Do Lift Kits Void A Warranty? Jeep, Chevy, Ford, Ram, Toyota

Lifting is one of the most popular modifications you can make to your vehicle.  Lifting your truck can give you better clearance, make way for larger tires, and instantly improve the truck’s appearance.

But how does lifting impact your truck’s warranty? Read on to learn more about how this modification can affect the warranty on America’s most popular trucks.

Do Lift Kits Void A Warranty? (A General Answer)

Before we get into the specifics of each truck, we can provide you with a general answer regarding lift kits and warranties.

For the most part, a lift kit will not automatically void your entire manufacturer’s warranty.

However, a lift kit can cancel certain aspects of your warranty. In some cases, even if the warranty is still intact, a manufacturer can deny claims if they believe that a lift kit contributed to the problem.

For example, if your radio breaks, a manufacturer cannot usually deny that warranty claim because you lifted your truck. However, if there is an issue with a part directly impacted by the lift kit, they might deny liability for that one.

Read on to learn more about your specific vehicle warranty and how lifting your truck can impact it.

Ford F150

The FordF150 is one of the most popular trucks in America. It’s the perfect size for your everyday vehicle, as well as more intense situations. Lift it to get more clearance for off-roading.  The information below also applies to most of Ford’s other truck models.

What Does the Warranty Look Like?

Ford’s comes with a pretty standard warranty for the auto industry. It protects you against defective parts or other issues resulting from workmanship in the factory. Ford warranties will cover nearly all of the parts of your truck.

You can check in on your Ford warranty any time by providing your VIN to the company. You can also transfer your warranty if you sell the car before it expires. Learn more about your general Ford warranty on the warranty page of their website.

How Does a Lift Kit Impact the F150 Warranty?

For a long time, installing a lift kit on your Ford meant voiding the warranty on the parts impacted by the lift. However, Ford released a factory-approved lift kit in 2019 that will not affect your warranty.

As long as you use the factory lift kit, you don’t need to worry about voiding the warranty. Even better, the factory lift kit comes with its own limited warranty.

The factory kits cost around $1,500. Ford designed these to be installed by a dealer, not yourself or other auto shops.

Do Lift Kits Void A Warranty? Jeep, Chevy, Ford, Ram, Toyota

Ford Ranger

Ford Rangers are another popular truck with a similar warranty to the F150. You can access the warranty information for the Ranger on the same page we linked above in the F150 section.

What Does the Warranty Look Like?

Like the F150, the Ford Ranger comes with an industry-standard warranty that covers most parts of the vehicle if damaged or negatively impacted by poor workmanship in the Ford factory.

How Does a Lift Kit Impact the Ranger Warranty?

The same factory lift kit we described above for the F150 can also fit the Ford Ranger. If you use the Ford-approved factory lift kit, you don’t need to worry about anything on the warranty being voided.

Also, like the F150, if you use a different lift kit, Ford might deny coverage on parts directly impacted by the lift kit. In terms of the warranty, it is a safer bet to have your dealership install the Ford-approved lift kit on your truck.

Chevy Silverado

The Chevy Silverado is another popular truck to modify with a lift kit. The Silverado comes with a standard warranty typical of the auto industry.

What Does the Warranty Look Like?

The standard Chevy warranty covers your truck, bumper-to-bumper, for at least three years or 36,000 miles. There are limitations and restrictions based on your vehicle and situation.

Generally, Chevy will cover repairs, towing, parts, and labor related to defects or workmanship errors.

Chevy also offers additional warranties on top of the standard, such as powertrain, corrosion, accessory, and emissions control systems.

How Does a Lift Kit Impact the Silverado Warranty?

Do Lift Kits Void A Warranty? Jeep, Chevy, Ford, Ram, Toyota
2022 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD

If you use the Chevrolet-approved lift kit, lifting your truck will not impact your new vehicle warranty. Chevy offers a two-inch suspension lift specifically designed for the Silverado. It fits two- and four-wheel-drive models and even integrates with the truck’s driver-assist systems.

You can read more about the Silverado lift kit on Chevy’s website.

If you use a different lift kit, Chevy can deny claims related to your warranty if they feel that your lift kit is related to any issues that you are having with the truck.

Chevy Colorado

The Colorado is Chevy’s slightly smaller truck, also a popular one to lift. The warranty is relatively similar to the one we discussed above for the Silverado.

What Does the Warranty Look Like?

Like the Silverado, the Colorado comes with a standard warranty covering almost all parts for three years or 36,000 miles. It covers repairs caused by poor workmanship or defective parts and related towing and labor costs.

How Does a Lift Kit Impact the Colorado Warranty?

Lifting your Colorado does not automatically void your warranty. However, if your Chevy dealer believes that problems with your truck came from the lift kit, the warranty will not cover those repairs.

Chevy determines these warranty denials on a nearly case-by-case basis, so it will depend on the specific problem you are having and whether or not the lift kit impacted the issue.

Jeep Wrangler

Jeep Wranglers are popular among off-road enthusiasts and great candidates for a lift kit. Their small size and maneuverability make them fun to drive, especially with a bit of extra room underneath.

What Does the Warranty Look Like?

Jeep offers a standard warranty on its vehicle to cover factory-installed parts that fail or cause an issue in your Wrangler. You can log on to your Jeep dashboard to check if your Wrangler is still under warranty. All you need is your VIN to find the information.

How Does a Lift Kit Impact the Warranty?

Installing your lift kit yourself will void the Jeep Wrangler warranty. However, if you have a dealership install your lift kit for you, your warranty will generally remain intact.

Jeep’s warranty page lists modifications as one of the reasons that they can void your warranty, so you want to be careful here. Be sure to check with your dealership before installing to make sure that you know the implications for your warranty before making the modifications.

Jeep Gladiator

The Gladiator, the Jeep pickup truck, is slightly bigger than the Wrangler and is a popular option among Jeep-lovers who want a truck bed. The warranty information is similar to the details for the Wrangler that we discussed above.

What Does the Warranty Look Like?

The Gladiator also falls under the standard Jeep warranty, covering factory-installed parts that need repairs. You can check your warranty status by entering your VIN in the warranty search in your online Jeep dashboard.

Do Lift Kits Void A Warranty? Jeep, Chevy, Ford, Ram, Toyota

How Does a Lift Kit Impact the Warranty?

As mentioned earlier, Jeep does list modifications as a condition that can void your manufacturer’s warranty on your Gladiator. However, if the dealership installs the lift kit for you, it will not automatically cancel your warranty.

It is worth noting that your Jeep warranty will not cover any damages that result from the lift kit, nor will it cover any parts that were not on the Jeep when you purchased it.

Toyota Tacoma

Toyota Tacomas are another great off-road truck, so they are also a popular option to lift. Lifting a Tacoma gives you access to more areas and more challenging terrain.

Toyota offers a dealer-installed option to lift your Tacoma two inches in the front and one inch in the rear. It is now available anywhere in the United States and is entirely compatible with other Toyota features, such as the “Safety Sense.”

What Does the Warranty Look Like?

All Toyota vehicles come with a standard three-year limited warranty. This will cover repairs and parts related to any defects in factory-installed parts on your Tacoma.

In addition to the basic coverage, there are also options to add additional warranty coverage for corrosion, powertrain, and emissions in addition to the basic coverage. You can read more about these warranty options on the Toyota new vehicle warranty page.

How Does a Lift Kit Impact the Warranty?

Lifting your truck does not automatically void your warranty, but it will stop Toyota from replacing any broken parts due to your lift kit.

That being said, there are reports out there of Toyota giving people a difficult time because they lifted their Tacoma parts. In some situations, Toyota asked people to sign a waiver releasing Toyota of liability due to the modifications on the vehicle before completing recall work on the truck.

Toyota Tundra

The Tundra is another truck that benefits from a good lift kit. Toyota recently announced a Tundra “off-road” package that includes a lift for the 2022 Tundra.  

What Does the Warranty Look Like?

As with the Tacoma, the Tundra comes with the standard Toyota warranty to cover defects in factory-installed parts for the first three years that you own the car.  You can check out their additional warranty options on their warranty page, linked above in the Tacoma section.

Do Lift Kits Void A Warranty? Jeep, Chevy, Ford, Ram, Toyota

How Does a Lift Kit Impact the Warranty?

Installing a lift kit will not automatically void your Tundra’s warranty. However, if Toyota feels that you are placing a warranty claim for problems caused by the lifting of your truck, they will most likely deny the claim.

If you cut the frame of your Tundra while lifting the truck, this will void your warranty. Toyota does not allow you to maintain your warranty if you compromise or change the vehicle’s actual structure. That being said, you can absolutely achieve a two-inch lift without cutting into the frame, so this will not impact you unless you are installing a higher lift kit.

Dodge Ram

For the last decade, the Dodge Ram has been one of America’s most popular trucks. It comes in various models, each equipped for heavy-duty work and off-roading. Lifting your Ram can give you more space under the truck to cover rougher terrain without damaging your vehicle.

The information below applies to the Dodge Ram models 1500, 2500, and 3500.

What Does the Warranty Look Like?

Dodge Ram trucks come with a standard limited warranty covering defects or damage to your truck from factory-installed parts. The warranty lasts three years, but you can purchase an extended warranty to protect your truck for longer.

How Does a Lift Kit Impact the Warranty?

The lift kit only impacts your warranty for the parts you alter during the lift. Dodge will not cover any damage to parts that were not installed in their factory or changed when you lifted the truck.

You can read more about the warranty on your Dodge Ram on the Dodge warranty website. You can also log into the Dodge Owners dashboard to check if your vehicle is still under contract and other relevant details about your truck.

GMC Sierra

The GMC Sierra is a heavy-duty truck popular for towing and off-roading. Adding a lift kit to the Sierra gives you more clearance under your fender and allows you to install larger tires to tackle different types of terrain.

What Does the Warranty Look Like?

You are automatically covered by a standard warranty with no deductible when you purchase your Sierra. GMC covers repairs to your vehicle for any damage caused by factory-installed parts or factory workmanship. Your coverage lasts for three years or 36,000 miles, whichever you hit first.

GMC also offers other warranty options, such as corrosion and different levels of powertrain warranty coverage. You can read more about GMC’s warranty and their options on the warranty page of their website.

Do Lift Kits Void A Warranty? Jeep, Chevy, Ford, Ram, Toyota

How Does a Lift Kit Impact the Warranty?

GMC’s website states that they are not responsible for any issues caused by installations or alterations to the original equipment vehicle, including lift kits. They also specify that they are not responsible for problems caused by the workmanship involved in such alterations.

This means that if GMC believes that damage to your vehicle resulted from the lift kit, they will deny your claim under the warranty coverage. This does not mean that your entire warranty is void, just that they will not cover damages or repairs related to the lift kit or any parts impacted by it.

Do Any Warranties Cover Lift Kits?

Throughout this article, we have mentioned many restrictions and limitations that lift kits can have on your warranty. The warranty will not usually cover any parts impacted by or installed during the lift kit, even when still intact for your vehicle. So how can you protect these parts?

There are options to purchase coverage for your lift kit to protect yourself from damage to these parts. For example, you can buy a specific warranty for Mopar Lift Kits installed on Jeep Wranglers, Gladiators, and Dodge Rams.

Once you decide to lift your truck, it is worth your time to do a little research to learn your options for protecting your lift kit. Deciding to purchase a lift kit with protection can help save you some money down the road.

Check with Your Dealership

If you are unsure about your warranty, check with your dealership to ensure that you are covered before installing your lift kits. It’s always a good idea to request their response in writing for your future use and reference.

Wrapping Up

Overall, your warranty is usually safe as long as your lift kit doesn’t cause damage to your vehicle. Have your dealership install the lift kit for you and choose a manufacturer-approved option to play it safe. 

Remember that details can vary based on your vehicle, so double-check with your dealership if you aren’t sure of the details of your warranty. 

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