Can You Trade In Old Tires At Discount Tire? 3 Expert Tips!

If you are in the market for new tires and are thinking about going to Discount Tire, you might be wondering if they will allow you to trade in your old tires. So, can you trade in old tires at Discount Tire? Let’s find out!

Can You Trade In Old Tires At Discount Tires 1 1 Can You Trade In Old Tires At Discount Tire? 3 Expert Tips!

Trading in used tires could be a way to receive some credit for your used tires if they are in good condition or for you to dispose of your old tires easily. Still, it is important to know the answer to “can you trade in old tires at Discount Tire?”

Can You Trade In Old Tires AT Discount Tire?

Discount Tire will occasionally take tire trade-ins in specific circumstances. They will only take used tires in if they are in excellent condition and can be resold.

If they deem your used tires able to be resold, they may offer a small credit towards new tires. However, this isn’t typical.

A flat tire can be a major inconvenience, but does it have to cost you? Find out the answer in our helpful article discussing “Does Discount Tire Patch Tires” and their tire repair services.

Trading in old tires can be a great way to get a little bit of credit for new tires, but it is important to know that this does not commonly happen. Tire shops, such as Discount Tire and Pep Boys, will not always give credit for used tires. 

Finding a place to sell used tires is pretty tricky. After all, tire stores that buy used tires often also sell used tires, which may not be in the best shape anymore.

The information in this guide has been provided by Discount Tire and experts in the auto industry. That way, you receive the most accurate and up-to-date information to know what to expect if you want to trade tires in at Discount Tire. 

When To Replace Your Tires?

Aside from a standard flat tire, sometimes it can be tough to know when the right time is to replace your tires. 

The amount of tread or a puncture is not the only reason that a tire may need replacement. Irregular tread wear is another reason why tires may need to be replaced sooner than later.

If you notice that your tires are wearing differently on the outside versus the inside, having the tire inspected is a good idea. 

It may be a simple case of needing to rotate the tires more often, but the tire may need to be replaced.

The age of your tires is another factor to consider when determining if it is time to replace your tires. Although the tires may be in excellent condition, if they are getting older, it is potentially still a good idea to replace the tires. 

It is recommended tires be replaced at six years of age, even if you hardly drive and they still have a good amount of tread. 

The number of miles that have been driven on tires also determines when they need to be replaced. Even if your tires are only two years old, you may still need to replace them if you drive thousands of miles yearly. 

The average tread life of a tire will vary depending upon the tire itself. Therefore, it is a good idea to speak to a tire expert to determine how many miles of life your tires should have.

A challenging part of answering “can you trade in old tires at Discount Tire?” is that not all tires are in the same condition. The weather has a lot to do with it.

If your vehicle is parked outside and your tires are exposed to harsh weather, this can also accelerate the wear on the rubber.

This is especially true if the tires are sitting in the hot sun as the rubber can begin to crack, which is a reason to replace the tires. When a tire begins to crack, it can be due to dry rot.

In answering “can you trade in old tires at Discount Tire?” we can definitely say that they won’t accept cracked tires. After all, this means that the rubber components in the tire are starting to break down, which can pose a hazard to you on the road. 

Can You Trade In Old Tires At Discount Tires Can You Trade In Old Tires At Discount Tire? 3 Expert Tips!

Can You Trade In Tires at Discount Tire

Discount Tire does not offer an official trade-in program. So, most of the time, the answer to “can you trade in old tires at Discount Tire?” is no.

In certain circumstances, they may offer a small credit for very lightly used OE tires if a customer is looking for a completely different tire or if they want a different tire size. 

However, even though Discount Tire does not offer an official tire trade-in program, they offer free disposal of old tires anytime you purchase new tires and have them installed by Discount Tire. 

Does Discount Tire Swap Tires For Free?

Discount Tire will not swap tires for free. They do charge an installation fee each time you purchase new tires and need them mounted on your vehicle.

If you change your mind and want to purchase different tires, you will be charged the installation fee to cover the labor and supplies for the installation process. 

Does Discount Tire Take Trade-In Rims?

As with used tires, Discount Tire will also sell gently used rims in certain locations. If you have rims that are in excellent condition, you can take your vehicle to Discount Tire and see if they would be willing to purchase them from you to give you a credit towards new rims. 

However, they are particular about the used rims that they will take in. It is not a guarantee that they will purchase your rims from you. 

Can You Negotiate at Discount Tire?

As with purchasing from many other places, you can negotiate tire costs with Discount Tires. They tend to be willing to price match if you find the price of the same tires cheaper elsewhere, regardless if it is another retailer or online.

It is worth it to do your research on the tires you want to purchase to ensure that you can get the price possible from Discount Tire. You can also attempt to negotiate the charges for the installation fees as well in order to keep your cost as low as possible. 

Often, to answer “can you trade in old tires at Discount tire?”, it’s best to call the local store. More often than not, this saves you time.

How to Best Maintain Tires

There are things that you can do in order to care for your tires and help them to last as long as possible. By following these important tire maintenance suggestions, you will give yourself a better chance of your tires lasting for as long as they are intended to. 

Regularly Check Tire Pressure

It is important to check your tire pressure regularly. This is crucial if the temperatures are drastically changing.

Consumer Reports has done extensive research on tire gauges. Here are the best according to them.

As the temperatures change, your tire pressure will change as well so this will allow you to add air to your tires as needed.

Keeping your tires at optimum tire pressure will help you to utilize your tires for as long as possible and can increase your fuel efficiency. 

Schedule Your Tire Rotations

Having your tires rotated approximately every 5,000 miles is a good idea. Rotating your tires ensures even wear, which is important if you want your tires to last as long as possible.

If you do not regularly rotate your tires, they may wear down unevenly, which could lead to you needing to replace them sooner than intended. 

Have Your Tires Balanced

Typically when your tires are rotated, the tire shop will also balance them. This is equally as important as having them rotated. 

You want the tire to be balanced when moving down the road.

Check Tire Alignment

When you take your tires in to be rotated and balanced, it is also a good idea to have your alignment checked.

Driving on uneven roads and hitting potholes can knock out your vehicle’s alignment.

If your alignment is off, the tires can be traveling down the road unevenly, leading to issues with wear and putting you at greater risk of damage to the tires. 

Sometimes you can easily tell if your alignment is off because you may feel the car pulling to the right or left on its own. 

This indicates that your alignment is incorrect and needs to be adjusted by a professional. 

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Closing Thoughts: Can You Trade In Old Tires AT Discount Tire

So, can you trade in old tires at Discount Tire? Not always. In fact, they only accept used tires in excellent condition for resale, providing a small credit towards new purchases.

This is not a common occurrence. One service they provide is free disposal of old tires when you buy new ones from them.

Discount Tire, while not swapping tires for free, does charge for new tire installations and may negotiate on tire prices and installation fees.

Understanding when to replace tires is key. Look for signs like irregular tread wear, tire age (over six years), high mileage, and weather-induced wear like cracking from sun exposure.

While Discount Tire doesn’t have a formal trade-in program, they sometimes accept used rims for credit and encourage negotiation for the best deals on new tires.

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