Whether you’re taking a cross-country trip, off-roading, or taking a new route to the store, you rely on your phone to give you directions. Especially if you drive a Jeep Wrangler JL, your trips can take on a bit of turbulence. The last thing you want is to lose your phone in the process. 

Instead, you can purchase a cell phone holder specifically for the Jeep Wrangler JL to keep your phone upright and in view. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the best cell phone holders for a Jeep Wrangler JL. From magnetic stands to cup holder inserts, we’ve covered all the best cell phone mounts for your Jeep. 

Keep reading for more information and help to choose your next cell phone holder.  

8 of the Best Cell Phone Holders for a Jeep Wrangler JL

Whether you want a holder with extra storage or something more fundamental, we’ve covered it here. Take a look below at the 8 best cell phone holders for a Jeep Wrangler JL.

1. TINNYFY for Jeep JL Wrangler Phone Holder

The TINNYFY cell phone holder is more than just a mount for your smartphone; it comes with two storage dishes too. You can rest this device on your Jeep Wrangler’s dash, insert your phone into the holder and toss whatever else you need into the accompanying dishes. 

The holder itself comes with adjustable sides to fit your phone and is lined with cushioned sides to secure and protect your phone during transit. For ultimate stability, the mount screws into the dash. It also features rubber, non-slip grips, and inserts to prevent your phone from slipping out of the stand and keeps your belongings stationary throughout the drive. 

While the mount is large, it provides extra storage and a stable base for your phone. Since it sits on the dash, it provides a front and centre view of your phone.

2. Rugged Ridge 13551.16 Dash Multi-Mount Phone Kit

Much like the previous cell phone holder, the Rugged Ridge phone mount kit comes attached to a smaller holding dish to contain excess belongings and change. This mount fits snugly on the dash to provide stability and the holder arms wrap around your phone for support. 

Beneath the holder, you’ll notice a rugged wheel. The wheel lets you control and adjusts the holder’s arms so that you can customize the size depending on your smartphone. The holder also comes with a five-year warranty, so if it breaks or doesn’t work as you expected, you can get your money back or a replacement with ease. 

When you’re ready to install the device, it snaps directly into the existing dash and screws into the Jeep Wrangler’s existing screws. You can rely on this phone mount to move with your jeep and keep your phone stationary even during extreme turbulence. 

3. Offroam Wrangler JL Phone Mount Kit

The Offroam phone mount kit clamps onto the bezel of the air vents on your front dash, meaning you can maintain your full view out of your windshield without blocking air coming from your vents.

This clever design combines with a 100% marine-grade aluminum double socket mount, keeping your phone securely mounted where you can easily and safely see it, even if you’re driving over rough terrain.

This mount comes with a universal spring-loaded holder for phones ranging in width from 2.4 inches/60 millimeters up to 3.82 inches/97 millimeters, which makes it compatible with most Apple, Samsung, and other popular phone brands.

This particular model of phone mount kit from Offroam has been exclusively designed for use only with Wrangler JL models as well as all trim levels of the Gladiator JT. This exclusivity means that this mount will seamlessly integrate into your Wrangler’s dash and look like it’s always been there.

4. iOttie Easy One Touch 4 Dash & Windshield Car Mount Phone Holder

The iOttie Easy One Touch cell phone mount attaches to your car’s dash or even the windshield if you choose. It has an incredibly sticky base that makes it suitable for both locations. If you choose to attach it to the windshield, the sticky bottom does not leave behind a residue if you decide to remove it. 

The arm that holds the phone is also adjustable so you can crane it to fit your ideal view. The side clasps also automatically adjust to your phone with one touch. All you need to do is insert the phone in the holder and the arms snap to fit for a secure hold.  

Installation is also effortless. When you’re ready to affix it to your dash or windshield, you can peel off the bottom cover and secure it into place. Thanks to its suction cup-like bottom, it remains stationary throughout its lifetime. 

5. BESTRIX Phone Holder for Car, Magnetic Car Phone Mount

Whether you want your phone to sit vertically or horizontally, you can rotate the stand to match your preference. This cup has a strong suction cup bottom to attach to your dash without leaving a sticky residue or losing its grip over time. It’s also weather-resistant, so spending its lifetime in the sun won’t wear on its performance. 

If you’re tired of having to take your phone case off to fit your holder, you don’t have to worry about that with this phone holder. Instead, the holder comes equipped with two extra-strong magnets that work to keep your phone stable even through a thick phone case. 

The silicone composition provides a little bit of give to move with your Jeep as you navigate rough terrain. Plus, the holder can fit mobile devices up to 10-inches in screen size.

6. WeatherTech CupFone Universal Cup Holder for Car Phone Mount

Instead of sticking something to your windshield or screwing the mount into your dash, the WeatherTec phone holder fits snuggly into your cup holder. The bottom of this cell phone mount is weighted to keep the holder securely in place. Your phone fits on the holder sprouting from the stand so that you can glance down as needed for instructions.

Since it fits into a cup holder, you don’t have to worry about potential driving distractions you might face with a phone holder that fits directly into your line of view. However, it’s still tall enough to view without having to turn away from the windshield while you drive. 

The stand is also interchangeable to fit your cup holder size. If you need to shrink the stand down, you can remove a base layer to fit. It also provides easy access to a charger our audio cord since it sits closer to the vehicle’s USB ports.

7. SQQP Multi-Mount Dash Phone Holder with Storage Box

This phone holder looks simplistic and works equally as effortless. It fits directly into your Jeep Wrangler’s dash and screws in for security. The phone mount is affixed to the center and has a short arm to maximize stability during use. 

It also features a ball seat, meaning you can adjust your phone’s direction and angle to meet your gaze while driving. The arms are expandable and snap to your phone for a snug fit. Plus, the accompanying storage box provides extra space for you to store sunglasses, spare change, candies, and more. 

If you have trouble during installation or aren’t completely satisfied with the item, you can reach out to the accessible customer service line for 24-hour support.

8. u-Box Multi-Function Drink Cup Phone Holder

Instead of screwing into the dash or affixing to the windshield, this Jeep Wrangler JL compatible cell phone holder fits directly into your control panel accompanying vent. The device clips into place and holds your phone securely. The holder is angled to face the driver seat so you don’t have to worry about re-adjusting the angle as you drive. 

The holder is, however, adjustable depending on your phone size. You can extend the bottom arm as needed to fit your phone. It also doubles as a cup holder. So, if you don’t need your phone, but want your water or coffee up close and within reach, you can replace your phone with your drink.

What to Look For in a Jeep Wrangler JL Cell Phone Holder

Before you place your order, you should look at the cell phone holder’s durability, size, and stability to ensure you purchase the best product for your needs and lifestyle.


Since the cell phone holder will remain in your car during use, you might want to check out how durable the device is. If you live in an especially sunny area and keep your Jeep parked outside, you might want to make sure the holder is sun-resistant. 

If it’s not sun-resistant, it might lose its stability over time, especially if the device has a sticky or suction cup bottom. 


The main function of a cell phone holder is to provide a secure platform for your device. This isn’t possible if the holder you purchase is not compatible with your phone. 

Before you purchase, make sure the holder can fit your phone’s model and size. Most cell phone holders are adjustable, but it would be best to double-check before you buy, otherwise, you might have some trouble with installation and use. 


Your Jeep Wrangler can handle all terrains, so should your phone holder. The last thing you want during your drive is your phone to pop out of the stand or for the stand to tumble beneath your seat. That’s why you should look at the phone mount with the best stability. 

Some of the most stable phone mounts include ones that attach directly to a vent or dash. Once secured into place, they will remain firmly planted as your Jeep hits bumps in the road. Holders with sticky bottoms risk losing their grip over time. 


Combining stability, durability, and size, we’ve compiled a list of the 8 best cell phone holders for a Jeep Wrangler JL. 

These different holders range in size and function, but all provide ideal security for your phone in your Jeep. They can withstand rigorous terrain and provide a premium view of your phone. All you need to do is choose which one best fits your needs and lifestyle. 

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