What Size Drop Hitch Do I Need For A 6 Inch Lift And 35 Inch Tires?

One of the best things for trucks is the existence of a drop hitch. Enthusiasts can adjust your 6-inch lift on 35-inch tires to pull your trailer with stability. But you want to make sure you get the right size drop hitch for the job. Because adjusting it incorrectly could result in the trailer dragging too low, or it is raised too high to cause imbalance to your vehicle. 

What Size Drop Hitch Do I Need For A 6 Inch Lift And 35 Inch Tires 1 What Size Drop Hitch Do I Need For A 6 Inch Lift And 35 Inch Tires?

What Size Drop Hitch Do I Need For A 6 Inch Lift And 35 Inch Tires?

If you have a 6-inch lift with 35-inch tires, you will need a drop hitch of 8 inches or 10 inches, depending on what your stock lift was. The standard stock lift is two inches, making the 8-inch drop hitch perfect. But without this lift, a 10-inch hitch will get the job done. 

A drop hitch is a type of hitch that is designed to allow a vehicle with a lifted suspension to be towed. The size of the drop hitch is a vital part of the lift kit and can be calculated by measuring the length of the vehicle, its height, and the distance between two points on its frame. This guide tells you the ideal size you need for these specifications. 

The size of the drop hitch is the distance from the bottom of the receiver to the ground, and this varies based on your tire size and lift level. We have researched the safest distances to use so you have all the information needed to find the right drop hitch size. 

What Size Drop Hitch Do I Need For A 6 Inch Lift And 35 Inch Tires?

The size of the tires typically determines the size of the drop hitch. For 35-inch tires, the same is true because they are wider and heavier. 

For example, if you have larger tires on your vehicle wider than 35 inches, you would need a larger drop hitch. When you factor in the lift, this plays a significant role.

In this instance, you would likely need an 8” drop hitch assuming the vehicle you drive includes a 2” stock lift. 

If you don’t have a stock 2” lift, you can increase the size of your drop hitch to 10” instead to get the same results. But measurements should always be taken to ensure you buy the right product. 

What Does A Drop Hitch Do? 

A drop hitch is a type of hitch that allows you to change the height of your trailer. By making modifications to the height, they can also level the trailer to the ground to drive smoothly. 

It is typically used when you have a longer vehicle, such as an SUV or truck, and need to tow something with a shorter bed. The drop hitch can be found in many sizes to accommodate your needs. 

When connected, the drop hitch eliminates the risk of unbalanced driving. It holds the trailer firmly in place so no sagging occurs in the rear of the vehicle.

By choosing the right size hitch, you can match the height needed for your trailer. There is typically a steel tube that gets bolted underneath the vehicle for extra stability too. 

What Size Drop Hitch Do I Need For A 6 Inch Lift And 35 Inch Tires 1 1 What Size Drop Hitch Do I Need For A 6 Inch Lift And 35 Inch Tires?

How To Install A Drop Hitch

The drop hitch is easily installed with a little expertise. The process can be done quickly if you have experience.

You can follow the steps below. However, we recommend asking a technician to do it for you if you don’t have the tools or experience. 

1. Learn How Your Hitch Works

Always take a few minutes to look through the instructions while unpacking your drop hitch. 

Every hitch works differently. By reading the instructions, you can see what the manufacturer recommends for installation. 

2. Get The Required Tools

Next, you need to gather all of the tools required to get this done effectively. This includes a spotlight, socket wrench set, gloves, a ratchet, and a ratchet extension. 

You can also check your instructions to see if any other tools will be required depending on what is included with your purchase. 

3. Jack The Vehicle

After you have your tools, chock the wheels so they don’t move while you are working for extra safety. 

Once this is done, you can use the car jack to raise the vehicle to allow enough space to get underneath to work on the installation. 

4. Remove Any Obstructions

Many vehicles have obstructions in the way where the hitch gets installed like a spare tire. If so, remove this before proceeding to the next step. 

5. Remove Bolts

Below the vehicle, you will see some bolts that can be removed where the hitch will get installed. Put these aside once they get removed because you will need them again when you finish.

6. Attach Hitch

Position the hitch in the right area of the vehicle. Make sure it is level before moving on because this would cause your trailer to rock. 

7. Tighten Hitch & Unjack The Vehicle

Once the hitch is in the right area and attached, you can tighten up the bolts and unjack the vehicle. 

Can You Get An Adjustable Drop Hitch? 

The adjustable drop hitch is one of the most common types of hitches. It has a wide range of uses to tow cars, pull trailers, and carry heavier loads.

We highly recommend considering an adjustable hitch because you can use it on different vehicles or if you were to ever adjust the tires of lift on your vehicle, it would still work. 

It’s important to keep in mind that these are not suitable for all types of trailers and not all vehicles. The best option for you will depend on your specific needs.

A drop hitch is a type of hitch that allows the load to be dropped from one vehicle and picked up by another. This is useful for when you need to transfer your load to a different vehicle.

The hitch can be adjusted with a lever, so it can fit on any size vehicle. It also has an anti-rattle feature that prevents the load from bouncing around while in transit.

How To Measure The Exact Drop Hitch You Need

There are certain factors to consider before buying a hitch for your truck. The first is the size of the receiver that is being used. The second factor is the weight of the load you will be carrying.

The drop hitch is a standard piece of equipment found on most trucks. It is used to connect the truck to the trailer and it can be adjusted in length.

The hitch can also be moved up or down according to the needs of the trailer. There are some general guidelines that you should follow in order to get an accurate measurement for your truck. 

The length of the drop hitch should be measured from one side of its base to another, which will give you an idea of what size you need. If you are in doubt, then it is best to consult with a professional who knows how to measure it properly.

You also need to measure from the ground to the top of the inside hitch. This will tell you what the lift on the vehicle is. 

Based on a 6-inch lift and 35-inch tires, when you measured the ground clearance you would learn that an 8” or 10” drop hitch is best. 

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