Is Toyota FJ Cruiser Reliable?

Are you looking for a unique, go anywhere vehicle? Maybe you think a Toyota FJ Cruiser would be a good option. If you are considering an FJ Cruiser, one of the most asked questions I see asks, Is the Toyota FJ Cruiser Reliable?

I did a little research and this is what I found.

Is Toyota FJ Cruiser Reliable?

The Toyota FJ Cruiser is a reliable SUV that also offers a Unique appearance with modern features. Toyota’s reliability is legendary. There is a reason you see Toyota SUVs all over remote landscapes. Their vehicles simply hold up to the test of time. You could get 250,000 miles or more out of an FJ Cruiser!

What makes Toyotas so reliable?

It has a remarkable production system

Toyotas in general, and the Toyota FJ Cruiser in particular, are widely considered reliable based on many factors. The FJ Cruiser is one of the products of a legendary production system whose methods emerged from necessity.

As you may already know, after the Second World War, car manufacturers realized that they had to work smart to meet the burgeoning demand for high quality vehicles.

As a result, Toyota came up with a unique manufacturing approach that concentrated on stopping all production work whenever they found defects in one or more vehicles.

This process was significantly different from the American and European counterparts who only dealt with flaws when the vehicles were outside the production line.

As one of Toyota’s biggest creations since inception, you can expect the FJ Cruiser to be very efficient and reliable.

It has a flexible workforce

Moreover, Toyota’s production system is characterized by a flexible workforce; not the fixed one that you’ll often find in other automotive production systems.

Flexibility helps the company create very reliable car models because it enables the line to quickly adapt to the shifting needs.

Being Toyota’s top-ranking model, you can expect the FJ Cruiser to be equally reliable; in any case, it is a product of the company’s constant improvement for sustainable growth.

The company focuses on function

One of the biggest reasons why the Toyota FJ Cruiser is famous today is its unmatched comfort levels, good handling and the fact that it is less prone to breakdowns.

We know Toyota to be a company that focuses on function over form. In other words, we always get a safer car at the expense of excitement from the company. That’s why the FJ Cruiser makes a great vehicle for challenging weather conditions due to its enhanced precision handling.

It makes long-lasting cars

I’m sure you’ve heard that Toyota dominated the list of longest lasting car models earlier this year. The company has a reputation of building cars that outlive their owners and selling them at below-average costs.

It’s true that the amount we pay for the cars we want doesn’t exactly cover our entire investment.

To have a holistic figure, we always have to include the total ownership cost that reduces as the usage of the car increases. Toyota cars are known to withstand the test of time, thereby making it economical to invest in them.

The FJ Cruiser, for instance, is considered one of the most enduring car brands. It doesn’t require spending a lot on maintenance as its parts are easy to replace. That’s why you’re likely to be advised to select it for many types of adventures over other brands.

It has a well-established engineering expertise

In most cases, we buy products based on how credible and proficient we consider their manufacturers to be. Expertise and reliability are directly correlated especially in the field of technology.

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Toyota is one of the biggest global experts in automotive engineering and runs its own training. It does so with a goal of maintaining the quality of their systems and final product.

Toyota produces perfect professionals as a standard, not as a goal, and that’s why the reliability of their vehicles cannot be questioned.

How long should a Toyota FJ Cruiser last?

It’s well known that the Cruiser models are some of the most reliable and durable vehicles on the planet, and the Toyota FJ Cruiser still proves itself an exceptional example.

Many vehicle professionals actually consider it the best second-hand vehicle anyone can get because of this.

All you need to do to get a feel for how happy FJ Cruiser owners are about the model is scroll through a couple of forum threads dedicated to SUVs.

If you own a new FJ Cruiser, you can expect it to surpass the 250, 000 mile mark without the common mechanical failures, as long as you carry out the scheduled maintenance and services properly.

I have seen owners showing off unspoiled FJ Cruisers that have run well over 300, 000 miles with very minor cosmetic issues and no major maintenance procedures. As a matter of fact, there is a man who recently came out to assert that his 2007 FJ Cruiser had reached 382,000 miles!

According to him, the vehicle had its original engine that run perfectly. He also mentioned that he services the vehicle after every 5000 miles and does the transmission after 100, 000 miles.

It’s therefore safe to say that your Toyota FJ Cruiser can last as long as you want, provided you handle and maintain her properly.

Bottom line: this car should always exceed 250, 000 miles.

What can you do to make your FJ Cruiser last longer?

Adjust your driving style accordingly

Your FJ Cruiser can outlive you by ages if you take care of its most important components. These include the engine, brakes and transmission. You also have to make sure you don’t push the car to its limits.

This vehicle is undoubtedly a powerful machine that can conquer almost any terrain, but you don’t have to treat roads as racetracks just because you can. The people who’ve managed to achieve the highest lifespans are often conservative drivers.

They brake hard only when it’s extremely important, shift gears smoothly and avoid accelerating too hard when they don’t have to.

Besides taking these measures, you should try using the car for smoother roads like highways instead of the city driving that is filled with stop-and-go motions.

If you generally have to use your cruiser within the city regularly, try using local freeways or roads with less intersections.

All this reduces the war on the breaks and allows them to attain their highest mileage.

Anti-freeze is a must

This component keeps your FJ Cruiser’s engine healthy by protecting the heater and radiator, while keeping the car’s thermostat in the right condition.

This is important because it protects the cruiser’s engine from the damaging effects of freezing and overheating.

Change your filter regularly

There’s probably nothing that damages the FJ Cruiser’s engine faster than clogged filters. They put unnecessary stress on it, making it work harder than it should.

Many vehicles fail to reach their maximum lifespan because of this, and the FJ Cruiser is no exception.

Ensure your cruiser’s air filter is replaced at least every 15, 000 miles. If you usually drive in dusty conditions, you should reduce the distance accordingly.

Go for maintenance service regularly

You may feel like your car is in top notch and ignore the next maintenance service. I strongly advice against doing so because it is very risky and costly in the long-term.

Drivers who are responsible enough to take their cruisers for regular maintenance services are often the ones who enjoy less breakdowns and a longer expectancy. .

If you want to keep your engine running smoothly and at full power, you also need to ensure its oil is also replaced regularly. Similarly, your tires should not exceed 32, 000 miles or shrink below 3mm before being changed.

Is Toyota FJ Cruiser Reliable?

Generally, you should keep track of when everything is due for a change; besides what I’ve highlighted here, there are many other parts of your cruiser that may need to be changed, upgraded or repaired.

Being the owner of such a beautiful model, I expect you’ve learned them by heart.

The biggest issue here is that all the parts of your FJ Cruiser that need changing cannot be changed at the same time. That’s why you need to keep track of everything you’ve changed so that you know the next time you have to service your vehicle.

Get a specialist who knows your car well

If you want to make your cruiser last longer, you should always use a specialist who fully understands your vehicle.

All manufacturers tend to have their own characteristics and quirks, and a specialist who has a good experience working exclusively with Toyota vehicles is ideal.

Such a person will understand what your vehicle needs, how best to service your cruiser and even offer valuable tips on how to extend your car’s lifespan.

Closing Thoughts

Toyota makes excellent vehicles with a history of lasting a very long time. Buyers of the Toyota FJ Cruiser is no exception.

The only thing I will mention is you may see a few more reliability issues online when researching the FJ Cruiser because these vehicles are designed for offroad capability and any vehicle driven offroad will have additional wear and tear than a typical street only vehicle!

This being said, the FJ Cruiser is a unique vehicle and is quickly becoming a modern classic now that it is no longer offered new in the US market.

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