What SUVs can Tow 7,000 lbs.

With summertime in full swing, it is that time of year when families spend quality time in the good old outdoors. Whether you are hitting the lake or bringing the camper to your favorite camping spot you need an SUV that has the capacity to tow even your biggest load. With all the SUVs on the market, which ones have the best towing capacity?

Many of the SUVs on the market today have the capacity to tow up to 5,000 pounds, but what about those bigger loads? Based on information from Autobytel, Motortrend, and Cars, the following 18 SUVs can tow heavy weight ranging anywhere between 7,400 lbs. and 9,300 lbs:

1. The Dodge Durango

Towing capacity: 7,400 lbs.

The Dodge Durango has many amazing features that allow you not only to tow over 7000 pounds but also give you better control over what you are towing.

2. Jeep Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel

Towing capacity: 7,400 lbs.

Just like the Durango, the Jeep Cherokee Eco Diesel has optional packages that can increase your towing capacity even more.

3. Mercedes-Benz GLS

Towing capacity: 7,500 lbs.

Probably one of the most expensive cars you will find on this list, the Mercedes-Benz GLS is a great option with plenty of standard towing capabilities.

4. Porsche Cayenne

Towing capacity: 7,500 lbs.

If you plan to be driving on any rigorous mountain trials the Porsche Cayenne is a great option. Not only is it great for trail riding, but this SUV is built for even your biggest load.

5. Audi Q7 3.0 TFSI

Towing capacity: 7,700 lbs.

When equipped with the available towing options, the Audi Q7 can tow well over 7000 pounds and can be a great (but expensive) option. The Q7 is also somewhat unique because the engine is much smaller than many of the other vehicles on this list.

6. Volkswagen Touareg

Towing capacity: 7,716 lbs.

With its standard 4 wheel drive and trailer hitch, the Volkswagen Touareg is a great option for towing. Though it has plenty of power, you may struggle to keep up with traffic while towing a certain amount of weight, especially if you are going uphill.

7. Range Rover And Range Rover Sport

Towing capacity: 7,716 lbs.

Range Rovers are known for their ability to tow heavy loads. Almost every single engine that they make is designed to be able to handle heavy workloads. Though the engine is great for towing, there are also many options that will increase the towing ability of your Range Rover.

8. Bentley Bentayga

Towing capacity: 7,716 lbs.

You probably could have already guessed this by the name, but the Bentley Bentayga is going to be the most expensive SUV found on our list. Although very similar to the Audi Q7, this car has many luxurious features like a retractable towing bar. If you want a fun car to drive that also has a high towing capacity then this car is probably built just for you.

9. Toyota Land Cruiser

Towing capacity: 8,100 lbs.

Many of the “add on” features that help with towing capacity come standard in the Toyota Land Cruiser. Things like 4 wheel drive, trailer sway control, and hill start assist control make this SUV a great option for towing.

10. Land Rover Defender

Towing capacity: 8,201 lbs.

With similar towing capacity as its near relative, the Land Rover Discovery, the Defender boasts its ability to tow over 8000 pounds. The Defender does this with a much smaller engine as well. This makes it a better vehicle when you are not towing things. Overall this SUV would be a great purchase for anyone looking for a vehicle that can do both.

11. Land Rover Discovery

Towing capacity: 8,201 lbs.

Interestingly enough Land Rovers gasoline V-6 engine has the capacity to tow more than their turbodiesel V-6 engine. The V-6 gasoline engine allows you to tow well over 7,000 pounds. A towing hitch is also included in the standard package.

12. Cadillac Escalade/Escalade ESV

Towing capacity: 8,300 lbs.

This probably going to be one of your larger options when it comes to SUVs with a high towing capacity, but its ability to tow high amounts of weight will not leave you wanting. The longer version of the Escalade has a slightly lower towing capacity but is still able to tow well over 7,000 pounds.

13. Nissan Armada

Towing capacity: 8,500 lbs.

The Nissan Armada has the capacity to tow well over 7,000 pounds making it the perfect option for anyone trying to haul a heavy load. With a built-in tow/haul mode, the Armada is built for hauling. Just like many others, there are also options for packages that include trailer harnesses and wiring for trailer brake lights.

14. Infiniti QX80

Towing capacity: 8,500 lbs.

The Infiniti QX80 is built very similarly to the Nissan Armada and has a very high capacity to tow. This midrange SUV comes with a built-in trailer hitch and other towing features.

15. GMC Yukon/Yukon XL

Towing capacity: 8,500 lbs.

The lighter version of the Yukon has a slightly higher ability to tow, however, there is not a huge difference. To tow most things the towing package needs to be purchased, which includes rear-wheel drive.

16. Chevrolet Tahoe

Towing capacity: 8,600 lbs.

The Chevy Tahoe is built with a similar frame as Chevy’s line of trucks. Even though they operate as a two-wheel drive, these SUVs have the capacity to tow an incredible amount of weight. Though you may not have a ton of space in these vehicles you will have plenty of ability to tow just about anything that you want with it.

17. Lincoln Navigator/Navigator L

Towing capacity: 8,700 lbs.

Beat out only by the Ford Expedition, the Lincoln Navigator series of SUVs has one of our highest towing capacities. Heavy-duty trailer packages and rear-wheel drive are required to achieve this level of towing, but it will be well worth it if you plan on towing large and heavy items.

18. Ford Expedition

Towing capacity: 9,300 lbs.

With a massive towing capacity, the Ford Expedition takes the top spot on our list of SUVs with the highest towing capacity. Most of your usual towing features come standard in the most recent versions of the Expedition.

Whether you’re going boating or on a road trip, there are plenty of options available for SUVs with large towing capacities.

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