How Long Does a Jeep Grand Cherokee Last? +5 Common Issues

As a Jeep owner myself, durability is of utmost importance. Like many consumers in the car industry, the longevity of their vehicles is one of the most important characteristics that a car can have.

This way, you know you can trust that you made the most out of your money and a worthwhile purchase. One of these cars is the Jeep Grand Cherokee, a staple in vehicle durability. 

How Long Does a Jeep Grand Cherokee Last?

How long does a Jeep Grand Cherokee last? For the Grand Cherokee, 20 years this is the average maximum lifespan that it could have. However, it does not mean it would be safe to use even when the car has reached 20 years old. Further, it also depends a lot on its model type and year sold. 

In the following article, I expand more on why this lasts so long, and other things about the vehicle. 

Why Do Jeep Grand Cherokees Last So Long?

The Jeep brand is known for its durability. From the commercials featuring the cars going through tough terrain to its recorded safety tests, we know the Jeep Brand to be sturdy.

It is specifically engineered to keep both the driver and passenger safety, and the Grand Cherokee is an extension of that safety and reliability. 

There are many features that are within the car itself that make it a reliable mid-size SUV, especially its factory Mopar parts and unibody construction model. It also has a lot of preventative measures like the Blind Spot Monitoring or the Rear Cross Path Detection to help you on the road.

If you get the Protech II Model, it comes with forwarding collision warning as well as active braking in order to help you stop a potential impact on the front of your car. 

Finally, if you get the Advanced Protech II Model, you get everything in the Protech I model along with Full-Speed Forward Collision Warning with Active braking, bringing your vehicle to a stop if there is a close collision that is about to occur.

There are also 7 standard airbags that come with the models. Further, the Grand Cherokee is built with high-strength steel to prevent passenger injury.

There is also the warranty that comes with it: 5 years/60,000 miles. The Grand Cherokee also has roadside assistance if you are in a tight situation on the road.

However, most of the longevity that comes with a Jeep depends on your personal maintenance. Just like with any other car, its safety features and parts, in this case, Mopar for the Jeep, can only get you so much. 

As a car owner, it is in your best interest to periodically maintain your car based on mileage. If you do the scheduled checks, then the Grand Cherokee can last you very long.

In fact, I have heard of some users that have used their Cherokees for over 300,000 miles! Although the safety features help them out, the mid-size SUV has lasted long due to their intense care for it.

How Long Does a Jeep Grand Cherokee Last?

How to Maintain the Jeep Grand Cherokee

Compared to other SUVs of the same size, the Jeep Grand Cherokee’s maintenance cost is well around an average of about $700 USD.

There is also not a lot of unscheduled repair due to mechanical issues, as users of the vehicle average 0.3 repair visits per year, on average.

However, what really makes the car last long is personal maintenance. The first milestone for this is the 7,500-mile mark. 

The 7,500-mile mark should be reached after around 6 months. However, this can also vary. If you are living in a place with a high commute, then this mark can be reached much later.

If you are in the suburbs and need to get to work all the time, this 6-month time span may come shorter. At that mark, you have to have your first scheduled maintenance. This will include changing the oil and filter, as well as the tires.

The second mark would be the 15,000-mile mark. This is reached after a year.

Further, when you have your scheduled check, this will be much like the repairs done at the 7,500-mile mark. However, there will also be brake pad checks.

The third mark is the 30,000 miles mark. This would be reached in about two years. At this point, the tires that you have maybe already worn out, and you would need a replacement.

Further, the cabin and engine air filters should be replaced, along with the spark plug and driving belts. Finally, the transmission fluid of the car should be flushed out and renewed. 

Finally, we have the 90,000-mile mark. At this point, you have been using the car for 4 years. There will be more added maintenance providers, specifically the engine coolant and the shock absorbers. 

How Long Does a Jeep Grand Cherokee Last?

Common Issues with the Jeep Grand Cherokee

Even though this car is deemed as one of the more durable ones in the market, there are a lot of common issues known that come with the car. 

Common Grand Cherokee Issue #1

The first one is the TIPM failure. The TIPM, or the totally integrated power module, is found in the newer models of the Grand Cherokee.

It is also responsible for controlling most of the electrical systems like the lights, power windows, and fuel pumps. If a failure occurs, you would need a basic replacement. 

Common Grand Cherokee Issue #2

The second issue is the Front Brake Rotor Warping. These warp mostly in conditions of heat.

To tell if this is a real issue with the car, you would have to feel vibrations in the steering wheel or pedal when you hit it.

On the chance that you do have this issue, it poses great safety harm as it increases stopping distance. As a solution removed the warped rotors and replace them with new ones that are both high-performing and warp-resistant. 

Common Grand Cherokee Issue #3

The third issue we could have lies within the non-functional power window. A faulty power window is one of the most common issues that a Jeep Grand Cherokee owner faces.

Other power window issues in the rear and front occur. However, the most common one is the one found in the driver’s seat. Like the front brake rotor, just find a replacement for your power window. 

Common Grand Cherokee Issue #4

The fourth issue we have is within the keyless remote and ignition system. Newer models of the Grand Cherokee contain a keyless remote entry in synchronization with the ignition system.

However, due to a WCM(wireless control module) failure, some users have said that they have lost the connection between the keyless remote and ignition system. To solve the issue, replace the WCM, not the ignition system or keyless remote. 

Common Grand Cherokee Issue #5

The last issue that we have is an inaccurate thermostat. This thermostat is one of the most important parts of your vehicle.

This item tells you the temperature that the engine you have is currently at. With that being said, you can use the thermostat to avoid overheat of the engine, which, if it happens, be very costly. 

The good thing about the Grand Cherokee is that it tells you whether or not you should check the engine light signal.

If it illuminates, it is telling you that there is an issue with the thermostat. Finally, replace the thermostat with a new one. It should not be too expensive or hard to find. 

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