Which Jeep Grand Cherokee Has Dual Exhaust? [Read If You Love 2 Pipes!]

Jeep has made a name for itself in the world of enhanced performance and style. Our guide, “Which Jeep Grand Cherokee Has Dual Exhaust?”, gives you the specific models that boast what you want: dual exhausts for that unmistakeable noise.

Discover the Grand Cherokee versions that elevate your driving experience with this sleek and functional upgrade.

Image for Which Jeep Grand Cherokee Has Dual Exhaust? shows a red Grand Cherokee trackhawk driving at speed. The background is a series of deserted mountains
Which Jeep Grand Cherokee has dual exhaust? The Trackhawk is one of the most famous examples

One of the greatest allures of the premium Jeep Grand Cherokee is the dual exhaust pipes. The horsepower for the Jeep line of cars is often impressive and making it function better through dual exhaust pipes is often appreciated by Jeep owners who love adventures.

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There are several models with dual exhaust. Most often, those with a V6 engine or bigger will have a dual exhaust.

However, answering the question “Which Jeep Grand Cherokee has dual exhaust?” requires a bit more detail. After all, not all Grand Cherokees are created equal.

Which Jeep Grand Cherokee Has Dual Exhaust?

Grand Cherokee Jeeps made before 2015 have dual exhausts. After 2016 it wasn’t guaranteed for the vehicle. Typically, any vehicle that has a V-6 cylinder will have dual exhaust.

The 2022 Grand Cherokee should have dual exhaust and if they have V-6 cylinders, that generally points to a dual exhaust.

The reason why people ask “which Jeep Grand Cherokee has dual exhaust?” is because it might be hard to tell if a car has dual exhaust tips.

Plus, knowing what they are for, why Jeeps don’t typically have them anymore, and why specifically Cherokees with a V-6 cylinder under the hood have dual exhausts. We’ll get into all these specifications and more.

What is Dual Exhaust?

Dual exhaust is a system designed for higher output engines and cylinder systems, such as the V-6 or the V-8. 

Typically, vehicles that have a V-6 cylinder will have dual exhaust pipes to help optimize the intake and flow of the air that helps to compress and create the horsepower and energy cars use to move. This is a clear way of answer which Jeep Grand Cherokee has dual exhaust?

The horsepower won’t be accurately managed or used if it’s not getting the air out faster. If there’s only a single exhaust pipe, it becomes something of a bottleneck. Only so much air can escape at one time, which keeps it from getting more air in. 

There just isn’t enough space. The exhaust gasses are comprised of air and combusted fuel that won’t be used if there is only one exhaust tip.

Getting it out faster makes it easier to have another reaction and for the car to operate more efficiently

Jeep Grand Cherokees were really good about having dual exhaust, and it was one of the things that set that lineup of cars apart from others.

Does Having Dual Exhaust Do Anything?

Dual Exhaust does do things. The way an engine works is by sucking in both air and fuel, and dual exhaust helps the engine do that. 

There are four parts to the entire process, starting with an intake, which then goes to compression, combustion, and then the exhaust where whatever materials are left leave the engine.

Intake is where the car sucks in air and fuel. This goes to the engine, where it is compressed to increase how volatile the mixture is, thus generating greater energy and better performance from the car.

After that, the chain reaction of combustion happens, propelling the car into motion.

The final part is the exhaust, which is where the dual exhaust comes in. The leftover fuel and air will be forced out of the exhaust pipes and the whole system that makes up those to make room for the next chain reaction. 

On cars with engines and cylinders like a V-6 or V-8, that is the exhaust system that they should have and function best with. If they don’t have it, the car is not functioning at its highest capabilities.

Most cars that have dual exhaust are more expensive because it has to fit many parts into a very small space, and while helping the car to function more efficiently is great, manufacturers have to consider how the car drives, how fast it goes, and how it navigates rougher terrain.

This is why most Grand Cherokees have a dual exhaust system on their cars. There was a period of time, however, that they didn’t have dual exhaust.

Issues occur when a car doesn’t have full dual exhaust systems.

Instead of two separate pipes connected to the main compressing system, there’s one pipe that split into two in a Y formation. Some versions of this have a suitcase-like box where it splits off, and they can reasonably be called a dual exhaust system.

Otherwise, the car has the same issues that happen in cars with a bottleneck exhaust system, even though the car manufacturer claims the car has a dual exhaust system.

Jeep Grand Cherokees that Have Dual Exhaust

The Jeep Grand Cherokee years that have dual exhaust aren’t limited. However, seeing as it is difficult to be sure, asking at the dealership or a mechanic will ensure you have the correct information on whether or not it has dual exhaust.

The 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee has four different trims to choose from with near-identical specs. 

All seem to have the V-6 cylinder, so in theory, all of them should have dual exhaust. Unfortunately, the specs don’t indicate whether or not the dual exhaust is part of the package. There is the Laredo at $40k, the Altitude at $45k, the Limited at $47k, and the Trailhawk at $50k. 

These cars are pretty expensive and while it isn’t confirmed, they’re a great all-around car for reasons other than dual exhaust systems. Leather seats, black chrome, Bluetooth, Apple carplay, GPS navigation, and more come standard with the Jeep grand Cherokee.

The 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee also had dual exhaust for certain specifically if it came with the V-6. If you are unsure what exhaust system the car has, you can have someone look at it for you. 

While having a dual exhaust is helpful, it isn’t strictly necessary and while it does increase the car’s performance, it’s not the most important thing to have in a car.

Cost of Having Dual Exhaust Installed

People ask: “which Jeep Grand Cherokee has dual exhaust?” If the answer is no, it’s common for people to ask if installing it is possible.

The exact cost of having a dual exhaust system installed for you in a vehicle will greatly depend on the availability of compatible parts, how expensive those parts are, shipping, and the labor costs for the actual installation.

It could cost anywhere between $150 to around $2,000 to purchase the parts required to make a dual exhaust system work with your vehicle or just the parts in general. The compatibility of your car and a dual exhaust system will be what will affect the price the most. 

As most Jeep Grand Cherokees are usually designed with dual exhaust, it might be cheaper to have it installed if it wasn’t already.

Have a trusted mechanic or dealership give you an installation quote, and get multiple quotes so you don’t pay more than you have to.

Closing Thoughts on Which Jeep Grand Cherokee Has Dual Exhaust?

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a popular SUV that has improved performance over the years. One key feature is having a dual exhaust, which isn’t only for looks

That’s why many people ask: “which Jeep Grand Cherokee has dual exhaust?” This article answers this question and explains that there are also performance benefits to a dual exhaust.

Which Jeep Grand Cherokee has dual exhaust? Any Jeep Grand Cherokee with a V6 engine or larger will likely come with dual exhaust, this to improve performance.

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