maintenance done to your GMC Sierra, you are far less likely to be surprised by something that could hurt your truck and your wallet.

First, begin with taking the truck to the shop for regular checkups and maintenance

You don’t need to spend an unnecessary amount of money on maintenance, just get the tires rotated/balanced, the oil checked, and the brakes fixed as often as necessary. 

This will keep the truck in good condition and in good working order. 

Plus, checkups will help you find any issues before they become debilitating to your truck.

This may sound silly, but you should also keep your truck clean. 

Cleaning the inside of the truck keeps the mats and seats from getting dirty and worn out. 

Running the truck through the carwash every so often will help rinse out any gunk that may have accumulated on the exterior of the vehicle.

Furthermore, if and when a problem with the truck arises, try not to let it sit and potentially get worse. 

There’s no need for jumping to conclusions, but if you start to notice something is wrong, take it to a trusted repair shop and tell them about the issue.

This, too, will keep your truck working well and help it last longer.