Is Mazda More Reliable Than Honda? (Solved!)

Everyone has their own strong opinion on car brands. However, when looking for a reliable vehicle, it’s often better to ask the experts.

Hondas are more reliable than Mazdas. Two of the most commonly purchased models from these companies are the Mazda 3 and the Honda Civic. The Mazda 3 only has a reliability rating of four, whereas the Honda Civic has a reliability rating of four and a half.

There are so many factors that determine reliability, so there’s more than just the ratings that make Hondas a more reliable brand than Mazdas. This article will educate you on why a Honda is a better investment than a Mazda.

Commonly Purchased Mazda and Honda Models

A commonly purchased Mazda model is the Mazda 3, which is ranked as ninth on Repair Pal‘s list of the thirty-six most reliable compact cars. A commonly purchased Honda model is the Honda Civic, which is ranked third on the same list. Statistically, the average Honda car is going to be more reliable than a Mazda.

Repair Pal gave the Honda Civic a reliability rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars while the Mazda 3 received a reliability rating of 4 out of 5 stars. Both ratings are considered to be excellent.

As a car brand as a whole, Mazda has a reliability rating of four out of five. Honda has a reliability rating of four out of five as well. What sets them apart is Mazda’s ranking of fifth out of thirty-two top car brands, and Honda’s ranking of first out of the thirty-two top car brands.

While Honda is obviously the better choice when it comes to reliability for that reason, neither is a bad option.

Most Reliable Mazda and Honda Models

The MX-5 is currently known as the most reliable Mazda car model. It is ranked eighth out of twenty-five of the most reliable subcompact cars by Repair Pal.

The Honda Accord is identified as Honda’s most reliable car. It is ranked number one out of the twenty-five most reliable midsize cars by Repair Pal.

The MX-5 has a reliability rating of four out of five, and the Honda Accord has a reliability rating of four and a half out of five. Both Honda and Mazda make pretty reliable cars, but the most reliable car for Honda is more reliable than the most reliable model for Mazda.

Is Mazda More Reliable Than Honda? (Solved!)

Is it cheaper to own a Mazda or a Honda?

For the Mazda 3, the average cost of repairs every year is around four hundred thirty dollars. The average repair cost for a Honda Civic each year is about three hundred sixty dollars. So as far as repairs, Hondas are generally going to put less of a dent in your wallet.

Gas mileage should also be taken into consideration with a budget for a new, or even used car. A Mazda 3 gets up to twenty-eight miles per gallon in the city, and thirty-six miles per gallon on the highway. A Honda Civic on the other hand can get up to thirty-three miles per gallon in the city and forty-two miles per gallon on the highway.

Twenty-eight miles per gallon in the city, and thirty-six miles per gallon on the highway is not bad gas mileage by any means. However, this just means that when it comes to gas mileage, Hondas are really great, and will allow you to get more bang for your buck than Mazdas will.

Another factor in the affordability of the vehicle is the initial purchase price. A 2021 Mazda 3 starts at about $20,000. A 2021 Honda Civic starts at about $21,000. $1,000 is fairly insignificant in the long run.

With the annual money saved from repair costs and from gas money, a Honda Civic will always be a greater financial choice than a Mazda 3.

Do people like Mazda more than Honda?

Despite the facts, sometimes popularity strays from logic as far as what’s the better use of your money. However, with brand popularity and consumer opinion, statistics hold strong, and Hondas are in fact more liked by the public than Mazdas.

A survey by Car Logos found that Honda is the second most popular car brand in America; meanwhile, Mazda is the 25th most popular car brand.

Does Mazda or Honda sell more cars?

Honda sells exponentially more cars than Mazda does. In 2020, Mazda sold almost 300,000 models. Also in 2020, Honda sold nearly 1,200,000 cars. Honda sells more cars and also works more efficiently when you examine the company’s total yearly income.

Does Mazda or Honda make a greater annual profit?

Honda sells tremendously more cars than Mazda, and also makes a significantly higher profit. Mazda’s total profit margin is about 2.5%. Meanwhile, Honda’s profit margin is over 20%. That means Honda makes nearly 10 times the profit annually that Mazda Motor does.

Annually, Mazda makes around $115 million of profit. Honda makes an annual net income of almost $140 billion dollars in profit. This means that Mazda makes about 0.01% of what Honda makes annually.

Is Mazda More Reliable Than Honda? (Solved!)
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Should I get a Mazda or Honda?

Honda has a higher reliability rating than Mazda. When it comes to the average purchased car for both brands, the prices are essentially equal. Additionally, the most reliable Honda car has a higher reliability rating than the most reliable Mazda car.

The most commonly bought cars from both companies also have a major cost difference. Honda Civics are cheaper to maintain, as their annual maintenance cost is lower than that of the Mazda 3. Gas mileage is also significantly better for the Honda Civic.

Hands down, I recommend getting a Honda over a Mazda. It seems as though all roads lead to Honda over Mazda. It’s significantly cheaper, and it’s vastly more reliable, which are the most important aspects of a car when it comes to comparing makes and models.

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