What Vehicle Can Tow 12000 lbs?

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Having a vehicle that can tow extreme amounts of weight is great when you have to move, or simply want to do a campout. It can be difficult to figure out which vehicle you need, especially if you need to tow 12,000 lbs.

The Ford F-250 can tow weight starting at 12,000 lbs. The towing capacity increases with each model that has been made. Many other trucks can tow a similar weight, such as the Ram 2500. This capacity is determined by the curb weight, drive system, and design.

These factors are essential to the power that the Ford F-250 has when it tows. We’ll take a look at how the Ford F-250 has evolved over the years and at how these elements have been improved. We’ll also provide a list of other vehicles that also tow more substantial weights.

The Ford F-250

If you have a Ford F-250, you might think that you are good to go and that you can tow whatever you need to. This is true if you have a Ford F-250 model from 2011 on. Before those years, the Ford F-250 could only tow up to 10,000 lbs. of weight. These newer models have been built to sustain more weight. This makes it so you don’t have to worry about finding a neighbor or rental system that has the type of truck that you need. Unfortunately for you SUV drivers, your car simply can’t haul that much weight.

The 2011 model of the Ford F-250 has a towing capacity starting at 12,000 lbs and maxing out at 12,500 lbs. This same towing capacity was maintained for the 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 models. In 2017, Ford increased the towing power by almost 1,000 lbs. The towing capacity went from a range of 12,300 lbs to 13,300 lbs, which stayed consistent for the 2018 model. 2019, Ford once again increased the towing power. The low end (12,300 lbs) remained the same, but they created the 2019, 2020, and 2021 models to all max out at 15,000 lbs.

Internally, these models were having changes done to the system so that it could sustain these heavy loads. The suspension and brakes are built to be more durable, a larger radiator was installed, and a more efficient cooling system was placed inside. These upgrades make it so that the transmission of the truck will not die. For different models of trucks, having a towing package added to your truck makes it so that it can perform at the level it needs to. The Ford models also have this package as well, so it is important to understand what you want out of your truck’s performance.

Curb Weight

One factor that sets trucks apart from SUVs in their towing capacity is their curb weight. This is how much the car weighs without anyone in it. This can differ depending on many factors, but the basic principle is that the heavier the truck is, the more stable it is. The weight of the car creates more stability on the road when towing, which is why many people still prefer trucks to SUVs for this area.

The curb weight is also a key component in determining what weight a truck can tow. Towing capacity is determined through a series of measurements that, when combined, allow you to understand what towing capacity your truck has. Curb weight and gross curb weight are both factors that come into this equation of determining how much a truck can pull.

Drive System

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Another important factor that allows the Ford F-250 to tow the amount of weight it does is the drive system that it has been installed with. Most cars, like a Sedan, are installed with a front-wheel drive (FWD). This means that the power of the car is being generated from the front. Towing with an FWD system is not as effective because the force of power being generated diminishes as it travels back.

With trucks, most are installed with a rear-wheel drive (RWD). Unlike FWD, the power being generated comes from the back tires. Because this force is much closer to the object being towed, the towing process is more effective and stable. In addition to having RWD, most trucks are also installed with four-wheel-drive (4WD). As you can probably guess, this means that all the wheels on the car are generating power. This adds more force and traction to your truck which translates to better power and towing ability.

Chassis Design

Another favorable argument for trucks like the Ford F-250 is the chassis design. SUVs and other vehicles have a mainstream design that is meant for more comfort and storage space inside the car. This design is more sleek and curved. Even though smaller SUVs do have the ability to tow, their capacity peaks at around 9,000 lbs. They cannot generate the same amount of weight that a truck can.

For larger vehicles, like a Ford F-250, the design is a more boxy design which helps to distribute the weight of the thing being towed as well as providing extra stability. However, this design creates more drag when traveling. Inherently, this is not bad because it does mean that there is more force helping to slow down your vehicle when you’re braking. You won’t be able to beat other cars on the Autobahn, but it is built for functionality, not speed.

Other Vehicles that Can Tow 12,000 lbs.

If the Ford F-250 isn’t your style, there are plenty of other trucks that can tow 12,000 lbs and more. We’ll shortly list a few of those and if you’re interested then you can continue your research from there. These towing capacities are based on the max weight the vehicle can pull with the towing package.

The Ram 2500 can tow up to 17,980 lbs. The Ford F-450 has the capacity to tow up to 26,2500 lbs. Next, the Ford F-350 with a max of 18,000 lbs. There is also the Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD and GMC Sierra 2500 HD that can both tow up to 18,100 lbs. These are only a few of the many trucks that have been built to tow whatever you need.

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