Will A Twin Mattress Fit In A Kia Soul?

Want to go camping or sleep on the road? Let’s find out if a twin mattress fits in your Kia Soul, a small SUV. Camping and road trips can be made cheaper and easier if you attempt to sleep in your car – or if you just want to get out of the rain. But what kind of sleeping arrangements does a Kia Soul fit?

Will A Twin Mattress Fit In A Kia Soul 1 Will A Twin Mattress Fit In A Kia Soul?

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Will A Twin Mattress Fit In A Kia Soul?

A twin mattress can fit in a Kia Soul. Whether you are moving, camping, or just sleeping out in your car on a road trip, modifications can be made to fit your twin mattress in the rear of a Kia Soul. We also suggest you use the most flexible mattress possible.

We’ll discuss how to change the interior of your Kia Soul to become more accommodating for a mattress and sleep. You might also want to know what you have to remove to make it all work.

We’ve been camping a few times and wondered how to stay out of the rain – and out of the dirt sometimes. Our camping and car experience will benefit your need for knowledge.

How big is a twin mattress?

For reference, a twin mattress is the smallest kind of adult mattress available for a typical futon or box spring bed. They typically measure 38 inches wide by 75 inches long. While offering a length just over 6 feet long might feel like it rules out the Kia Soul, it definitely does not!

Can I change the Kia Soul to fit a twin mattress?

The Kia Soul’s backseat and trunk area do indeed provide enough space to fit a twin-sized mattress. As you might suspect, you’ll need to do just a little work to make it comfortable, but it’s nothing even a tired and weary driver or camper cannot do.

You’ll want to lean the driver and passenger seat forward and fold them down as much as you can. The mattress should narrowly fit into the gaps created by this folding. The dimensions are tight, but it should fit.

The next step should be done ahead, though it’s possible to do on the road: Take the back seats out. Kia doesn’t make the Soul’s seats fold all the way down, but thankfully they do one better by making the seats in the Kia Soul removable.

You’ll have to remove the carpet from the backseat and move the seat belts aside, but the exposed bolts underneath are removable. A wrench or driver is best for this scenario.

Store the bolts some place safe. If you are out and about camping, we would suggest bringing a tarp or something protective for the backseat to avoid direct exposure to the rain.

We also strongly suggest keeping track of where all the bolts go when reassembling your back seat. Tighten them down as much as possible before having anyone ride in the backseat. These bolts were likely tightened with an air wrench at the factory, so they are supposed to be in their pretty hard.

What kind of mattress should I bring?

Will A Twin Mattress Fit In A Kia Soul 1 1 Will A Twin Mattress Fit In A Kia Soul?

Now that you know how to change your Kia Soul to make it more accommodating for a mattress, it might also help to know what kind of mattress to bring.

We would suggest a couple of options. Bring a futon mattress that can be rolled and folded. These are less rigid, easier to move into the backseat, and will take up less space. 

While you could, not everyone wants to have their backseat just become a bed for a whole road trip.

Another idea is to bring an inflator and an air mattress. Air mattresses are very flexible and can be drained of air so they fit into a large pouch.

We also suggest bringing either extra batteries for the inflator or buying one that plugs into a Soul outlet to make sure you have the energy to fill the mattress completely.

You could also consider a sleeping pad for car camping.

How can I make my Kia Soul more comfortable?

There’s a good chance that between a mattress and the floor of your Soul suv, you’ll feel like you are going downhill. 

You can do a couple of actions to make it feel more like home. First, flip any headrests to the front so that they aren’t going into your back.

You could also build a basic wood or metal platform that raises the bottom part of the mattress and levels out the whole bed. 

Find the needed height by measuring the difference in height between your tailgate and the highest point in the mattress. Most campers will want to make a couple of these to even out the mattress completely.

Should I drive with my full size mattress laid out?

The answer to this is probably a no. The seats will most likely have to be folded in, making it difficult for the driver to sit properly or see. 

Why would you camp in a Kia Soul?

Whether you are on a road trip and don’t want to rent a hotel, or you face the threat of bad weather, having a car to sleep in is both cheaper and much safer.

Any car like the Soul will provide shelter from rain and lightning, as well as cold. You can bring a heated to plug into the USB ports or a cigarette lighter. 

Camping in a Kia Soul with an air mattress also requires a bit less setup than a tent on the ground. Tired of assembling poles and instructions? An air mattress takes just a couple of minutes to setup. 

What if the mattress doesn’t fit?

Mattresses are close to a standard size, but some might be an inch or two wider, which could make the mattress uneven and roll up.

If you are using a foam mattress, you do have the option to cut the mattress down to size. This does mean altering the mattress permanently but could be well worth it for a comfortable night’s sleep if you plan to use your Kia Soul to camp or sleep in often.

A sharp knife, even a kitchen knife, can offer an easy to cut up part of a foam mattress, even outside right before using it.

Another option is to measure the exact width of your particular year and trim of Kia Soul, and find a mattress that is just under that particular width.

You should also consider which other SUVs might offer even more space. While the Kia Soul offers enough room for some, there are other great SUVs for car camping available.

Can I get a tent for my Kia?

There are third party tent attachments for the Kia Soul that allow you to get some exposure to the outdoors while opening your tailgate. This is more of an advantage if you want true fresh air, or if you are taller and would feel cramped on a twin mattress that just goes to the edge of the tailgate.

Kia of Canada used to offer these, but no longer.

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