Flat Towing A Chevy Blazer, Can You Do It?

Are you thinking about getting a new vehicle to flat tow behind an RV? My father has been exploring tow behind vehicles so I said I would do some research on the topic and this is what I discovered about flat towing a new Chevy Blazer.

Can a Chevy Blazer be Flat Towed?

Great News! Yes, the 2021 Chevy Blazer can be flat towed.

For other models, please check your car owner’s manual just to be sure. If you have lost or misplaced your owner’s manual (or if you bought your Chevy Blazer second hand and was never given an owner’s manual) then you can find a digital copy online. Please note the older the model is, the least likely you might be able to find a digital copy online. If this is the case, please give your local dealership a call.

What Does the Owner’s Manual say?

According to the 2021 Chevy Blazer owner’s manual, it does note that flat towing as well as dolly towing (we will get into dolly towing more later) is okay. However, it is important to note that the owner’s manual does not suggest either of those options as the first option. In fact, the owner’s manual suggest this:

GM recommends a flatbed tow truck to transport a disabled vehicle. Use ramps to help reduce approach angles, if necessary. A towed vehicle should have its drive wheels off the ground. Contact Roadside Assistance or a professional towing service if the disabled vehicle must be towed.

Please keep in mind that this is the preferred and safest method according to GM but if you opt to have your car towed recreationally (recreational vehicle towing ensures that your Chevy Blazer is behind another vehicle such as a motorhome) by either dinghy towing (flat towing) or dolly towing, then these are the steps you should follow.

Please note these are the exact step taken from the owner’s manual:

How to Flat Tow Your 2021 Chevy Blazer:

For vehicles being dinghy towed, the vehicle should be run at the beginning of each day and at each RV fuel stop for about five minutes. This will ensure proper lubrication of transmission components. To tow the vehicle from the front with all four wheels on the ground:

1. Position the vehicle to be towed and secure it to the towing vehicle.

2. Put the vehicle in N (Neutral).

3. Shut the engine off (vehicle will remain in accessory mode).

4. Disconnect the negative (−) terminal connector from the 12-volt battery.

5. Close the hood of the vehicle

Once you get to your destination, you will want to follow these steps:

1. Shift the vehicle to P (Park).

2. Reconnect the negative (−) terminal connector to the 12-volt battery.

3. Start the engine and let it idle for more than three minutes before driving the vehicle.

How to Dolly Tow Your 2021 Chevy Blazer:

We know you came to this article to learn if your 2021 Chevy Blazer could be flat towed but if you were curious at all about dolly towing, then please follow these steps.

Please note these are the exact step taken from the owner’s manual:

To tow a vehicle from the front with the rear wheels on the ground:

1. Put the front wheels on a dolly.

2. Move the shift lever to P (Park). See Shifting Into Park 0 205.

3. Set the parking brake.

4. Secure the vehicle to the dolly.

5. Follow the dolly manufacturer’s instructions for preparing the vehicle and dolly for towing.

6. Release the parking brake.

7. Turn the vehicle off.

8. Disconnect the negative (−) terminal connector from the 12-volt battery

9. Close the hood of the vehicle.

What Else Should I Know?

If you do not have your owner’s manual on you (or you are waiting for your dealership to send you a new one), here is some helpful information that GM feels you should know.

Before Towing

According to the owner’s manual:

Before towing the vehicle, become familiar with the local laws that apply to recreational vehicle towing. These laws may vary by region. The towing capacity of the towing vehicle. Be sure to read the tow vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations. How far the vehicle will be towed. Some vehicles have restrictions on how far and how long they can be towed.The proper towing equipment. See your dealer or trailering professional for additional advice and equipment recommendations. Whether the vehicle is ready to be towed. Just as preparing the vehicle for a long trip, make sure the vehicle is prepared to be towed.

Some Words of Caution

There are also a few words of caution that GM wants their customers to consider before towing their Chevy Blazer. Please keep in mind these are just general words of caution. Other unforeseen circumstances such as bad weather (heavy rain or snow storms) and other damages to your Chevy Blazer (broken window due to a car accident or a flat tire) are not taken into context. Please judge accordingly to your unique situation.

If your car is in good shape and the weather and terrain looks fine, then these are the general words of caution. Other than that, you are good to go.

Please note these words of caution can be found in your owner’s manual:

  • Incorrectly towing a disabled vehicle may cause damage. The damage would not be covered by the vehicle warranty. Do not lash or hook to suspension components. Use the proper straps around the tires to secure the vehicle. Do not drag a locked wheel/tire. Use tire skates or dollies under any locked wheel/tire while loading the vehicle. Do not use a sling type lift to tow the vehicle. This could damage the vehicle (Page 321).
  • Use of a shield mounted in front of the vehicle grille could restrict airflow and cause damage to the transmission. The repairs would not be covered by the vehicle warranty. If using a shield, only use one that attaches to the towing vehicle (Page 320).
  • If 105 km/h (65 mph) is exceeded while towing the vehicle, it could be damaged. Never exceed 105 km/h (65 mph) while towing the vehicle (Page 322).
  • If the vehicle is towed without performing each of the steps listed under “Dinghy Towing,” the automatic transmission could be damaged. Be sure to follow all steps of the dinghy towing procedure prior to and after towing the vehicle (Page 322).
  • Too much or too little fluid can damage the transmission. Be sure that the transmission fluid is at the proper level before towing with all four wheels on the ground (Page 322).
  • Do not tow a vehicle with the front drive wheels on the ground if one of the front tires is a compact spare tire. Towing with two different tire sizes on the front of the vehicle can cause severe damage to the transmission (Page 322).
  • Towing the vehicle from the rear could damage it. Also, repairs would not be covered by the vehicle warranty. Never have the vehicle towed from the rear (Page 323).

What if I lost my Owner’s Manual?

If you have a newer model (2020 Chevy Blazer or 2021 Chevy Blazer) then chances are you can pick one up at your local dealership. We would suggest emailing or calling the person that helped you with your purchase as he or she is more likely to be helpful since he or she remembers you.

If you bought an older model, then a quick Google search will let you know if your owner’s manual is available online.

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