Where Is The Subaru Forester Manufactured?

It’s safe to assume we’ve all wondered where the Subarus come from, especially the Forester

They appear out of nowhere, show up on every roadway imaginable, and are seemingly everywhere. 

But where are they made?

Where Is The Subaru Forester Manufactured?

The Subaru Forester comes from a manufacturer in Gunma, Japan. Subaru has two manufacturing plants, one in Japan and the other in Lafayette, Indiana. While the Indiana plant is known for the infamous Outback, the extremely popular Forester comes from Japan. 

Location is only one difference between the Forester and the Outback. 

As Subaru’s two primary SUV models, there are plenty of ways to compare the two vehicles.

As we look at the Subaru Forester, we’ll examine what sets it apart from the Outback and other similar vehicles.

What is the Subaru Forester?

Subaru’s well-known SUV model, the Forester, provides a high-performance option to adventure seekers who want a safe, reliable vehicle. 

Foresters are known for their excellent gas mileage, high safety marks, and incredibly smooth ride. 

The Forester is versatile and durable on off-road terrain. With all-wheel drive and plenty of cargo space, the Forester is a great family vehicle.

It even has the towing capacity, though not as much as the Subaru Outback

Subaru’s Forester’s fuel economy and durability make it one of the more popular SUV models on the market. 

They are also incredibly comfortable for the driver and passengers. 

More recent models have unique features like lane departure warnings and adaptive cruise control, making driving easy and safe. 

Traction control keeps the Forester stable, and a rear-view camera makes sure you always know what’s behind you. 

How Old is the Forester?

The Subaru Forester has been in production since 1997.

It was first introduced at a motor show in Tokyo in 1995 and produced at the Gunma factory ever since. 

The Forester, a pioneer in emerging crossover models, made waves on Japanese and American markets.

Each new model brought the Forester closer to the sleek SUV body we all know and love. 

There’s a distinctive look to all Subaru vehicles, and the Forester is no exception. 

Since its inception, the Forester has consistently rated very high for safety and reliability. 

This compact SUV has very few recurring issues, especially compared to other Subaru models

And its dependability on adventures is well documented. 

One of the features that make the Forester so lovable is its practicality. 

The SUV simply makes sense for individuals who want to explore the outdoors and drive far.

Even as a family vehicle, the gas mileage compares to some of the more efficient cars on the road. 

Each generation of Forester has improved on already-stellar ratings. 

You can take your Forester on an off-roading adventure, or you can drive it to work every day. 

Either way, you can count on this automobile getting you where you need to go. 

Does the Japan Plant Manufacture Other Subaru Models?

The Forester was Subaru’s first attempt at a proper SUV and one of the first crossover SUVs to appear in the general public. 

In its fifth generation, the Forester continues to be one of the most popular vehicles for various automobile drivers.

The Subaru BRZ is manufactured in Japan, and the XV Crosstrek, the Impreza, the WRX, and the STi. 

While these vehicles are undoubtedly popular, none are more than the Forester. 

In Gunma, Japan, Subaru’s plant produces more than the Forester.

Since 1997, the Forester has been one of Subaru’s best-selling vehicles. 

As a sport utility vehicle, the Forester is unmatched.

Considered one of the most reliable SUVs of 2021, the Forester continues to offer an affordable, dependable option.

While the Forester is considered generally reliable across the board, some model years have rated higher than others in reliability and safety. 

Namely, 2019, 2018, and 2016. Of all the Forester models, these are the years that have ranked the best.

Where is Subaru Forester Manufactured 1 Where Is The Subaru Forester Manufactured?

How Long Does the Forester Last?

Subarus are known for their long life and durability. 

With the proper care and regular maintenance, there’s no reason a Subaru shouldn’t last at least 13 years (or around 200,000 miles). 

Depending on the owner’s vehicle treatment, this number can vary.

Subaru boasts a very high percentage of vehicles sold in the last decade still on the road. 

Despite some exceptions, this generally proves true. 

Subaru makes quality vehicles that usually run past 200,000 miles without a problem. 

The Forester can average up to 250,000 miles. That’s around 15 years on the road. For most vehicles, this number seems outrageous. 

But for Subaru, it’s perfectly normal. 

Your use of the Forester will impact the lifespan, but keeping up with regular repairs will help ensure you get the most out of your vehicle. 

As a commuter vehicle, you’ll probably see it last longer than if you take it on long, off-roading trips. 

Is There Anything Wrong with the Forester?

Older Forester models experienced some problems with faulty gaskets or excessive oil consumption. 

Other issues sometimes included airbag problems or damage occurring on door seals. 

Sometimes the power windows wouldn’t work correctly.

The biggest issue that the Forester faced was transmission problems. 

Transmission problems can lead to annoying things like jerking or shaking on the road or pulling forward slightly as the driver shifts into first gear. 

Transmission problems can also lead to rough shifting in general. 

Some drivers experienced their vehicle shuddering during operation, which always felt unsettling. 

Subaru addressed many of these issues in new Forester models. The recurring problems that Forester drivers once experienced were corrected. 

The concerns have become minor and less frequent as Subaru improves on the ingenuity of the Forester. 

Electrical problems still exist in some newer Forester models, including issues with the back door opening and the GPS failing at inopportune moments. 

Some entertainment centers experienced issues with freezing, shutting off randomly, or restarting unexpectedly. 

Is a Forester worth buying?

It all depends on your needs and preferences. But overall, the Forester is an incredibly reliable vehicle that outperforms other sport-utility SUVs on the market. 

This makes the Forester a worthwhile investment most of the time.

Which year is best for the Forester?

As we established earlier, the best years for the Subaru Forester were 2019, 2018, and 2016. These years saw the highest rankings in reliability and safety. 

While other years have high ratings, these years were the best in Forester history. 

What Forester year should I avoid?

2014 was not a good year for the Subaru Forester. Electrical problems were widespread, and blown fuses and compounding issues resulted from those problems. 

Some of the problems could cost quite a bit to fix.

Do Foresters still have transmission problems?

While no vehicle is created perfect, the Forester is one of the close ones. Some problems will always arise, sometimes unexpectedly. 

But the transmission on a Forester (and other Subaru models) is currently one of the best transmissions available on the market.  

Are Foresters expensive to maintain?

Unfortunately, Subarus are generally more expensive to maintain.

This includes the Forester. However, the long lifespan will hopefully outweigh any high repair costs you might experience as a Forester owner.

Are Foresters reliable?

As we have discussed already, Foresters have an incredibly high reliability rating. 

They are known as being more reliable than average, especially compared to other compact SUVs. 

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