Will 35 Inch Tires Fit on A Stock Ram 2500?

Having bigger tires on your truck makes it look and perform better when off-roading. But how big of tires can you put on a Stock Ram 2500?

Stock Ram 2500 wheels are either 17, 18, or 20 inches. 35-inch tires will fit in a Stock ram 2500 on aftermarket wheels without a lift kit. For tires larger than this, a lift kit will is necessary. A Ram 2500 can fit tires as wide as 40 inches with aftermarket wheels and a lift kit.

Below, we’ll take a look at average Stock Ram 2500 tire sizes and other tire sizes that fit. We’ll also talk about how to read tire size, lift kits, aftermarket tires, and the differences between bigger and smaller tires. 

Average Stock Ram 2500 Tire Sizes

The 2021 and 2022 Ram 2500 tires are usually 17 to 20 inches wide, depending on the trim package and other add-ons selected. Check out the following chart to see the various stock tire sizes for the 2022 Ram 2500.

Ram 2500 Trim PackageStock Tire Size(s)
Tradesman17-inch or 18-inch wheels
Limited20-inch wheels
Limited Longhorn18-inch or 20-inch wheels
Power Wagon17-inch wheels
Laramie18-inch or 20-inch wheels
Bighorn18-inch wheels
Source: Ram Trucks

As you can see, the largest stock wheel size available is only 20-inches. With only 7 to 9 inches of ground clearance, larger tires are a necessity for most. Before jumping straight to 35-inch tires, consider trying tires closer to the stock tire size.

If you want to put tires taller than 20 inches, you’ll need to make some modifications. The first modification you’ll need is aftermarket wheels. This is only necessary if the tires are wider than the stock Ram 2500 wheels. Verify the width of your truck’s specific wheels before purchasing a new set of tires. Most Ram 2500 tires are 12.5 inches wide. If you purchase wider aftermarket wheels, make sure they are compatible with the Ram 2500.

Around 36 to 37 inches, the tires will begin rubbing on the inside of the wheel well. Not only is this annoying, but it could be potentially dangerous.

if your tires rub at all, you may need to do some trimming. Keep in mind that altering the vehicle by trimming or adding a lift kit may void the warranty.

Some other truck tire sizes that are pretty common are 19, 22, and 24 inches. You will rarely find anything bigger directly from major car and truck companies. Bigger tires must be special ordered, meaning they will cost quite a bit extra.

What are Lift Kits?

There are several different types of lift kits one can purchase for their Ram 2500. However, their purposes are all relatively similar, to make room for bigger tires. Because a Ram 2500s wheel well is a certain height, anything too tall will run on the wheel well, hindering driving. 

After installing a lift kit, the vehicle (and the top of the wheel well) is higher off the ground. This leaves more room for bigger tires.

Another benefit of lifting the truck applies to those using their Ram 2500 for off-roading. With more ground clearance, the Ram 2500 can crawl over taller rocks and obstacles without damaging the bottom of the truck.

Lift kits are not necessary for fitting 35-inch tires on Stock Ram 2500s. However, some people prefer to lift their 2500 regardless since doing so benefits their truck’s off-roading abilities.

You can learn how to install a lift kit on a Ram 2500 in the video below. 

Not confident in your mechanical abilities? No need to worry, an experienced mechanic can install a lift kit in your Ram 2500 fairly easily.

If you have any doubts about your ability to install the kit properly, take it to a mechanic. An incorrectly installed lift kit could lead to a death wobble. The death wobble causes your vehicle to swerve back and forth uncontrollably. Not only does this endanger you, but it also poses a threat to others on the road as well. Always be sure to upgrade responsibly.

The death wobble could also occur if pieces come loose while driving. After off-roading, give your Ram 2500 a check-up to ensure nothing is broken.

What are Aftermarket Wheels? 

In short, aftermarket wheels are wheels purchased from someone other than Ram. Usually, independent manufacturers make them. These wheels are designed to fit a variety of trucks no matter what brand they are.

At the dealership, you might hear that only they sell wheels to fit your Ram 2500, but that is not the case. Aftermarket wheels and tires are sometimes cheaper than those at the dealership because they aren’t name-brand tires. 

If you do decide to buy from aftermarket tires or wheels for your Ram 2500, choose tires 35 inches or smaller. Anything larger will require a lift kit or other modifications. With a lift kit, the largest tire size a Ram 2500 can fit is 40 inches. Larger tires will require significant vehicle alterations to fit properly.

Bigger vs. Smaller Tires

Bigger tires look amazing on your trucks. If you want your truck to look bigger and intimidating, you are going to want bigger tires. Bigger tires also are better for off-roading. The larger the tire, the better the handling it has. Bigger tires also increase ground clearance, allowing the Ram 2500 to conquer larger obstacles.

Unfortunately, bigger tires will require more power and torque to turn the wheels, making the truck accelerate slower. This will also decrease your Ram 2500’s gas mileage.

Small, stock tires are best for those using their Ram 2500 as a daily commuter. Driving around town, there is little need for extra ground clearance and handling. Be careful not to go too small with tire size as this could make the truck look unproportionate.

Will 35 Inch Tires Fit on A Stock Ram 2500?
All-terrain tires in the sand close-up on a sandy road

Smaller tires require less power and torque to turn, unlike bigger tires. The best part about small tires is that they give you better gas mileage. Since you’re spending less on fuel, you can put that money towards other vehicle upgrades. Another benefit of smaller tires is faster acceleration.

If you’re on the fence about upgrading from your Ram 2500’s stock tires consider your use of the vehicle. If you go off-roading often, order some 35-inch wheels and tires. However, those using their Ram 2500 as a daily commuter will enjoy the better gas mileage provided by the smaller, stock tires.

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  1. I have a 2020 Ram 2500 Bighorn with a 2″ leveling kit. I’d like to put a 35″ tire on the stock 18×8 rims, but am unsure what the best option is. I’d like to get the widest tire I can without any additional modifications. The two tires I’m considering are the Toyo Open Country R/T Trail and the Nitto Ridge Grappler. Would appreciate any recommendations. Thank you.