Honda SUV is, then you have come to the right place. Honda has three different SUVs: the Pilot, CR-V, and HR-V. This creates a clear hierarchy of size, which makes it easy when trying to decide which one is the largest, and which one is the smallest.

The Honda Pilot is the largest Honda SUV. It is 197 inches in length, 79 inches in width, and 71 inches in height. This mid-size SUV has three rows, capable of sitting eight passengers. Behind the seats is 16 cubic feet of cargo space, and with seats folded down, there is 83 cubic feet of space.

Now that you know that the Honda Pilot is the largest of Honda’s SUVs, you likely want to learn more about the sizes of other Honda SUVs. If you want to do so, keep reading.

Honda Pilot

The Honda Pilot is considered to be the largest of Honda’s SUVs. On average, when the seats are up, there is 16 cubic feet of space available behind the rows. Once the seats are down, however, the amount of space increases considerably.

Below, the cargo space is broken down for the 2021 Honda Pilot:

  • When all the rows of seats are up: 16.5 cubic feet of cargo space
  • When the third row of seats is folded down: 47 cubic feet of cargo space
  • When the second and third row of seats are folded down: 56 cubic feet of cargo space
  • When the first, second, and third row of seats are folded down: 108 cubic feet of cargo space

The Honda Pilot is spacious in every sense of the word. Its shell is 197 inches in length, 79 inches in width, and 71 inches in height. It is capable of fitting eight people, three in each row except the first, where it seats two. A large amount of cargo can be carried in the full car with still some room to spare.

There are three rows in the Honda Pilot, but the seats can be easily removed. The bucket seats allow for easy removal, which is a perk of this vehicle. It is considered to be mid-size. However, it is on the larger side of this scale. This roomy SUV will create a comfortable ride for everyone, no matter where they are seated in the vehicle.

Size of Other Honda SUVs

While knowing that the Honda Pilot is the largest of Honda’s SUVs, you may be wondering about the other SUVs they have. There is a distinction of the size of Honda vehicles, with the largest being the Pilot. The CR-V is the middle ground, and the HR-V is the smallest option.

Honda CR-V

Many regard the CR-V as Honda’s best SUV. This makes drivers go into the purchasing process with high standards. One of these standards is that the vehicle has enough room for all the passengers to sit comfortably. The CR-V is a great success for Honda, and it will likely go down in the history books. It has been around for generations, and it is likely not going anywhere anytime soon. This is great news for all who want an SUV, as they can be sure to find a CR-V that has everything they are looking for.

If being large is a need to buy the CR-V, then you are in luck as it is quite large. Its shell is 182 inches in length, 73 inches in width, and 67 inches tall. While this is of course smaller than the Pilot, this is to be expected. The Honda Pilot is in its own class in terms of size, and no other Honda SUV can compare. The CR-V is a good mid-ground between the vast Honda Pilot and the considerably smaller Honda HR-V.

What’s the Largest Honda SUV?
2020 Honda CR-V Touring

There are only two rows of seats available in the Honda CR-V, as compared to the Pilot, which has three. The CR-V has even more cargo space than the Pilot when all the seats are folded up. When all the seats are up, there is 39 cubic feet of cargo space available. That amount of cargo space is impressive for a vehicle of this size. When you fold the rear seats down, there is 76 cubic feet of cargo space available.

Honda HR-V

Next on the list is the Honda HR-V. In general, drivers enjoy this vehicle and frequently talk about its quality. It has above-average ratings, particularly the 2021 model. The HR-V’s first year in production was 2016, and it has been produced since then. This is because it does well on the market and drivers always request another SUV from Honda, as they generally fare very well.

Now that its reputation has been established, let’s get into the size of Honda’s HR-V. Its shell is 171 inches in length, 71 inches in width, and 63 inches tall. It has two rows of seating, capable of fitting up to five passengers. When in the front seat, the driver and passenger will have over 41 inches of legroom available to them. Those seated in the second row will only have 39 inches of legroom.

When the seats are all up, there is about 24 cubic feet of cargo space available. When the rear seats are down, there is only 56 cubic feet of cargo space. As can be inferred from these numbers, the HR-V is the smallest of Honda’s SUVs.

This vehicle is much smaller than the Honda Pilot and even smaller than the CR-V. If you want to purchase a large SUV, then you will want to check out the other SUV models that Honda has to offer, one that has more storage and can seat more people. The Honda HR-V is considered to be a subcompact SUV, which is the smallest size of SUV available.


While each of these SUVs will do you well, the largest Honda SUV is the Honda Pilot. After the Pilot, the next largest is the CR-V and then the HR-V. Honda vehicles are reliable and will last your family for years to come.

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