Will a Teryx4 Fit in The Back of a Truck

102701280 l Will a Teryx4 Fit in The Back of a Truck

So you’ve purchased a teryx4 and you want to take it offroading. You can’t drive it to the trail because it’s not technically a car. Maybe you can load it into the back of a truck?

The teryx4 is ten feet long and five feet wide. It is too big to fit in the average truck bed, even with the tailgate down. Tying it in with the tailgate down is likely to cause damage to the gate and possibly end in both the truck and the teryx4 in bad shape.

So now you know: You can’t fit the teryx4 in the back of a truck. Please don’t try. But you have to get it to the trail somehow, so what’s the plan?

But The Website Says It Fits

Yeah, that seems to be a lie. Most people I’ve talked to about it have said that while it appears that it may technically be possible to fit it inside the truck bed, its length combined with its width simply make it impossible to transport via truck.

Ask any off-roading forum. Almost nobody carries their teryx4 in their truck bed. It can technically be done if you modify your tailgate to account for the length of the vehicle, but even then it seems like a bit of a stretch. We aren’t talking about a golf cart here, this thing is pretty big.

I wouldn’t say that being so big that you need to build a support just to carry it qualifies as fitting though, so if the website where you bought your teryx4 says it’s compact enough to fit in the bed of a truck know that you have been the victim of false advertising.

Of course, this does depend on the size of your truck bed. Most truck beds are a little under six feet long, but your truck may be longer or shorter than that. Here’s my suggestion: Look at your truck, then look at the teryx4. If it looks like it could fit in the back of the truck, then give it a shot. If not, it’s time to figure out an alternative.

I guess I should also address the issue of weight. The teryx4 is about sixteen hundred pounds. Most trucks can handle that weight and more just fine, so weight isn’t really the primary issue here. It’s the distribution of weight, which on many trucks will be squarely on the tailgate because of the machine’s length.

Because it’s almost double the weight of most truck beds and too wide to put in diagonally, it would have to be secured hanging out the back with the tailgate down. This would be a ton of weight for a part of the truck that can be damaged from abuse.

How To Transport The Teryx4

The most common way to move the Teryx4 from place to place is by trailer. As stated earlier, it is only around sixteen hundred pounds, so most trucks can tow it just fine even with the weight of the trailer added on.

When it comes to the size of the trailer, remember that the thing you’re hauling is ten feet long. I would recommend that the trailer be at least 7×12 in size. If it isn’t you won’t have enough space for the teryx4 to fit comfortably inside.

If you only plan to use the trailer for the teryx4, you’ll only need a single axle and you won’t need brakes. You don’t tend to start needing brakes on these things until you reach about thirty-five hundred pounds, and considering the weight of the Teryx4 you’re unlikely to ever break two thousand.

On the other hand, If you plan on using it for hauling other things as well brakes may be a worthwhile investment. Trailers tend to get heavier the more things that you put in them, so definitely take that into account while making your choice.

You’ll also want your trailer to be equipped with a ramp, as that will decrease the amount of time that you need to spend loading and unloading your trailer every time you want to use your four wheeler.

Depending on where you live and whether or not you have the right license plates, you might just be able to drive your Teryx4 to where you’re trying to take it. Of course, if you expect to go on a busy highway, this quickly become unfeasable.

You’ll also want to bring extra gas so that you don’t run out before you’re done with your drip. If you’re offroading, you’re unlikely to find a gas station.

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What Brand Of Trailer Can You Trust?

If you plan on taking your teryx4 on a lot of trips, you’ll want a nice trailer that won’t be a pain to work with. As mentioned above, the ideal size is about 7×12, but is there anything else you might want to think about while you’re shopping?

If you don’t care whether the trailer is enclosed or not, the Aluma is classic choice. They’ve been making trailers for quite some time, and the trailers all come with a five year warranty, which means that they’re designed to break five years and one day after you buy them.

Most enclosed trailers are brandless and sold on the secondary market, meaning that it may be better to talk about what to look for in a trailer before you buy it.

Aside from conveniences like a loading ramp, you’ll also want to check the inside and outside of the trailer to make sure that the walls and roof seem sturdy. It would stink to have your expensive ATV damaged by your trailer collapsing.

Make sure that the tires aren’t balding. If they are you’ll need to buy new ones, and that would probably be more expensive than just choosing a different trailer.

If it has brakes, you’ll want to test drive it if possible. If you need brakes on your trailer, you really want them to work. You’ll want to ask the seller what problems they’ve had with it at some point. They might not want to tell you, but anyh information you can get from them is going to be useful.

Remember that this trailer is a huge investment, so you Ned to be sure that the one you’ve chosen is actually the right one for the job.

What ATVs Can You Fit In The Back Of Your Truck

Pethaps you’re on the edge about the Teryx4 specifically, and you really want an ATV that you can fit in the back of your trailer. If that’s the case, you’re in luck.

Most ATVs are much smaller than the teryx4. The teryx4 is built to be ridden by up to four people at a time. This means it has to be the size of a small car in order to do it job. Most ATVs are built to fit exactly one person at a time.These ATVs are almost always small enough to go in your truck bed.

The Teryx4 specifically is just too big. Most ATVs will be fine.

Loading Your ATV Into Your Truck

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The easiest way is, of course, to use a ramp and drive the ATV in. This has pretty much no downsides, since you can just put the ramp up into the truck and take it with you wherever you’re going for easy loading and unloading.

If you don’t have a ramp, there are still a few simple ways for you to get your ATV into a truck. The easiest of these methods is to back your truck up against some raised surface, like a hill or the edge of a cliff, then you can simply drive the ATV onto the edge of the truck.

Now you can strap the ATV down being careful to keep weight off of the tailgate. You’ve done it! ATV loaded!

Alternatively, you could lift the ATV one side at a time using your enormous muscly body. Wait, you don’t have one of those? Uhh, you’ll be fine. You only need to be able to lift half of ATV at a time, and some of the smaller ones aren’t even that heavy to start with.

To do this, you’ll start by putting the ATV into first gear so it won’t try to escape. Then lift the front of that baby up into the air! Once it’s standing up on its back wheels, You can turn it on drive using the handlebars to steer it towards the back of the truck.

When the ATV gets there, make sure it’s wheels end up on top of the tuck bed. Now, lift up the end of the ATV that’s still on the ground and slowly push forward. Push it as far into the truck bed as you can. Now, all you have to do is tie the ATV down.

If any of it is still on the tailgate, you’ll still definitely want to keep as much weight off of that as you can. Otherwise, you’ll be pretty much good to go. Easy peasy!

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