Traverse High Country vs Premier: Which Chevy SUV is Right for You?

Chevrolet has been providing the auto industry with fun, reliable cars as well as reliable trim packages for years and years now. Among these trim packages are the Chevy Traverse Premier and the High Country package. You may be wondering what the difference is between the two of them and which one you might need over the other.

Difference Between The Chevy Traverse Premier and The High Country

The Traverse Premier and High Country packages are not all that different but there are a few slight dissimilarities, the chief among them being that the Premier’s standard is front-wheel drive and the High Country’s standard is all-wheel drive. There are several other features as well.

These two packages are both highly sought after and will provide your car with plenty of fun features. 

However, they are still different and will leave you wondering which one you might need. Below are some pros, cons, differences, and similarities that might answer your questions and help you decide which trim package is right for you!

Premier vs. High Country: The Similarities and Differences

While the Premier and High Country packages have differences, those differences aren’t many and the ones that do exist are somewhat marginal.

They have a lot of the same features for the most part. 

These features include rear parking assist and rear camera mirrors.

It also includes a Bose premium audio system, seven-passenger seating, and dozens of other features. There are, however, a few differences to be discussed. 

Here are some of the most prominent ones that should help you to decide which package you need and want.

First, the price range is somewhat different. 

The Chevy Traverse Premier package most often has a starting price of $46,695. 

The High Country package, however, will usually start somewhere around $54,395, which is almost a $10,000 difference! If you’re looking to pay less, you should probably stick with the Premier.

As said before, the Premier package has a standard front-wheel drive type (FWD) and the High Country package has a four-wheel drive type (4WD or AWD). 

This isn’t a largely significant difference, but these two drive types were suited for different terrains so make sure you purchase the appropriate one for the type of terrain you usually traverse.

The High Country package is more expensive for a reason.

According to Mike Anderson Chevrolet, it comes with standard proximity/distance indicators, forward automatic braking, and front pedestrian braking as well. 

These are standard features with the High Country package, but they are optional with the Premier package.

The High Country also comes with a standard heavy-duty cooling system which is also completely optional with the Premier. 

This is a feature that will cost something more if you buy the Premier package, but if you like your air conditioner to be strong, this is probably going to be worth it for you.

What is the Difference Between The Chevy Traverse Premier and The High Country 1 Traverse High Country vs Premier: Which Chevy SUV is Right for You?

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Premier Package: The Pros and Cons

Naturally, there are some pros and cons to both packages, but discussing them will most likely bring some clarity to your decision. 

So, without further ado, the pros and cons of the Premier package!


One of the nicest things about the Premier package is that it remains cheaper than the High Country but is still packed with a lot of fun features. 

As mentioned above, both packages include a good audio system, backup/parking assist, heated mirrors, rear camera mirrors, seven-passenger leather seating, and many, many others.

Just think that you can get all these things for less than $54,000. 

If you want a lot of bang for your buck, the Premier package is most assuredly the way to go because you can pay less for plenty of perks and fun features. 

You will likely be getting a great deal if you choose to purchase!

Additionally, the Premier package has optional features from which you can choose. 

The High Country package comes with several features by standard and that might make it a little more difficult to customize your vehicle. 

The Premier is cheaper and offers more options.


Unfortunately, if you want extra features you’re going to have to pay for them. 

The Premier package comes without several of the features that the High Country does, such as the 4WD feature (FWD works fine, but it doesn’t handle quite as well as 4WD). 

The automatic brakes, for example, will cost more to add to the Premier package, and that is a feature you probably don’t want to pass over.

High Country Package: The Pros and Cons

Let’s not forget about High Country! Here are a few pros and cons that accompany this package as well as some information that you might find helpful.


The High Country package is helpful in that it automatically comes with several safety features. 

Automatic braking is one of the most valuable specs you can have with this car because it can help you to stop quickly and safely. 

The High Country package standardly comes with these automatic brakes as well as distance indicators and sensors. 

You would have to pay extra for these if you chose the Premier package.

The High Country also contains IntelliBeam headlamps which are nicer for seeing in the dark and really any other time. 

These headlights are not as easily found with a Premier package if, indeed, they can be found at all. 

With the High Country package, these lights are standard which means you’ll always have them!


As nice as having the High Country package sounds, however, there are still some downsides. 

First of all, the High Country package is much, much more expensive than the Premier package is. If you want to have all these standard features more than anything else, then the price shouldn’t be an issue.

However, the Premier package still comes with a lot of fun gadgets and perks so a lot of people are probably thinking why would I buy the High Country package if I can get a cheaper package that still has everything I could want and need? 

This is, of course, often a matter of personal opinion, but just be aware that you’ll be paying a pretty penny for the High Country package.

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    In the end, what trim you choose to purchase will be based on your wants, needs, and financial situation. 

    Both are excellent options, even with the fewer features that the Premier trim has.

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