What Does It Mean When My Jeep Says Perform Service?

The Jeep lineup of SUVs is designed to be aggressive, sturdy, and capable of handling the most complicated off-road conditions. 

But this doesn’t exempt the Jeeps from frequent routine maintenance. 

Even with its hardy and robust construction, the Jeep requires as much care and maintenance as any other sports utility vehicle. 

Routine maintenance is one of the ideal ways to maintain the reliability of your Jeep so that it can serve you for the long haul. 

Additionally, a well-maintained Jeep is safe for the driver and gives you peace of mind and confidence, especially when driving in an extreme road or weather condition. 

But what happens when your Jeep says “perform service?”

What Does It Mean When My Jeep Says Perform Service? 

The Perform Service light means that your Jeep has reached the mileage for scheduled maintenance. It indicates that it’s time for your Jeep to receive transmission and engine oil checks, air filter cleanings, and tire checks, among other standard routine services.

Whether you have subjected your Jeep to extreme off-road conditions or just your daily commute, after the manufacturer recommended mileage, you should have your Jeep checked. 

This will help to ensure that your vehicle runs efficiently. 

The Electronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC) on the dashboard display will display ‘Perform Service’ to remind you that it is time for regular servicing of your Jeep. 

The presentation of the message will vary from one model to the other, but the message being conveyed is the same. 

If you see this message on your Jeep, it is time to take your vehicle to the shop. Routine maintenance saves you a lot of time and money by preventing costly repairs and breakdowns. 

“Perform Service” Light Checks

The service frequency for your specific Jeep model may vary from the other. 

This is major because of the design details for the Jeeps. 

The service needs for a Jeep Cherokee will differ slightly from those of a Jeep Gladiator, Wrangler, or Jeep Compass. 

This calls for a close look at the manufacturer’s manual specifications for every Jeep and trim level. 

While there may be some subtle differences in the maintenance schedule of these Jeep models, they come with some commonalities in the maintenance procedures. 

Some of the most common regular service processing includes the following:

  • Routine checks on headlights, taillights, and pressure at least once a month
  • Replace the Jeeps’ oil and oil filter roughly after 4,000 miles. Also, check chassis lubrication
  • Look underneath the hood and replace or repair any worn belts and hoses. 
  • After every 6,000 to 8,000 miles, make sure to rotate and balance the tires. 
  • Check whether the wheel alignment is in order after every 20,000 miles or when you replace the tires. 
  • After every 50,000 miles, perform a cooling system flush and recharge it. 
  • At 20,000 miles, have the drive belts, hoses, and engine timing belts checked. The faulty ones should be replaced immediately to avoid further damages to the powertrain and drivetrain of the Jeep. 

Besides the service activities listed above, the Jeep will require additional custom services. 

This is because the Jeep is an off-roader, and therefore, it is exposed to more hazards than an average vehicle. 

Some of this Jeep-only maintenance include the following:

  • Frequently check the tire pressure of your Jeep before embarking on any on- or off-road adventure. 
  • When crossing deep waterways, the water level may rise over the hubs of your wheels. In this case, the differential fluid should be changed when this happens. 
  • After any off-road driving, make sure to check your wheel weights when doing wheel balancing services. 
  • If your Jeep has drum brakes, ensure they are thoroughly cleaned after any off-road adventures. This is because snow and mud can affect the vehicle’s braking capabilities. 
  • Regularly check and clean the air filter, if necessary, before taking your Jeep off-road. Accumulation of dust in the air filter will reduce the efficiency and performance of the vehicle. 
  • Engaging your Jeep in extreme off-road conditions will reduce the routine maintenance interval to about 12,000 miles. In this case, your Jeep will display a “Perform Service” message on the dash. 
  • Driving your Jeep in off-road conditions may quickly knock your wheels out of alignment hence the need to align the wheels frequently. 

Even if you perform routine maintenance on your Jeep, it will still require service from time to time. 

This will be more frequent if you intend to use your Jeep on extreme off-road terrains. 

When this happens, the Jeep will notify you on the dashboard as “perform service.” You can handle the minor servicing yourself at home, but complex major service procedures should be left for the expert technicians. 

Besides changing the oil and filter, the Jeep’s owner’s manual advises having an expert inspect the brake pads, hoses, rotors, and braking system. 

The battery is also an essential part of the system that should be considered. 

This should all be part of the scheduled routine maintenance practices. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

When is the right time to service my Jeep? 

This will vary from one model to the other. You should check the manufacturer’s manual for your vehicle for exact details on the right time to service your Jeep. 

The typical Jeep service frequency is between 5,000- and 7,500-miles range or after a year of running. However, your Jeep may indicate “perform service” a little late or earlier.

This is common because of excessive wear and tear of a specific component in your Jeep that needs replacement. 

Since the Jeeps are usually used in rough terrains, it is critical to have a tight maintenance schedule. 

Does the Maintenance plan affect my Jeep’s warranty? 

The Jeep SUVs are often covered by a bumper-to-bumper policy for three years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first. 

The engine, transmission, axles, and other powertrain components are covered for five years or 60,000 miles. 

FCA’s Mopar Vehicle Protection program allows the Jeep to get additional coverage for maximum care. 

How do I stop my Jeep from saying ‘Perform Service’? 

Once the alert is on, it will remain that way until the services are done. 

When done, the mechanic will reset the indicator. 

It is recommended to reset the alert after the service has been done since it is meant to remind you. 

You risk forgetting to do the routine maintenance if you reset the warning earlier. 

Driving your vehicle for a prolonged time without changing the oil and other regular maintenance will cause costly damages to your Jeep. 

How can I reset the “perform service” light on my Jeep Grand Cherokee

Your mechanic should do this after carrying out the necessary service procedures. To do this, you must turn off the vehicle completely. 

Then turn the ignition key to the ON position, but do not start the car. 

Next, turn the ignition off and then press the gas pedal three times in ten seconds. Start the engine now after waiting for about 10 seconds more. 

This will reset your alert and set it up for the next pre-set service period. 

How long can I drive with the “perform service” warning? 

If your Jeep has the perform service alert, you should avoid driving any further than is necessary. 

This is because you have no idea how serious the problem is that your Jeep is trying to notify you about. 

If your “perform service” alert is on, you should have it checked by a mechanic as soon as possible. 

When you have to keep driving, you should, first of all, seek the clearance of an expert mechanic who will thoroughly check your vehicle first before allowing you to drive with the warning on. 

However, in the majority of the cases, you will be required to make repairs to your Jeep before you can continue to drive. 

When the perform service alert comes on, the first thing you should do is to check the oil level. 

Sometimes this can be due to leakage of the oil or any other related factors. 

But if you top up the oil and the alert is still on, it means that there are other issues with your Jeep that must be checked. 

If you have the experience, you can go ahead and check the oil and air filters. 

Otherwise, you should let your mechanic deal with the issue. 

Jeep Perform Service Light

Since its introduction back in the early ‘40s, the Jeep has been a hardy car that can go anywhere and handle complex terrains without breaking a sweat. 

Under the hood, these stylish SUVs come packed with potent engines that offer a significant amount of torque to allow the Jeeps to traverse hardship areas.

With proper scheduled maintenance and strict adherence to the manufacturer’s recommendations on the manual, your Jeep can give you many years of reliable service. 

This calls for quick action when your Jeep says ‘perform services’ on the dash. 

When your Jeep issues a ‘perform service’ alert, action must be taken immediately to prevent any further damage. 

This alert should never be ignored. 

Whether the indicator alerts you or not, the oil filter and synthetic oil of your vehicle must be changed at no more than 10,000 miles. 

This ensures that your Jeep is running efficiently.

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