Where Is The Battery In A Jeep Grand Cherokee? [Solved!]

Jeep owners might be perplexed to discover that their car battery can’t be found underneath the hood like most cars. A simple jump-start or battery replacement becomes difficult when you can’t find the battery. So, where is the battery in a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Where is the battery in a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Unlike most cars, the battery in a Jeep Grand Cherokee is located underneath the passenger seat and can be accessed by moving the seat to the most forward and upright position. There are terminal access points in the passenger side of the engine compartment underneath the hood.

The battery placement in a Jeep can take some getting used to, but once you get through this article you will know the ins and outs of your Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Batteries in Different Jeep Grand Cherokee Model Years

In all 2011 to 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokees, the 12-volt battery is located underneath the passenger seat. 

However, there are terminal access ports underneath the hood to make jumpstarting the vehicle more convenient. In older models, the battery is located underneath the hood, just where you would find it in a typical car.

The battery used in Jeep Grand Cherokee Models 2011 and up is an Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) battery.

These are the most technologically advanced in the world of lead-acid batteries. These types of batteries resist intense shock and vibrations which is why they are often used in off-road vehicles like Jeeps. The battery is made up of fiberglass material rather than a gel, which makes it more stable.

When replacing this type of battery, you will notice that the battery has special vents to eliminate vapors from the battery.

Keep in mind that typical battery chargers are not safe to use with AGM batteries. 

AGM batteries should be charged low and slow because of their voltage ranges.

Failure to do this may decrease the life of the battery.

Does the 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee Have Two Batteries?

Where is the battery in a Jeep Grand Cherokee 1 Where Is The Battery In A Jeep Grand Cherokee? [Solved!]

In the 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee, the battery is located under the passenger seat like all models made from 2011 and on. However, in addition to the primary battery that turns the engine over, there is a second auxiliary battery which is also located underneath the passenger seat.

Because the newer models have more features like heated seats, a rearview camera, a touchscreen, and more, a second battery is required to power these features.

There are a few benefits to having two batteries. When the engine is turned off, the electrical system and accessories will still be fully functional.

If one of your batteries fails while on the road, the other battery can still provide enough power to start the car, which is a great feature for Jeep owners who may be off-roading in remote areas. 

It also increases the engine efficiency, keeping the engine cooler, which helps the alternator run less.

The auxiliary battery is accessed the same way as the primary battery. To determine which of the two batteries runs the auxiliary functions, refer to the owner’s manual.

Why is the Battery Under the Passenger Seat?

Some Jeep owners scratch their heads and curse Jeep manufacturers for deciding to put the battery, which is typically easily serviced and accessed by owners, in such a hard-to-reach place.

There are several reasons why the manufacturer decided to put the battery under the passenger seat rather than underneath the hood in the engine compartment.

This isn’t a new innovation, especially for Jeep. In the original Jeeps designed for WWII, the battery was located under the seat beneath the floorboards. This design pays homage to the original design but also serves a functional purpose.

One reason might be that lead-acid batteries cannot operate above 120°F. The radiator can get very hot, so it isn’t suitable for the battery to be snuggled up next to it.

Additionally, the manufacturers may have preferred to use precious engine compartment space for the engine and other parts.

How Do You Remove a Battery from a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

The most difficult part of removing the battery in a Jeep Grand Cherokee (2011 to 2016) is accessing it from under the passenger seat. It can be a tight squeeze to get the battery in and out, but if the seat is all the way forward, it should slide right out.

While these instructions serve as a general guide, always check the owner’s manual for instructions specific to your vehicle. 

Remember to be careful when working with batteries and make sure the vehicle is off.

Hot to Remove the Battery from a Grand Jeep Cherokee

  1. Slide and lean the passenger seat all the way forward (towards the windshield).
  2. Remove the carpeted panel by pulling at the edge.
  3. Loosen the fastener for the negative battery cable with a wrench.
  4. Remove the negative battery cable from the negative battery terminal.
  5. Remove the vent tube from the side of the battery.
  6. Remove the two fasteners from the battery hold-down plate with a wrench.
  7. Loosen the faster for the positive battery cable and remove the cable from the terminal
  8. Remove the old battery from the vehicle. This might take some wiggling and maneuvering to get it out from under the seat.

A new battery will typically last three to five years depending on weather conditions, driving habits, and the battery size. If your car is not driving as smoothly as usual, or the engine is turning over slowly, the battery may need to be replaced.


Knowing the location of your car battery is basic car owner knowledge, but if your local mechanic doesn’t regularly service Jeeps, they may not even know where it is!

Now that you know where the battery is located and how to access it, you should be able to jump-start and replace your car battery easily at home.

Keep in mind that this article only applies to Jeep Grand Cherokees, not Jeep Cherokees, and this may not be the case for any other model.

Any great off-road vehicle has to have special accommodations that are not typical for a normal car, and in the case of the Jeep Grand Cherokee, the battery has a special secret location.

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