What SUV Will Fit 3 Car Seats?

The struggle of finding an SUV that can fit three car seats is real. Parents are always on the lookout for cars that will perfectly fit three child-safety seats across the second row.

Although sport utility vehicles provide plenty of room for passengers and cargo, not all are up to this task. Below we highlight sport cars that fit three child seats to make your next auto shopping easier. 

What SUV Will Fit 3 Car Seats?

There are several SUVs that can accommodate three car child seats such as the 2021 Volkswagen Atlas, 2020 Peugeot 5008, 2019 Toyota 4Runner, 2018 Toyota Highlander, and 2017 Honda Pilot, but there are so many other features available in each of these that need to be considered.

Lucky for you, we’ve got a roundup of the best SUVs that will fit 3 car seats.

2021 Volkswagen Atlas

The Atlas Volkswagen vehicles are designed with family in mind to complement its name: the people’s car. While former models did not live up to the family standard, the Atlas has become a best-seller in America for adopting family needs. The 2021 Volkswagen Atlas is a seven seater that allows families to move around comfortably.

This all-new Atlas Volkswagen offers easy installation of different styles of infant seats such as convertible seat, backless booster, harnessed booster, and average-size infant seat.

Its bench-style second row seat allows installation of three child seats. The 2021 Volkswagen Atlas has a built-in rear sunshade to protect kids from the sun’s glare.

The 17 available cupholders are effective for holding beverages, crayons, snacks, and toys for multiple kids. 

2020 Mazda CX-9

The 2020 Mazda CX-9 is one of the best family-friendly hatchbacks. It is a seven-seat vehicle with plenty of space in the second and third rows that can fit five large child seats.

The second-row seats feature the 60:40 split style that makes the third-row easily accessible, making it very practical for families.

The CX-9 also has good legroom that passengers in the front row and third row seats still have ample space when a rear-facing baby capsule is installed.

Additionally, the doorways are large with the doors opening wide enough to allow child seat installation. The third-row seats can fit two big child seats comfortably. 

Front passengers have access to sizeable cup holders and central console box while third row passengers enjoy double cup holders on both sides. Cargo space is also spacious and can accommodate prams, shopping bags, dogs, and luggage. 

2020 Peugeot 5008

The Peugeot 5008 was initially an MPV, but was turned into a sport utility vehicle in 2017 and received a facelift in 2020. The second row features three separate seats each featuring ISOFIX mounts as well as top tethering points. Owing to these features, the rear seat can comfortably fit three child booster seats. 

This seven-seater has third row seats, but they do not have the ISOFIX mounts. Therefore, only child seats that can be secured with seatbelts can be used in the third row. Third row seats are also foldable and can be removed when not in use.

The 2020 Peugeot 5008 conveniently features a Smart Electric Tailgate that makes it easy for you to load your boot hands-free. All you need to do to activate is to press a button under the bumper. 

2020 Kia Sorento

The 2020 Kia Sorento is a large seven-seater that offers a spacious cabin and cargo, making it a great family hauler. Its second row seats can fit three child seats comfortably, thanks to the ISOFIX mounting points and top tether points on all the seats.

Similar to the Peugeot 5008 third row seats, Kia Sorento’s third row cannot accommodate booster seats with ISOFIX points.

As a four-wheel drive, this large convertible provides comfortable driving across various terrains. Whether driving on a steep slope or over rocks, the 2020 Kia Sorento can take it on.

Large families who love road trips or camping will enjoy this ride. Moreover, its cargo space can accommodate bulky items like bicycles and prams, thus convenient for family travels. 

2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee

The 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee is a five-seat mid-size sports car. Its backseat provides ample room to fit three child seats comfortably. It is well-equipped with the right space and connectors.

The outboard seats on the second row feature two full sets of LATCH connectors and a tether anchor on the middle seat, allowing the installation of three infant seats side by side. The Grand Cherokee’s second-row shoulder room is 58 inches, which is ample for the infant seats. 

This sport-utility vehicle is available in 12 trim levels with the standard 3.6 liter V6 engine delivering 295 horsepower and 260 lb-ft of torque. It features advanced driver assist technology, including Blind-Spot and Cross-Path Detection.

2019 Toyota 4Runner

The 2019 Toyota 4Runner is a rugged sport utility vehicle that can handle absolutely anything from off-road situations to family duties.

This vehicle is a five-seater with an optional third row that may increase its seating capacity to seven. However, the third row features no tether anchors thus it is only suitable for adults.

As for its second row, it can easily fit three booster seats, thanks to its roominess as well as the accessible LATCH system. 

Infant, rear-facing convertible, and forward-facing convertible are easy to install in this vehicle and the front passenger will still enjoy plenty of legroom. The 2020 Toyota 4Runner also has the same child seat features.

2019 Lexus LX 570

The 2019 Lexus LX570 is a beast with an edgy style. It features a V-8 5.7 liter engine that powers 383 horsepower. Its off-road capabilities are honed by its full-time four-wheel drive and good ground clearance.

As for its seating capacity, this Lexus can seat up to eight passengers in its three-row version while its two-row version can seat five passengers. 

Both the two-row with a bench seat and three-row versions can fit three infant seats because of ample space and accessible LATCH anchors. The lower anchors are located under the Velcro flaps while the tether anchors are located on the seatbacks. 

While the three-row version offers more space for carpooling, it has limited legroom, making it uncomfortable for adults. Its cargo space is below average and the infotainment system may not be easy to use for some users. 

2018 Ford Expedition

The 2018 Ford Expedition is a three-row convertible that can seat up to eight passengers. The second row and third row seats can fit six child seats, making it a perfect choice for large families and carpooling duties.

All second-row seats feature lower anchors and tethers while the third-row seats have lower anchors and tethers in the outboard seating positions only. The center seat has a tether only.

The third-row seats are accessible, thanks to second-row tip and slide seats. Passengers can climb back out from the third-row without having to remove the second-row child seats.

The 2018 Ford Expedition features a base engine 3.5 liter engine that delivers 375 horsepower and 470lb-ft of torque. It is available in three trim levels; XLT, Limited, and Platinum. Its cabin is sleek and stylish, especially the Platinum trim. 

2018 Toyota Highlander

Like the Ford Expedition, the 2018 Toyota Highlander seats up to eight passengers. Both the seven-seater and eight-seater Highlander vehicles feature lower anchors and tethers.

For models with the second-row bench seats, middle seats only have tethers. In models with second-row captain’s chairs, only three safety seats fit. 

The third row seats can be accessed easily by sliding the second-row seats forward. All car seat anchors are also easy to access, making car seat installation pretty easy. 

The 2018 Toyota Highlander is available in three engine choices; 2.7 liter I-4, 3.5 liter V-6, and 3.5 liter V-6 hybrid powertrain engine. 

2018 GMC Acadia

The 2018 GMC Acadia can seat six or seven passengers. It has the capacity to fit up to five child seats. GMC’s outboard seats in the second row feature both lower anchors and tethers. The rear seats have tethers only. 

The SmartSlide seating allows passengers to access the third row hassle free. Thanks to this technology, you can slide the second row forward easily without having to remove the second-row car seat. 

The base engine is 3.6 V-6 and delivers 310 horsepower as well as 271 lb-ft of torque. It offers perfect balance between the ride and handling and offers available ample cargo capacity. 

2017 Honda Pilot

The 2017 Honda Pilot is furnished with soft materials on the door panels and dashboard. The cabin is spacious and stylish. It boasts of roomy cargo capabilities and plenty of storage spaces for smaller items. 

The Honda Pilot offers seating for up to eight passengers as it has a second-row bench seat. The front seats offer extra legroom and so do the second-row seats.

You can slide the second-row seats or tilt them for even more comfort. And with a single press of a button, you can fold the second-row seats to access the third row. 

This convertible offers a comprehensive LATCH system with lower anchors and upper tether anchors in each of the second-row seat. The passenger-side third-row seat also features the anchors and tethers. The 2017 Honda Pilot’s LATCH system was graded highly by the IIHS because of its ease of use and accessibility. 

2017 Toyota Land Cruiser

The 2017 Toyota Land Cruiser is a family-sized vehicle with a roomy cabin and cargo. Its comfortable interior makes it exceptional for long road trips.

It seats up to eight passengers and features an infotainment system to keep passengers entertained along the way. With the DVD entertainment system, you can watch movies and play video games on the 11.6-inch screen. 

To accommodate booster seats, the 2017 Toyota Land Cruiser features two sets of lower Latch anchors and top tether anchors that are easily accessible and user friendly. Forward-facing convertible seat installs easily in the second row and stayed level because of the flat seat cushions.

A booster seat can be installed as easily, however, the head restraint must be raised for it to fit well in the second row. The booster seat also fits well in the third row. 

Unfortunately, the third-row seats have no Latch anchors or top tether anchors to accommodate child seats with ISOFIX points. Another downside of this vehicle’s LATCH system is the difficulty in removing the head restraint.

Accessing the third-row seats is also easy. Pulling a lever folds the second-row seats, leaving a spacious pathway for anyone to pass through. 

SUVs With Room For 3 Car Seats

There are many convertibles that can accommodate three infant seats. You can either find a new model or an old model that may suit your family needs.

Whether you are eyeing the 2021 Volkswagen Atlas or the 2017 Toyota Land Cruiser, consider the type of LATCH system the cars have, types of booster seats you have, legroom after installing the safety seats, as well as other safety features that may keep your family safe on the road. 

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